Orafferty_Co-Design Workshop Lowres


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Orafferty_Co-Design Workshop Lowres

  1. 1. Ecodesign Centre (EDC) “build capacity and capabilities in industry, public sector organisations and higher education so that effective ecodesign can happen in Wales” established in September 2006 through core funding from the Welsh Assembly Government – deliver ecodesign initiative – develop centre of expertise on ecodesign for Wales
  2. 2. what does EDC do? • applied research (knowledge creation) – demonstrations with industry • knowledge hub (knowledge transfer) – communications – training resource development and delivery • connecting agent: policy | industry | education | academia | 3rd sector • international partnerships
  3. 3. “ “ Our philosophy is simple, if you can measure it, you can reduce it. Orangebox
  4. 4. image by : orangebox
  5. 5. image by : orangebox
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  7. 7. challenging goals for Orangebox comprehensive “environmental” design process target zero landfill (85% reduced in 2 years) offer product take-back – end-of-life management increasing use of recycled content to 50% zero VOC emissions efficient transit supply chain initiatives (chrysalis) FSC / PEFC materials
  8. 8. perceived benefits of ecodesign (Welsh SMEs) strategic internal external innovation reduced production, resource efficiency compliance, end-of-life waste minimisation / new product/service treatment costs avoidance ideas better communications on-site recycling long term gains improved brand reduced packaging perception, transit packaging changing the value differentiation (in/out) and point of equation sale “added value” emerging revenue potential for material models motivated, healthy re-use environmentally aware staff
  9. 9. if it’s so good why isn’t every company doing ecodesign? managerial, process and system barriers e.g. lack of managerial and operational resources lack of awareness, training, and motivation of employees failure of managers to harness the strategic considerations competing policy rationales (e.g. environment and innovation) SMEs “can’t or won’t act” - i.e. uncertainty / poor appropriability
  10. 10. strategic fit
  11. 11. negotiating language
  12. 12. understanding trade-offs
  13. 13. different perceptions
  14. 14. different perceptions
  15. 15. what value(s)
  16. 16. co-development?
  17. 17. create platforms
  18. 18. “ in the last decade, our context has changed (…) we not only need empathy for individuals, but also need to get the pulse of the collective. “ aradhana goel - lead service designer/strategist, IDEO
  19. 19. all photos from Flickr (unless stated otherwise) under a creative commons license authors indicated in comment page of ppt