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24 Sept 2008-Financial Crisis Explained: This is No Accident!


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24 Sept 2008-Financial Crisis Explained: This is No Accident!

  1. 1. Report Completed: 09/24/2008 In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful Topic: FINANCIAL CRISIS EXPLAINED: THIS IS NO ACCIDENT! **Special Update: 20 July 2010 This Wall Street Journal article verifies this very report and another. The Article is entitled: "A City Feels the Squeeze In the Age of Mega-Banks" ( ). The details found in this article verifies what Deitric Muhammad said almost two years before this article was written. This article also verifies what was written in "Financial Crisis Explained: This is No Accident!". Market Predictability is a reality we must contend with! Click on this link and read for yourself! What's really goin on??!! Bush and Co. finally got that bill passed. Now the Dow dropped 800 points on a Monday!!!! Haaaah!!! The people that participate in the markets are much smarter than what these bankers and politicians think they are. C'mon, nah! It's clear as day that the Bailout Package would not be beneficial to the markets or the economy. In fact, my homeboy, who was the vice-president of a powerful Black-owned investment firm, told me that 166 economists told the Bush administration NOT to pass that bill. The question is what caused this "GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS"? How is it that POOR people with BAD CREDIT caused a housing market meltdown that can be felt ALLAROUND THE WORLD? C'mon, really? Many people got economics messed-up! How is it that what happens in the U.S. affects everything in other countries? Shouldn't this be strictly an American problem? I mean, since it was the US Housing Market that got jacked up? Why is Europe going through it? Isn't the euro stronger than the US dollar? Alright, this the deal... During July 1 through July 22, 1945 there was a huge international economic conference called "The Bretton Woods Conference". Right there, was where these European countries, who so-happened to be in control of the planet through colonialism, decided to connect the world's currencies to the US dollar because it was as "good as gold". The US dollar was connected and convertible into gold. The US economy became the world's most stable economy at that time. From this conference the International Reconstruction and Development Bank (IRDB) and the International Development Bank (IDB), and the International Monetary Fund were created. This agreement pegged the world's dollars and economies to the US dollar and economy. This conference also produced these international banks in order to control the economies of "emerging independent states" (my quote) that may arise if the colonies failed to keep the indigenous populations in check. Although on August 15,
  2. 2. 1971, Pres. Nixon 'disconnected' the US dollar from gold, the world's currencies are still 'connected' to the US dollar. With this in mind, what happens to the US economy directly affects other country's economies. What is at the root of this so-called financial meltdown? If you check out the first two pages of MGE19's Proven Insights on Market Predictability Economic Report FY2006 (, which was written in October 2005, you will see that the Federal Reserve took out US $30,000,000,000 out of circulation. This created deflationary pressure that brought the prices of commodities, goods and services down. This brought the housing market down. Not only did the Federal Reserve allow the US housing market to fall unchecked, they used it as an excuse to take over the entire US banking industry. During the inflationary period of November 2003-October 2005, the US housing market was booming due to the inflationary pressure and most banks invested heavily in the US real estate market. Remember, the Federal Reserve PRINTS the US dollar and understands INTIMATELY the causes and effects of money supply forces (inflation and deflation) and saw this opportunity coming. You hear a lot about RECESSION, but before a recession can occur, you must go through ECONOMIC CONTRACTION. This economic contraction was predicted in MGE19's Economic Report FY2006 ( on the first two pages of the report! They gonna call this "The Credit Crunch". Cracka, please! Anyway, knowing that most banks in the real estate market allows the opportunity to gain access and control of those banks. Deflation is when there is a high demand for dollars. This means that they are LESS dollars in the economy than what the economy requires. Because there are LESS dollars in circulation, there are LESS dollars "chasing after" a product. (Ex. Today: $100 for a TV --> Tomorrow: $68 for the same TV, hence LESS dollars chasing after a product) In other words, prices go down. This is what happened with the housing market. House values fell. Other products fell in price too. Oil, food, etc. This was seen in 2006-2007. However, oil and food prices were "artificially inflated" during late 2007-2008. In fact, oil today corrected itself and is at $89 per barrel. Anyway, with housing values going down, the costs of goods and services going down, and basic commodities such as food and oil going up, the average citizen could no longer afford to pay off their debts and maintain their household. Especially, when interest rates were at their highest in American history (Fed Fund Rate = 5.25%) Think about it, how can you afford to keep your home, when the traveling cost to get to and fro from work and food costs were increasing while your income stayed the same or decreased??? Today, the Federal Reserve is chastising Lehman Brothers and blaming them for this crisis when they have NO idea what happened. This is just like what happened with MCI World, TYCO, and Enron. They simply prepared for what they projected would occur with the markets at that time, but was undercut by the deflationary period of that time. That deflationary period ended in November 2003. There was no "internet bubble" that bust. It was deflationary pressure that drove prices down! Deflation and inflation are money supply events. The Federal Reserve are in control of the money supply. They have used Enron, MCI world, and TYCO as scapegoats for their illegal and treacherous behavior. Today they are blaming Lehman Brothers and other companies for something in which they have NO control. When I saw Bernanke chastising Lehman Brothers for something him (Bernanke) and his bosses (the owners of the privately- owned central bank--The Federal Reserve) conjured up, I was flabbergasted and appalled. They gonna put the blame on corporate exuberance when they got control of the money supply. Why would they do such a thing as allow the housing markets to fall to such a level with PRIOR knowledge that most banks are heavily invested in the US housing market? This situation would cripple the banking industry so much that these smaller banks can be bought out and controlled leading to the consolidation of the banking and financial sector in the US which would lead to
  3. 3. absolute control of the US economy. The banks left standing are no longer "investment banks", but are "bank holding companies" that have access to "public funds". These bank holding companies are under direct and stricter regulation of the Federal Reserve. The bailout plan will give the financial and banking sector, which has recently been consolidated, US$700-$900 billion dollars of taxpayer money, or public funds. Ya see where I'm goin' here? In a nutshell, private companies will have complete access to the taxpayers' money and control of the US economy courtesy of Bush, Bernanke, and Co. Pretty much, you are witnessing the rape of the US economy right before your eyes! Don't forget the popcorn! *Evidence of Consolidating Control over the Financial Sector **Special Update: Further proof of the accuracy of my reports. Click on this Associated Press article dated March 24, 2009: Officials seek new power over financial companies. ( I just wanted to take this time to say: Told Ya So! This so-called financial crisis is the excuse that is being used to consolidate and take over the US financial and banking sector. Obama and Bush are NOT at fault for today's economic and financial position. The Federal Reserve IS at fault, and so are the financial institutions and corporations that are going along with this scheme. The Feds are talking about buying over US$100 billion worth of Treasury bonds to get the economy moving. They started the problem by taking out US$30 billion out of circulation by the selling of Treasury bonds as we stated in our Proven Insights on Market Predictability Economic Report FY2006's Economic Overview. Now they want to come out like the heroes by re-initiating inflation. They got the game twisted! They already have absolute control of the financial sector, now I guess they're ready to reap the spoils by getting the economy back up and running. The Federal Reserve's treacherous behavior must be stopped! Maddof ain't nothing but small potatoes. Put Bernanke, the other Fed governors, and the owners of the Federal Reserve under the jail for causing the planet such economic turmoil. I said it. What?! financial-inclusion-rbi-governor/
  4. 4. *Evidence of Global Banking Consolidation PECTSAPRIL/0,,menuPK:659178~pagePK:64218926~piPK:64218953~theSitePK:659149,00.html economic-consolidation-by-the-elite-banking-powers bank-consolidation-on-the-performance-of-banks-in-nigeria As you can see, what is happening in the US banking and financial sectors is occurring all around the world. This verifies my claim that The Bretton Woods Conference of July 1944 was designed to unify the world economies and currencies in order to consolidate and control the world economies in order to keep their former colonies in check by economic means. This we see today is the realization of this plan. This should destroy ANY DOUBT that Market Predictability IS Real and is a Reality that we must now contend with! This also demonstrates the level of accuracy and high precision in which future economic and market movements and events can be predicted! Y'all need to stop sleeping on me!