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Session no. 3, 2012: Roman Imperial Coins, by Gustavo Trapp


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Session no. 3, 2012: Roman Imperial Coins, by Gustavo Trapp

  2. 2. EXAMPLECoin found in Sanisera in 2011 Obverse side Reverse side
  3. 3. OBVERSE TITLES AVG. Augustus or Augusta ARM. Armeniacus (conqueror of Armenia). BRIT. Britanicus (conqueror of Britian. CAESAR, CAES. Heir to the throne. CENS. or CENS. PER. Censor Perpetuus COS. or C. Consul DAC. Dacicus (conqueror or Dacia). DIVI, DIVO or DIVA Divine (acclaimed a deity). D.N. Dominus Noster (Our Lord). F. or FIL. or FILI Filius or Filia GERM. Germanicus (conqueror of Germany). IMP. Imperator (supreme army commander). IMP. C. Imperator Caesar. NOB. Nobilissimus or Nobilissima (noble). N. C., NOB. CAES. Nobilitas Caesar ("Royal Heir"). OPTIMO or OPTIMO PRINCIPI Best ruler. PART. Parthicus (conqueror of Parthia). PERP. Perpetuatae (forever or for life). P. F. Pius Felix (dutiful and wise). P. M., PON. M. Pontifex Maximus. P. P. Pater Patriae (father of the country). PRINC. IVVENT. Princeps Iuventis (young prince) Type Legend Figure of the emperor orName & Titles empress
  4. 4. OBVERSE LEGEND ?????ODO NT E ? TheodoraCheck the roman emperors list, e.g.: Theodosius I Theodosius II
  5. 5. CANDIDATES Theodosius I - last emperor to rule both western and eastern halves of the roman empire, from 379 to 395 AD Theodosius II - Byzantine emperor, 408 to 450 AD Theodora - Roman empress, second wife of Constantius I, 337to 340 AD (but has a different hair style)
  6. 6. REVERSE No Inscription VOT Reverse Design: X MVLT XX Exergue: SHKΓ or SMKΓ
  7. 7. EXEGUER Minting house abbreviation Last letter: Officinae (workshop) roman letter - western mint greek letter - eastern mint SMK - Cyzicus, TurkeySHKΓ 294-491AD orSMKΓ 3rd workshop
  8. 8. DESIGN VOT X MVLT XX Votis Decennalibus Vows for 10 years reign, Multis wishing for 10 additional VicennalibusCould not find this design on coins from Theodosius II
  9. 9. EXAMPLES
  10. 10. CONCLUSION• Coin is probably from Theodosius I (379-395 AD)• Full legend is DN THEODO [SIVS PF AVG] • Dominus Noster THEODOSIUS Pius Felix Augustus • Our Lord THEODOSIUS Dutiful & Wise Augustus• Minted in Cyzicus • Officinae #3 • Between 389 and 395 AD
  11. 11. BIBLIOGRAPHY• Reading and Cataloguing Roman coins -• Virtual Catalog of Roman Coins -• Portable Antiques Scheme -• List of Roman Mints: roman-coin-mintmarks-3042-0.html• NumisWiki -• Abreviaturas numismática romana -• Wildwinds -• Cyzicus -