20111021 presentation weee trace - erc revn


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Presentation made by Ecolec at Spanish Forum on European Initiative of Critical Raw Materials organized by CDTI-Ministry of Science and Technology (Madrid, October 2011)

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20111021 presentation weee trace - erc revn

  1. 1. II FORO CDTIEuropean Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials 21/10/2011WEEE TRACE – Full Traceability of the management of WEEE CIP-EIP-Eco-Innovation-2010 Capacidades ES - EIP Materias Primas
  2. 2. Capacidades ES - EIP Materias Primas
  3. 3. Descripción y objetivos del proyectoEnsure “cradle-to-grave” traceability of complete WEEE flow managed at ECOLEC by means of the use of advanced ICT technologies (RFID, image capturing, etc.).Purpose Reduce leaks from system Increase volume of WEEE legally treated and recycled. Increase the volume of materials recovered. Ensure WEEE collected and managed is recycled properly at plants using BATs i.e. WEEE-Labex (Life+) Track incidences like scavenging, etc. Facilitate enforcement and reporting Duration: 36 months (Jul 2011 Jul 2014) Capacidades ES - EIP Materias Primas
  4. 4. Papel y actividades de la entidadECOLEC: WEEE take-back compliance scheme (SIG) in Spain and chair of WEEE TRACE Project Management BoardMain activities Definition of specific needs of the appliances take-back in Spain Support development of technical solution for pilot and full scale Pilot test in Spain. Full integral implementation 80 Temporarystorage facilities 15 Logistics Providers 40 Treatment Plants of the solution in ECOLEC’s take-back scheme PT Retalers PT 80 collection points 15 logistics operators PT 40 treatment plants Municpal Collection Points Logistics Providers Retail Assess value of pilot in Czech Republic and establish replication opportunities Capacidades ES - EIP Materias Primas
  5. 5. Otros socios relevantes a tener en cuenta Full life-cycle coverage: 9 selected partners and associates take part in project consortium for pilot and demonstration activities.Partners MCCTELECOM: Technology provider FAGOR: Manufacturer of household appliances EMAUS: Logistics operator ASPACE-Ecointegra: Treatment plant ASEKOL: WEEE Compliance scheme in Associates Czech Republic SIGRAUTO: End-of-life vehicles compliance scheme. CARREFOUR: Retail chain CEGA: Logistics provider Capacidades ES - EIP Materias Primas
  6. 6. Resultados y expectativas de continuidadEnvironmental Economic Materials recovery: 50.000 Pay-back: 3 years tons/año 50% financing by Eco- Proper treatment and recycling: Innovation program . 39% 5% reduction in costs CO2: 34% as a result of improvements in materials Market recovery (29%) and logistics Project replication and (5%). commercial applications CFC emissions: 12% Capacidades ES - EIP Materias Primas
  7. 7. 4/2/2011 Página 7 Capacidades ES - EIP Materias Primas
  8. 8. Muchas gracias por su atención