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Cornell Landscapes Research Forum (Dr. Louise Buck)


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The Landscape Research Forum, held at Cornell, was convened to explore ways to capture expanding domestic and international interest in framing goals related to food security and ecosystem service protection with a landscape approach. In this slideshow, Dr. Louise Buck introduces the key elements of a landscape approach. For more information, please visit the Cornell EcoAgriculture Working Group at

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Cornell Landscapes Research Forum (Dr. Louise Buck)

  1. 1. Integrated landscape management through ‘ecoagriculture’ Louise E. Buck Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University Landscapes and Leaders Program, EcoAgriculture Partners Landscapes Research Forum October 10, 2013
  2. 2. History of ecoagriculture
  3. 3. Cornell and the CEWG
  4. 4. Key elements of a landscape approach ● Agreement among stakeholders on landscape objectives ● Management of ecological, social and economic synergies and trade-offs among different land and resource uses in the landscape ● Land use practices that contribute to multiple landscape objectives ● Development of supportive markets, policies and investment programs ● Establishment of collaborative processes for multi-stakeholder management and governance
  5. 5. Growing interest in integrated landscape management