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EBE 2019 - Cross-border expansion for more e-sales - the game, the players, the success.


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Rolando Casanova
Managing Director Internel

Who wants to expand within Europe, will soon be faced with players like fulfillers, freight brokers and courier companies - all with their own and often differing agendas… This presentation uncovers these and contains practical tips how to succeed nevertheless - and sell more online. Bring a good sense of humour along.

Rolando is a dynamic change leader with 25 years experience in international logistics. He is the founder of the Internel group present in 3 countries, managing Internel Poland, a truly “non-conventional” and fast growing e-fulfiller. Rolando’s career began when he left the safety and comfort of Switzerland for Uganda, to work for the world’s largest global coffee trader. Overnight, he was responsible for thousands of tons of coffee as stock controller & factory manager. This was a game-changer: He very quickly adapted by scrapping logistics as theory in favour of a more practical, hands-on approach. Since then, Rolando has worked with and for 200+ organisations, multinationals and SME alike, across multiple industries to turn their supply chains into a competitive advantage. For the last 5 years, his passion is to helping e-tailers to increase their sales performance by providing a real, truly-devoted, effective and efficient fulfilment service - national & cross-border.

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EBE 2019 - Cross-border expansion for more e-sales - the game, the players, the success.

  1. 1. 9 20
  2. 2. CROSS-BORDER EXPANSION FOR MORE E-SALES The game, the players and how to succeed. Cross-border e-logistics services for happy online traders & their consumers E-commerce expo Berlin – 20th February 2019
  3. 3. Rolando Casanova © 2019 Internel SA – All rights reserved 3 YOUR SPEAKER – ALERTS FOR THE NEXT 20 MINUTES Rolando Casanova, Managing Director @ Internel Group (CH-DE-PL) In Berlin to meet you our customers & you to discuss cross-border expansion – Stand C.5.5 What you want to know….. What you should know…. What you need to know… Swiss citizen with 50/50 Italian/German blood mixture 1 2 3 4 5 6
  4. 4. Rolando Casanova © 2019 Internel SA – All rights reserved 4 FACT 1: EUROPEAN E-COMMERCE EXPLODES 1 Research 2017 – Europe 16.80% 11.40% 12.90% 15.40% 13.30% West € 209.9bn +13.3% Central € 106.6bn +12.9% South € 47.3bn +15.4% North € 31.5bn +11.4% East € 24.6bn +16.8% EUROPEAN E-COMMERCE MARKET – B2C SALES 1 Are you riding the wave? Are you riding the wave? Online sales are growing at increasing speed.
  5. 5. Rolando Casanova © 2019 Internel SA – All rights reserved 5 FACT 2: INTERNATIONAL SALES AS GROWTH ENGINE 1 Research 2017 – Europe CROSS-BORDER SALES INCREASE – GROWING TWICE AS FAST AS DOMESTIC SALES 1 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2020 2025 306 346 377 407 436 462 514 597 44 56 69 83 99 116 168 298 €Billion 33 % in 2025 European e-commerce market forecast Domestic sales Cross-border sales Roadblocks ▪ Most fulfilment is focused on home markets, with no true European service ▪ International courier companies are too expensive to be viable ▪ Retrieving returns internationally is costly and complex
  6. 6. Rolando Casanova © 2019 Internel SA – All rights reserved 6 FACT 3: CHANGING ONLINE SHOPPER BEHAVIOUR 2 Radial/comScore 2018 SERVICE DEMAND 2 – CONSUMERS BUYING ONLINE… will buy on a competitor’s web- site if an e-store is stock out. contact an e-shop with delivery & shipping questions. say tracking an online purchase is essential or nice to have. expect a parcel delivery within 2 days. will accept 5 to 10 days delivery terms, if cheaper. review the retailer’s return policy before making a purchase. 81% 48% 97% Do you lead or follow? The e-commerce world is changing constantly. 17% 89% 66%
  7. 7. Rolando Casanova © 2019 Internel SA – All rights reserved 7 CROSS-BORDER EXPANSION: GAME & PLAYERS ONCE UPON A TIME…. THERE WAS A SUCCESSFUL E-SHOP WANTING TO GO CROSS-BORDER… Payment portals Marketing agencies Software producers SEO experts Packmat producers Website designers Consultants Logistics & couriers But: with whom do you partner? All “participants” are happy to expand with you.
  8. 8. Rolando Casanova © 2019 Internel SA – All rights reserved 8 EXPANSION CRITERIA E-SHOP SERVICE NEEDS CLASSIC LOGISTIC COMPANY “NEW E-LOGISTIC EXPERTS” RESPONSE Product receipt Transparent, foreseeable costs, per box or unit Costs for containers, pallets, boxes, mixed/ non-mixed contents, costs for labelling Product storage As economical as possible with low stocks Storage on pallets/shelves, as much stock as possible – minimum storage turnover Order pick & pack High quality, neutral/branded foil bags, cartons, tape, stickers, filling materials Tariff per SKU, per unit or kg picked, conventional cartons, sometimes used Order shipping International and economical tracked courier, 2-5 days delivery within Europe ▪ Fulfillers: courier tariffs with 30-40% margin on top ▪ Couriers: fine national tariffs, int’l tariffs > € 10,00 Returns Full service, easy to calculate returns Returns per position/line, costs for re-stocking & reporting Onboarding API within 4-5 days CSV/XML file transfer within 3-6 weeks, sometimes 3-6 months Reporting Free, fully automated/anytime via API Payable daily/weekly reports Why not fill empty warehouses with e-shop products? Fierce competition in B2B logistics. A MIRACOLOUS TRANSFORMATION…
  9. 9. Rolando Casanova © 2019 Internel SA – All rights reserved 9 CROSS-BORDER EXPANSION: SUCCESS FACTORS HONESTY & TRANSPARENCY – BASIS FOR A SUCCESSFUL INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIP 10,000 to 20,000, may be more. Do you already work with e-shops? Are you riding the wave? Are you ready to get real? Bluffing is a wrong start for both parties.
  10. 10. Rolando Casanova © 2019 Internel SA – All rights reserved 10 CROSS-BORDER EXPANSION: THE CHECKLIST A SERIOUS & EXPANDING E-TAILER… … will advise right from the start: start-up or established business – stored/outgoing items & volumes – e-shop platform and start date. … issues an offer to support your sales growth, with exact costs and a time-table for full IT integration without manual order data exchange. … analyses the e-shop model, is interested in sales plans, ask questions as to “what and why” 4 and shares knowledge about the new markets. … understands that the e-fulfiller needs to earn money based on order quantities, and that outsourcing 100-200 sales orders per month or orders with a value < € 20,- makes no sense. 4 Internal measurement of 5 years measurements: I 65% of start-ups and 50% of established businesses entering Poland fail The final hint: a true e-fulfilment & logistics partner… is interested in your order growth (≠ inventory growth) and improves courier prices constantly. A SERIOUS & EXPERIENCED E-LOGISTICS COMPANY…
  11. 11. Rolando Casanova © 2019 Internel SA – All rights reserved 11 INTERNEL: A TRUE E-LOGISTICS PARTNER WE CREATE PRISTINE B2C PARCELS FOR THE WHOLE OF EUROPE … AND CONTINUALLY INCREASE OUR CAPABILITIES TO MEET MARKET DEMAND BY EXPANDING WITH PARCEL HUBS IN EUROPE 4 NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTRE Efficient product receipt High quality order picking & packing Tracked courier shipping – 24h/2-4d Consumer-friendly national return points Full e-shop integration (API), KPI reporting COD order handling for all CEE countries 5 4 All IT and data services, customer care are run in Poland, ensuring low costs, high efficiency and a slim, efficient parcel hub set-up 5 Whereas in Western economies cash on delivery COD does not exist anymore, it still accounts for about 30% of all national sales in Central Eastern Europe Internel set-up NATIONAL PARCEL HUBS Germany & Benelux, the Nordics & UK/Ireland Greece & Bulgaria, Romania, the Balkans Q4 2019 Spain & Portugal, France & Italy Q3 2019 Fast transit and delivery with national tracked services National return points – consolidated shipping to Poland Poland & Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Baltics, Ukraine & Russia
  12. 12. VISIT OUR STAND C.5.5 OR CONTACT US TO DISCUSS YOUR CROSS-BORDER SALES 12 Internel Internel Internel Internel Internel Sp. z.o.o. ul. Księcia Ziemowita 59 PL-03-885 Warsaw Rolando Casanova Managing Director +48 22 380 62 46 FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA