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EBE 2019 - Custom packaging & unboxing experience.


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Jure Siric
Managing Director Modepack

Packaging represents the most direct touch point and connection with the customer, it also happens to be one of the most under-utilized marketing opportunities for eCommerce. Learn how custom packaging is strengthening your brand and increases your sales.

Jure Siric is an owner and Manging Director at Modepack. Factory that is packaging specialist focused on producing high-quality e-commerce and courier packaging. Located in Zagreb, Croatia and open to doing business with clients from all over the world. Driven by progressive thinking. Lead with a creative approach. Equipped with sophisticated machinery, operated by highly skilled and motivated professionals. Committed to making high-quality custom-made products, versatile in size and shape, that meet all of customer's needs, as well as the highest standards of environmental protection. Flexible in doing business and always eager to face the challenges of the increasingly demanding and fast-growing markets.

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EBE 2019 - Custom packaging & unboxing experience.

  1. 1. Custom packaging & unboxing experience. Jure Siric ManagingDirector
  3. 3. It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one.
  4. 4. Meet customers expectations. When your customer is delighted, they know that buying your product was the right decision. When you exceed your customer’sexpectations,you take a step further toward turning them into a repeat customer. • A past customer is 27% more likely to buy from you again • Repeat customershave a higher average order value • Previous customersare more likely to use word of mouth • A past customer is much easier to upsell It’s the easiest marketing you can do.
  6. 6. Why do we need custom packaging? • On average 55% of each box is empty. • 10% of the packages are damaged in transport. • Optimization leads to 40% of cost reduction in transportation. • About 60% of packages have no branding. • Over 55% users get more excited about receiving/opening the package. • Improves brand image and customer loyalty.
  7. 7. * Statista 2019 Over 446mil people in Europe have bought online in 2018. They/we have sent over 5bn parcels.
  8. 8. From functionality to aesthetics. Main packaging factors: • Will it arrive to my customer safely? • How about the opening/unboxing, will people love the experience? • When the package is received, will they spread the word?
  9. 9. More than a BOX - more than a BAG. Product packaging is a huge part of the customer experience. It’s more than just a way to keep your products safe. Product packaging is a physical representation of your brand. It is a way to connect with customers on an emotional level and motivate them to share their feelings with a wider audience. It is a low-cost way to differentiate your brand from the competition.
  10. 10. Consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages per day – how to stand out from the crowd? • Keep brand identity consistent(follow your brand guidelines, etc.) • Make sure your brand shines. People share good looking things. • Brand impression – made in first 7 seconds • … CUSTOMIZE YOUR PACKAGING!
  11. 11. Options & how to do it - technically. eCommerce BOXES – corrug. flute types / printed inside or out / self closing or zip / etc. eCommerce BAGS – PE recycled or virgin / print up to 8 clr / many options Packing Envelopes – bubble, paper or adhesive one / wide range Protective Materials – air cushions / loose fills / shredded or tissue paper / bubble film … Packing tapes – OPP solvent or acrylic / gummed paper / various printing opt. Stickers – paper or plastic / custom shapes and sizes, on a roll / many options …
  12. 12. Added value after sales means - we care, you are not just a number.
  13. 13. Custom packaging & unboxing experience. Jure Siric ManagingDirector UNBOXING EXPERIENCE
  14. 14. Sensual act of unboxing. Layer by layer, we embark on a voyage of discovery until we finally reach the product – in a way, comparable to the erotic pleasure of undressing.
  15. 15. Emotional touch • If a company succeeds in adding the right emotional touch to the unboxing experience, it will improve: ❖ brand experience ❖ customer loyalty ❖ likelihood of new orders from that customer • If the shipping packaging is attractive, it gives the customer a greater feeling of being valued. • It reduces the rate of returns, and online ratings can also be positively influenced by a pleasant unboxing experience.
  16. 16. *Dotcom Distribution report Social media power • 60% of respondents would share the product image on social media if it looked appealing. • 39% of the respondentshad shared a picture or a video of their new purchases in the past. MAKE PACKAGINGSHAREABLE.
  17. 17. Have you usedsocial media inthe past 12 months to finda picture or a video of a productyou were thinkingof buying? 46 % 54 % NO YES It was not deciding factor Social media power - in numbers 61 % It convinced me to purchase the product 10 %It convinced me not to purchase the product 29 % How did the image or video affectyour purchasedecision? *Dotcom Distribution report
  18. 18. Brand ambassadors If the packaging reaches right emotional touch it can shape brand perception and transform consumers into social media brand ambassadors. MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS YOUR BRAND AMBASSADORS.
  19. 19. *Dotcom Distribution report UNBOXING videos • 35% of the survey respondents statedthat they had watched an unboxing video in the past. • 55% said they ended up purchasing the product because of the video. • It has become a genre with a cult following on sites such as YouTube.
  20. 20. Custom packaging is necessary to make memorable unboxing experience, while memorable unboxing experience is necessary to make your brand unforgettable!