Publicação na comunicação social artigo de Nevoeiro


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Publicação na comunicação social artigo de Nevoeiro

  1. 1. The Portugal News • 27 Jun 2009 tradingplaces 15João Nunes Construçoes Innovate with Ecossistemas THIS WEEK’S PROFILES João Nunes Construções For more information or a viewing, call João Nunes Constuções on: (+351) 289 417 867, fax: 289 417 869, Established in 1989, João Nunes and upgrades, João Nunes build their Already established as a leading nance and guarantee. mobile: 966 570 158,Construções is a family-run business own properties from scratch though construction and garden landscap- With over one hundred staff, you can email: jn.geral@that now boasts a portfolio of over 100 always leave flexibility to accommo- ing development company, rest assured Ecossistemas have the, or geral@joao-made-to-measure homes across the date future owners’ wishes. Ecossistemas strive to keep up with capabilities to carry out any sort of job, Alternatively,Algarve, constructed from scratch. Working closely with a team of archi- the times by providing the latest from landscaping a whole develop- see website: www.joao-Their vast expertises in all things prop- tects and engineers, the company can technological features for homes ment to maintaining a single garden. cater for ex- also design and build homes for thosetensions, renovations, building man- who own a plot but have yet to develop and gardens, together with their Some of their new features for gar-agement and construction supervis- it. One particularity João Nunes pride expertise and unique approach to- dens are the Interfog and Fogco, pro-ing. Owned and run by João Nunes, themselves on is being constantly on wards projects, reasons why they fessionally installed systems whichwith the help of son-in-law, civil engi- par with the latest construction are the best in the business. offer the same state of the art mistingneer Thierry, and general manager Sr. legislations. For example, earlier this Demonstrating innovation and technology, provided to major themeMartins Snr. (Thierry’s father), João year new rules were applied to con- adaptation to all sorts of environ- parks and industry around the world,Nunes Construções strives to create struction in Portugal, aiming to make ments, Ecossistemas have built a bringing down the ambient tempera-the best possible relationship with new-builds more energy efficient and fantastic reputation over the years ture whilst giving a tropical feel to thetheir clients. All client input is highly eco-friendly, as a norm. and are now a very well renowned surrounding area. These systems canvalued and nothing is too much to ask João Nunes’ constructions incorpo- brand when it comes to Garden provide cooling of outdoor tempera-for or accommodate. João Nunes welcomes clients to visit rate high quality materials, based on double wall structures with inbuilt in- Landscaping and Construction. Their extensive portfolio is truly tures by up to 10 °C with no noticeable increase in humidity, mainly due to the Ecossistemasthe sites at any time, “to see how their sulation and air circulation facilities, to amazing, having designed and built tiny proportions of the water droplets For more information onproperty is coming along and if it is to avoid condensation and humidity, over one thousand projects which (5 microns or 5 millionths of a metre) Ecossistemas please visittheir satisfaction”. complying with advanced construc- complement their surroundings to sprayed into the area, which then the garden centre or check “We know we are not just building a tion methods and surpassing stand- perfection, many of which award flash evaporate, reducing the tem- out the website”, explained Thierry, “we are ard requirements. winning projects, such as the perature.,building peoples’ dreams, so we need Budgets are kept transparent and as Martinhal resort, which recently Ecossistemas have also marked email: ecossistemas@to listen to everything they say”. detailed as possible, with no hidden won the Best Luxury Development their presence in the research area, or call: As well as renovations, extensions extras. Worldwide and Best Landscape more concretely in Chemistry, soils, (+351) 282 799 537. Design Worldwide at the prestig- lawns, equipment and water re- ious Homes Overseas Awards Cer- sources, to maintain their grasp onDELEME JANELAS, a window of emony and gala dinner held at the Grosvenor House, Park Lane in the fast evolving business and to be able to provide clients with the bestopportunity London on 28 November 2008. Each one of their projects meets options available. Their garden centre, located near even the most demanding client’s Odiáxere on the EN 125, has vast requirements, with their teams car- range products of gardening, outdoor rying out projects from beginning to furniture and decoration and also end, which includes the conception of the project, construction, mainte- thousands of plants to ensure full customer satisfaction. DELEME JANELAS OneFone for Portugal Visit any store in the Al- garve, Lisbon, Oporto or Designed to offer the competitive for those Cantanhede, the company rates of a landline home-phone calling you; will be pleased to meet with the freedom and versatility of as it is a no- you. For more information, a handy mobile, the OneFone won- m a d i c see:, free- der phone has, since last summer, number, they phone: 808 201 384, or e- been revolutionising the telecom- pay the mail: geral@deleme- munications market. same fixed Window specialists DELEME plete with spacious show rooms and Available exclusively through rate as aJANELAS is a registered brand be- offer clients a handy place where they World Telecom, the OneFone r e g u l a rlonging to the DELEME COMERCIAL can confer with professionals who are Home Pack is based on a single landlinegroup. dedicated to giving the best possible monthly payment of €24.99 for p h o n e DELEME COMERCIAL started its advice. The overall goal is to offer a serv- which users enjoy unlimited phone number.activity in 1998 with the objective of be- ice of excellence. calls to 11 countries, including A Busi-coming the largest national reference The DELEME JANELAS brand is the most of Europe and the USA. ness Pack isin windows for private customers and first in Portugal to invest in offering the At the size of a standard mobile availablewith a mission of contributing to in- client a binomial of both products and phone the OneFone can be used and differs from the Home Pack in that,creasing comfort and safety for peo- service. The company believes that throughout Portugal, which now whilst calls are not unlimited, it offersple in their homes, using solutions DELEME JANELAS’ products and has 90 percent network coverage 500 free minutes and then any subse-that also contribute to saving energyand using environmentally-friendly services offer the best compromise between price and quality. with recently reinforced coverage in the Eastern Algarve (Vale do quent phone calls at heavily discounted rates. OneFoneresources. However, the main differentiating Lobo / Quinta do Lago, Vilamoura, One single payment of €85(mobile Join the many other DELEME JANELAS’ windows are factor was, and continues to be, serv- Quarteira, etc). unit) or €60(desktop unit, both exclud- happy OneFone usersmade with the concern of offering ice. Every year DELEME COMERCIAL The phone is a completely mo- ing IVA) is required to purchase the and call World Telecommaximum durability, high levels of has launched a variety of products and bile unit and can be used anytime, phone, plus the monthly bill of €24.99. now to find out how to getisolation, security and energy effi- services that transmit trust to their cli- anywhere, without inflated rates. All That’s it. Calls unlimited! your OneFone on: 707ciency. DELEME JANELAS benefits ents and guarantee advantages to you have to do is key in a simple digit Pedro Serrão, General Manager of 500 600.from a partnership with a European those investing in their solutions. code and off you go – with your World Telecom, explained: “Thismarket-leading renovation company Adding to the value of their service is phone. This makes life very easy if product is a brilliant alternative to regu-– TRYBA –, but also gives its products the care and thoroughness provided in you are a frequent traveller or will lar mobile phones as it is cheaper tothe bonus of a national incorporation the company’s after-sales assistance. be moving home. No wires, no re- call from and cheaper to call to. It is If you would like usof more than 70 percent in overall Having now been established for routing calls, and no waiting in also an excellent replacement for the to profile YOURvalue. In 1999 a first outlet in more than 10 years, DELEME lines to sign up for a new phone standard landline phone as not onlyCantanhede was opened, followed by COMERCIAL is proud to be Portugal’s and respective number. can you use it in and outside your home, business, callLisbon, the Algarve, and later on, in most famous and highest recom- So what is the draw-back? There but in and outside your home town.” our Sales ManagerOporto. mended window company. isn’t one. He added, “It really is as good as it The stores are retail points com- That is their best publicity. The OneFone is even beneficial sounds. It’s a simple as that.” on 707 500 677