: Improving the benefits of Ecotourism certification


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Author: Herbert Hamele (Ecotrans)
Presentation for Topic 1: Improving the Benefits provided by Certification Programs and Standards
2nd European Ecotourism Conference
23-25 October 2013, Romania

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  1. 1. Herbert Hamele European Ecotourism Conference, Brashov, 23-25 Oct 2013 Improving the benefits of Ecotourism certification > Global visibility on the Green Market Place > Promotion through external marketing services Herbert Hamele Ecotrans e.V., Saarbrücken
  2. 2. Herbert Hamele Supporting Market Access through global visibility on the Green Market Place Market Place  3.000+ certified and awarded tourism  130+ Certificates and Standards
  3. 3. Herbert Hamele Guide on 20 leading certificates 2012 10.000 + copies (en, de) Download and dissemination: NFI, AKTE, Tourism Watch, AKTE
  4. 4. Herbert Hamele Market Place Tour Operators, Trav el agents, Interme diaries
  5. 5. Herbert Hamele Market Place Travel Packages
  6. 6. Herbert Hamele Market Place Transport & Mobility Services
  7. 7. Herbert Hamele Market Place Accommodation Providers
  8. 8. Herbert Hamele Market Place Restaurants & Catering Services
  9. 9. Herbert Hamele Market Place Attractions & Destinations
  10. 10. Herbert Hamele Market Place Activities
  11. 11. Herbert Hamele Certificates & maps of certified tourism
  12. 12. Herbert Hamele Promotion of certificates & certified tourism to external marketing services DestiNet is promoting the 50+ certificates and standards with descriptions on DestiNet and their certified businesses, tour operators and destinations to external marketing services 3 examples  Bookdifferent  GreenHopping  GreenDestinationViewer
  13. 13. Herbert Hamele e.g. BookDifferent is a non-profit foundation which operates worldwide. The aim of this booking hotel site is to make booking sustainable hotels easy. is the first hotel booking site that indicates hotels with an eco-label, among accommodations without such a label. This affiliate of offers the same hotels at a 100% best price guarantee but with a lot more positive impact. uses as independent source for certificates and certified tourism
  14. 14. Herbert Hamele „Read more about the Austrian Ecolabel on“
  15. 15. Herbert Hamele Standard description : transparency, cred ibility, sustainabilit y areas, recognition link to the map on theGreen Market Place
  16. 16. Herbert Hamele 270 certified businesses and travel packages on the Green Market Place
  17. 17. Herbert Hamele All 125 hotels with the Austrian Ecolabel which are listed on are promoted on BookDifferent
  18. 18. Herbert Hamele Booking is done on BookDifferent Foundation receives commission and supports social projects
  19. 19. Herbert Hamele e.g. GreenHopping is a start-up company in Brussels which aims to promote sustainable tourism in Europe GreenHopping uses DestiNet as information source on sustainable and Ecotourism certificates, certified and awarded tourism businesses and destinations
  20. 20. Herbert Hamele 2500+ certified and awarded businesses and destinations on DestiNet
  21. 21. Herbert Hamele
  22. 22. Herbert Hamele
  23. 23. Herbert Hamele
  24. 24. Herbert Hamele
  25. 25. Herbert Hamele
  26. 26. Herbert Hamele
  27. 27. Herbert Hamele
  28. 28. Herbert Hamele
  29. 29. Herbert Hamele e.g. GreenDestinationViewer The German TravelMotion company is offering information, training and marketing services to travel agencies and tour operators since more than 10 years. The GreenDestinationViewer informs 25.000 travel agents about green destinations with a commitment to sustainable tourism and with eco-certified businesses and packages, which the tour operators and travel agents can offer and sell to their clients. The GreenDestinationViewer uses DestiNet as independent information source for certified tourism and further initiatives in the destination.
  30. 30. Herbert Hamele Destination Mostviertel/Austria:
  31. 31. Herbert Hamele
  32. 32. Herbert Hamele
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  38. 38. Herbert Hamele
  39. 39. Herbert Hamele
  40. 40. Herbert Hamele
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  42. 42. Herbert Hamele
  43. 43. Herbert Hamele Thank you for your attention! Herbert Hamele