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Ecommerce europe - e-regulations update


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Update on e-regulations working group of Ecommerce Europe

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Ecommerce europe - e-regulations update

  1. 1. © Ecommerce Europe Presentation and discussion Arbeitskreis Recht Händlerbund Page: 1 e-Regulations Léon Mölenberg Senior Policy Advisor of Ecommerce Europe
  2. 2. © Ecommerce Europe Introductory presentation to the Arbeitskreis Recht Händlerbund on the e-Regulations Working Committee Léon Mölenberg, Senior Policy Advisor Ecommerce Europe Leipzig, 30 September
  3. 3. © Ecommerce Europe The VOICE of the e-commerce industry in the European policy landscape Representing 25.000+ companies through lobbying, advocacy and networking Ecommerce Europe Page: 3 18 National associations 36 Company members 36 Business partners 515 Registered web shops
  4. 4. © Ecommerce Europe About Ecommerce Europe Page: 4 Audrey Keukens Secretary General a.i. Stefanie Ros Policy Advisor Luca Cassetti Policy Advisor Léon Mölenberg Senior Policy Advisor The team in Brussels 3 Working Committees Board of Directors & Executive Committee o e-Regulations o e-Payments o e-Logistics (working group)
  5. 5. © Ecommerce Europe • Research reports • Survey “Barriers to Growth” • European Trustmark • Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference Focus on projects Page: 5 Your one stop shop for all e-commerce related matters
  6. 6. © Ecommerce Europe Unlock the potential of cross- border e-commerce in Europe Mission Ecommerce Europe Page: 6
  7. 7. © Ecommerce Europe • Ecommerce Europe Working Committees’ participants flag issues • Ecommerce Europe translates these into lobbying priorities • Ecommerce Europe collaborates with stakeholders to get message across How does that work? Page: 7
  8. 8. © Ecommerce Europe Advocacy and Lobbying 80% of national legislations come from Brussels Impact on national and local economic actors Necessity to influence policy framework starting from Brussels Unlock the potential of cross-border e-commerce Page: 8 The importance of lobbying next to market solutions
  9. 9. © Ecommerce Europe Ecommerce Europe Other stakeholders National associations Lobbying targets Page: 9 European Commission Council of the European Union European Parliament
  10. 10. © Ecommerce Europe Dealing with a broad range of different topics. Current main priorities are: 1. Data Protection and e-Privacy 2. Consumer policies 3. Competition issues 4. VAT and Taxation issues The e-Regulations Working Committee Page: 10 Main topics
  11. 11. © Ecommerce Europe Key messages of Ecommerce Europe: • Harmonize privacy and data protection legislations while recognizing the potential of innovation • Recognize the need for electronic communication and the possibilities of data-driven marketing in the business model of online merchants Most recent actions: • Draft amendments ahead of the launch of trialogue negotiations of DPR of June • Ongoing lobbying cooperation with the ICDP (Industry Coalition for Data Protection) • Upcoming new Position Paper on Data Protection and e-Privacy The e-Regulations Working Committee Page: 11 1. Data Protection and e-Privacy
  12. 12. © Ecommerce Europe Key messages of Ecommerce Europe: • Evaluate the Consumer Rights Directive (CRD) rapidly • Simplify consumer rules • Fully harmonize legal framework for the sale of goods, services and digital content • Support for industry-led Trustmark schemes for B2C e-commerce Most recent actions: • Answer to EU Commission’s public consultation on contract rules for online purchases of digital content and tangible goods • Start our own evaluation of the CRD • Participate in ODR platform tests • Upcoming new Consumer Policies Position Paper The e-Regulations Working Committee Page: 12 2. Consumer policies
  13. 13. © Ecommerce Europe Key messages of Ecommerce Europe: • Recognize economic freedom and freedom of entrepreneurial activity for a balanced approach towards differentiation • Geo-blocking can be justified IF there are objective reasons for doing so • Stimulate innovation and the entry of new players into the market • Strengthen and fasten pan-European action for fair competition Most recent actions: • Carefully monitor EU Commission’s antitrust inquiry in e-commerce • Carefully monitor upcoming EU Commission’s public consultation on online platforms • Upcoming new Competition Position Paper The e-Regulations Working Committee Page: 13 3. Competition issues
  14. 14. © Ecommerce Europe Key messages of Ecommerce Europe: • Extend the Mini One stop Shop (MOSS) to all (tangible) goods and services sold online to consumers • Establish a common European exemption threshold for the destination principle • Harmonize VAT rates as much as possible • Harmonized EU VAT system in the long-term Most recent actions: • Participate in and give a presentation on VAT-related barriers to cross-border e- commerce at EU Commission’s Fiscalis Seminar in Dublin (Sept. 2015) • Answer to upcoming EU Commission’s public consultation on VAT rules (end September 2015) The e-Regulations Working Committee Page: 14 4. Taxation issues
  15. 15. © Ecommerce Europe Thank you! Questions? or Twitter: @Ecommerce_EU