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Eco Design Prese2


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Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Eco Design Prese2

  1. 1. hello
  2. 2. my name is julian sykes
  3. 3. i jointly run
  4. 4. we work on branding interactive
  5. 5. i am interested in definitions doing
  6. 6. i believe “consumption is not just a way of life, it is life. It provides an invaluable vehicle for processing and interacting with an evolving world, facilitating both learning and social interaction through the continual intake of new, fresh experiences.” Source: Emotionally Durable Design, 2005 p29
  7. 7. definitions
  8. 8. definitions
  9. 9. definitions
  10. 10. i believe “it’s not about being ethical it’s about being smart.”
  11. 11. i am interested in HEAVY METALS IN TOYS Hamburger Umwelt Institute
  12. 12. real value is Wher e qual is che ity aper!
  13. 13. real value is
  14. 14. no-frills affluents “they are drawn to pragmatic, practical products, not prepared to pay premium prices for either essentials or flash-in-the pan trends, but determined to maintain their pre-crunch lifestyles. And they are making their presence felt all over the high street”
  15. 15. doing outlet will sell lifestyle C2C products products will include items such as: - clothing - home wares outlet may utilise social media outlet maybe pop-up outlet will be an exhibition space
  16. 16. doing
  17. 17. doing
  18. 18. doing
  19. 19. find out more