OBJECT ORIENTATION in CRZ Notification. by-G.D. Chiplunkar


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Explaining the Concept of OBJECT ORIENTATION by defining Object for a given area at CENTRE LEVEL through nationwide debate, dialogue and all such participatory processes followed for a period of 2 years to 3 years.

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OBJECT ORIENTATION in CRZ Notification. by-G.D. Chiplunkar

  1. 1.  Importance and need for Management  Trasitional Eco-System between land and Water  what is “Management”?  The Term involves “Optimization” and not “ Hard Coded Rules” imposing “BAN”  Present Rules are exactly opposite and leave no scope for optimization, but prescribe HARD CODED RULES  No Scope for “ Area Specific Management” and considering the specific “Object” for a given geographical unit  Eventhough amendments are made in 2011 notification, giving relaxations to Mumbai, Goa and Kerala, they cant be equated with “Freedom” and so “Optimization” can never be achieved.
  2. 2. Fallacies in present CRZ Notification No Technical Justification as to why CRZ shall apply to building construction Activity? The CRZ Notification Controls for “Industry, Operation and Processes” is so WIDE that it can even cover the “ activity of driving a car” or “even walking along coastal roads”, as it emits “ CO and Nox” or “CO2” in later case 500m or 100m Line is a MERE CATOGRAPHIC CONTROL Line, with no concept of “RELEIF/Elevation” aspects
  3. 3. No Reason to apply CRZ on HillTop, within 500m range History of last 20 years show that “ SLUMS” and “Unauthorised Constructions” have increased Many-folds in CRZ areas and “Authorised Buildings” are Denied No data to prove that “Coastal and marine Biology” has shown improvement after CRZ was inplemented and that itself is an EYE OPENER Example of DEBIKA BEACH IN DAMAN
  4. 4. HTL line and its relevance: The HTL which is the limit of CRZ is based on the vulnerability analysis and if vulnerable. a)Vulnerability can be ameliorated by using proper protection majors like retaining wall. b) When retaining walls or the protection measures are not available, set back lines should be followed. Hence, this needs to be included in CRZ Notification.
  5. 5. Town Planning is a State subject and town planning interventions planned by Planners in Govt. of Maharashtra, if not allowed to be implemented due to regulatory provisions of restrictive environmental laws, the redevelopment in City of Mumbai would be in danger facing survival in another decade or so. The Planners in Mumbai are faced with unplanned and unchecked population growth due to migration from non urban areas and assurance of better living conditions and thriving economy in Mumbai.
  6. 6. It is pertinent to note that Housing policy of Central Govt. acknowledges that there is a migration from rural areas to urban areas and in another two decades or more the face of India would be about 50% Urban India instead of Rural. The people are going to continue to migrate and the challenge can be managed if we can cope up with the change. It is therefore, felt that the environmental laws should lay down the parameter/standard of living in terms of emission standards to be achieved by controlling pollution, instead of regulating the development
  7. 7. Concept of OBJECT ORIENTATION Define Object for a Given area at CENTRE LEVEL through nationwide debate, dialogue and all such participatory processes followed for a period of even 2 years to 3 years Let us define and divide such 8 to 10 Objects in Coastal areas like Tourism, Ports, Ship Breaking Industry, Housing Industry, Buffer areas around such Objects defined, Mufessille areas which can be attended after a span of say 15 years, ecologically sensitive areas situated beyond above objects
  8. 8. Once such areas/ Objects are predefined, the CRZ regimes and rules will vary, in those areas by giving predominance to main Object. Centre can give guiding principles for such zones and State to make laws For example, in Mumbai, “ Housing and allied Construction” being an Object, the CRZ rules will cover only “Pollution related aspects” and not “FSI/FAR and users………” as in any case industries will not be there in Mumbai Example of TANNARIES in DHARAVI not shifted because of MPCB, but due to land pricing in MUMBAI
  9. 9. In case of GOA, once TOURISM is defined as “Principle Object”, CRZ rules will cot cover any buffers, BAN on HOTELS/MOTELS/Tourism related activity near beaches. Rather, facilities for the tourist to enjoy beaches, waterfronts, water sports, marinas will be encouraged Cleaning of BEACHES and water quality at beaches will be HARD CODED and strictly monitored Construction ON THE BEACH shall be prohibited by suitable statute at State Level