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Energy efficient apartment hotel in sochi(en)


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Energy efficient apartment hotel in sochi(en)

  2. 2. Sochi is being developed as climatic mountain resort with an extensive infrastructure for physicaltraining and sports according to the government program owing to 2014 Winter Olympics. Exceptionallocation of the land plot, which is becoming especially valuable for first-class development nowadays dueto the intensive development of Olympic facilities in the vicinity – in Imeretinskaya Valley, and theconstruction of modern entertainment complexes on the banks of the Mzymta River nearby, from theother side, as well as the radical modernization of transit system. Excellent environmental characteristicsof the territory, so rare for the whole Sochi waterfront, and the traditional private hotel constructionswith a rather poor service, in the context of a growing demand for more quality recreational facilities, -give the opportunity to build modern hotel facilities that allow to render superior services.
  3. 3. The hotel building is composed of three main sections of different height. The first of them, square inplan, with truncated 45-degree angles of the walls, has 6 floors. The two other parts, rectangular in plan,with truncated 45-degree angles of the walls, have 4 and 3 floors respectively. The height of the six-story, four-story and three-story sections is 22.5 m, 15.3 m and 11.7 mrespectively. The height of a standard floor is 3.6 m from ceiling to ceiling (exception – technical floorsunder the exploited roofs – 2.4 m). Feedthrough hotel places, jogging and cycling paths is planned to coat with piezo-panels. The first floor of the hotel, intended for retail and entertainment, is 18 m of width in all threesections. Starting from the second floor the building has the overall width of 21 m and has a hotel and servicefunctionality. In the layout of the building a single corridor system is used. In order to save the space of the hotelcorridors cross-cutting illumination is provided (from the roof through the entire height of the building);lighting lamps are located at a distance of 4.5 m from each other along the whole length of the building.The building has wide corridors combined with service and technical spaces.
  4. 4. • Area of the plot (total) = 4 800 sq.m., including: • Area of the 2st floor – 1959 sq.m. including:• Area of the construction = 1713 sq.m. Residential area – 1199 sq.m.• Common, utilities area – 760 sq.m. Area of jogging paths – 316 sq.m. Number of rooms – 29• Area of greenery – 1102 sq.m. • Area of the 3st floor– 1918 sq.m., including :• Area of green roofs -1610 sq.m. Residential area – 1158 sq.m.• Area of a plot covered with asphalt - 1026 sq.m. Common, utilities area – 760 sq.m.• Area of a basement floor– 1565 sq.m., including: Number of rooms – 30 • Area of the 4st floor– 1283 sq.m., including :Parking – 624 sq.m. Residential area - 763 sq.m.Spa – 500 sq.m. Common, utilities area – 520 sq.m.Service and technical spaces – 441 sq.m. Number of rooms– 17• Area of the 1st floor – 1565 sq.m., including : • Area of the 5st floor – 508 sq.m., including :Receptions – 130 sq.m. Residential area - 338 Common, utilities area – 170 sq.m.WCs – 74 sq.m. Number of rooms– 3Service area - 70 sq.m. • Area of the 6st floor – 478 sq.m., including :Administration zone – 70 sq.m. Residential area (penthouse) – 478 sq.m.Commercial premises – 549 sq.m.Common, utilities area – 574 sq.m.
  5. 5. Net present value: Evaluation is carried out by discounted cashflow method. NPV = 27 120 000 euro Scenario: After approval of all of the IRR = appr. 40%project’s aspects and signing of investmentagreement the two-years stage of construction High profitability of the investmentstarts. During the construction stage operations on project of energy-efficient apartmentselling residential and commercial premises are hotel is caused by selling of residentialongoing. A specially-established corporate entity and commercial premises in thetakes care of the management of the facility, whose construction phase, which provides theonly asset is the facility, the only activity is income already at this stage. Detailedmanagement. calculations of the economic performance of the project may be obtained by interested parties upon the relevant request.
  6. 6. The project involves using of several innovative «green» technologies. It is planned to get a part of energy from the alternative energy sources: solar panels installed on theperimeter of the building roof and wind turbines installed on the rooftops. Heating of the building is planned to carry out by using heat pumps installed in the basement floor. A part of cold water supply of the building will be provided by using tanks for rain and melt watercollecting and filtering, placed on the technical floors. A part of hot water supply is planned to provide byheating the filtered water using the solar concentrators located on the perimeter of the hotel roof. About 90% of building roofs is «green» (exploited): recreational areas, land for growing crops,noiseless wind turbines of vertical (not exceeding the allowed altitude) and horizontal type with lightningprotection. In the basement floor it is planned to place an icebox and the cellar for «green storage» of food.
  7. 7. 1. Dendrologic park “Yuzhniye Kul’tury (Southern Cultures)” Dendrologic park “Yuzhniye Kul’tury (Southern Cultures)” is 100 m from the plot. It was laidout in 1910 under gardening decorator Eduard August von Regel’s design. It is the largestplantation of exotic wood species and flowers at present. Reconstruction of the park "Yuzhniye Kultury" began inNovember 2008. It is expected to last 1.5 year. Paths andglades are being cleared from fallen trees and self-sownplants, planting stock greenhouses are restored, benchesare being installed. Some 200 large-sizedplants, about 560 rosebushes, about 750-800annuals are planted. Thereconstruction is carriedout in a stringentaccordance with Regel’sdesign.
  8. 8. 2. Sea port for yachts and cruise ships The first part of the cargo space of Sochi sea port began operation on 6 April 2010. Transfer capacityof the port’s first part intended for receipt of 2 million tonnes of goods includes two loading berths for receiptand transfer of powder and general cargo needed in the Olympic construction. Berths are equipped withfour modern mobile harbor cranes, cranes-manipulators, front-end loaders and fork-lift trucks.
  9. 9. 3. Coastal Cluster of the Winter Olympics 2014 An Olympic park will be situated in Imeretinskaya Valley on the territory of 280 ha: space formain covered sports facilities, including the main stadium, where the opening of the Olympics andprize presentation ceremony will take place, hockey complex, facilities for figure skating, speedskating, curling as well as training complexes. Shopping and entertainment facilities for participantsand guests will be built on the same territory. The Coastal cluster stretches from less than 50 mfrom the plot to the Russian-Abkhazian border.
  10. 10. 4. Adler Administration (City Hall) District of Adler is one of the four administrative districts of Sochi, Krasnodar region, Russia. Itborders District of Hosta on the West. It is located in the southern part of the city between theKudepsta river and the Psoe river, where it borders Abkhazia. Territory – 1352 sq. km. City Hall of Adler is on the other side of the Mzymta river, relative to the plot (in a walkingdistance). This neighborhood is quiet, environmentally healthy.
  11. 11. 6. ПРИЛОЖЕНИЯ 5. Adler’s food market The market is the very heart of Adler, not far away from the City Hall. It has everything:home-made wine, churchkhela, lots of fish, both fresh and smoked, fruit, spices, nuts and otherfood goods. Apart from the foodstuffs, there are also consumer goods on offer.
  12. 12. 6. ПРИЛОЖЕНИЯ 6. Adler railway station The railway station is 5 km away from the plot. Reconstruction of Adler’s railway station began in 2009. The new station will be adapted tohandicapped people’s use. It will be possible to go by steel main from the renewed station to theairport and Krasnaya Polyana. The project is being realized along with joint motor and railway line under construction “Adler– ski resort “Al’pika-Servis” commissioned by Russian state-owned railway company RZhD(Rossiyskie Zheleznye Dorogi)”.
  13. 13. 6. ПРИЛОЖЕНИЯ 7. Sochi International Airport The International Airport is 4 km away from the plot. The airport is (2009) the ninth airport by the passenger flow in Russia – 1.485 million passengers(after Moscow (Domodedovo, Sheremetievo and Vnukovo), St. Petersburg (Pulkovo), Ekaterinburg(Koltsovo), Novosibirsk (Tolmachiovo), Kaliningrad (Khrabrovo) and Krasnodar (Pashkovsky)),including in international lines – about 105 400 passengers. It serves Russia’s largest resort Sochi andterritories lying nearby – Tuapse and Abkhazia with total permanent population of over 700 000people.
  14. 14. 6. ПРИЛОЖЕНИЯ 8. Krasnaya Polyana – ski resort, Mountain cluster of the Winter Olympics 2014 Mountain cluster “Sochi-2014” will be set up in the world’s most modern ski resort - KrasnayaPolyana. It will include biathlon and ski complexes (20 000 and 16 000 seats), bobsleighing track(11 000 seats), Olympic mountain village (2 000 seats), springboards, Snowboard park and Free-stylepark. The mountain cluster will be situated 40 km away from the Coastal cluster. It takes virtually 30minutes to get to it from the plot for a direct motor road will connect them and a railway station will benearby, from which noiseless trains will go to Krasnaya Polyana and in the direction of Abkhazia on aregular basis.
  15. 15. 6. ПРИЛОЖЕНИЯ 9. City beach with a network of restaurants, bars, cafés, clubs, etc. It is possible to reach the developed city beaches within a few minutes from the plot on foot.Beach activities in Sochi are diverse. There are zones equipped with all amenities: showers, toilets,changing booths, well-furnished and protected from storm waves by breakwaters. There is usually awide range of activities on offer on such beaches: from sea trips and volleyball plays to paragliding,watercraft riding and wind-surfing. Another advantage in addition – cleanness.
  16. 16. 6. ПРИЛОЖЕНИЯ 10. Shopping and Entertainment Center«Mandarin» By crossing the Mzymta river by the footbridge located 50 metres away from the plot, wewill enter the magic world of entertainment andwellness complex. It will include a laser showamphitheatre with 1275 seats, 1 restaurant, 2cafes, 3 fast food enterprises, surfing simulatorfacility (Mzymta river’s mouth will host a poolwith artificial waves), climbing facility as well as5 shops of various purpose, dance-floors, spacenter, hall of physical exercises, center ofthalassotherapy (therapy with the use ofseawater, seaweed and mud), cafés,restaurants, children’s entertainment facilities.
  17. 17. 11. Mzymta River 6. ПРИЛОЖЕНИЯ Within a short walking distance from the plot is a footbridge spanning the Mzymta river, bywhich it is possible to go to developed beaches, market, shops, restaurants and other amenities onfoot within a few minutes. Mzymta (Ubykh for "frantic"). Length – 89 km, watershed area – 885 sq. km. It springs from thesouthern slope of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range at a height of 2 980 m and flows throughhighland lakes Little Kardyvach, Kardyvach, lower on the river are Izumrudnye (Emerald) waterfalls.The river has a character of a rough mountain river at the most of its length; water level risesoccasionally to 5 metres in gorges by thaw. It falls into the Black Sea near Adler. On the river isKrasnopolyanskaya hydroelectric power plant.