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Why EUpDates—The Monthly Bulletin for Economic Indicators


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Tables and charts in EUpDates summarize quarterly, monthly & daily data on the most important variables like GDP, IIP, inflation, money & banking, interest rates & yields on government & corporate bonds, stock market indices, capital flows of MFs and FPIs, and commodity markets—both Indian and Global (India's major trading partners).

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Why EUpDates—The Monthly Bulletin for Economic Indicators

  1. 1. A Monthly Bulletin of Economic Indicators fromEcofin-Surge
  2. 2. Ecofin-Surge presents EUpDates A Monthly Bulletin of Economic Indicators We invite you to explore ECOnomic & FINancial time Series, Updates and Reports on the Global Economy
  3. 3. EUpDates April 2018 AAA MMMooonnnttthhhlllyyy SSStttaaatttiiissstttiiicccaaalll BBBuuulllllleeetttiiinnn 2018 SSSuuurrrgggeee RRReeessseeeaaarrrccchhh SSSuuuppppppooorrrttt wwwwwwwww...eeecccooofffiiinnn---sssuuurrrgggeee...cccooo...iiinnn 4/12/2018
  4. 4. EUpDates April 2018 A Monthly Statistical Bulletin To subscribe visit or email Rs. 3600.00 (12 Issues) 2018 Surge Research Support 4/12/2018
  5. 5. E-UpDates—A Monthly Statistical e-Bulletin emailed to you @just Rs. 300 per month To receive your FREE SAMPLE COPY please email us @ Or to view the e-book visit Warm regards, The SURGE Research Support Team.