Waste issues


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Waste issues

  1. 1. Different oftypes waste
  2. 2. Recycling is processing used materials(waste) into newproducts to prevent waste of potentially useful materials Waste is anon linked to human development, both technological and social. Types of waste : Glass – glasses,bottles Paper – boxes, books unsafe waste – radioactive, municipal waste Plastic- PET bottles Others – metal, drugs, tyres motors oil
  3. 3. Plastic recycling is the biggestmarket compared to otherrecycling materials, and there isa wide range of products madefrom recycled plastic, including: *Polyethylene bin liners and carrier bags*PVC sewer pipes, flooring and windowframes insulation board*Building *Water butts *Garden sheds and composters *Seed trays, anoraks and fleeces *Fencing and garden furniture compact disc cassette *Video and cases
  4. 4. There are about 50 different types of plastic. The main types include:HDPE,PVC ,PET Home Appliance Recycling Electrical waste includes digital watches, fridges, TVs, computers and toys although not everything can be recycled. For home appliance recycling, televisions, washing machines, air conditioners are recyclable.
  5. 5. WASTE END in the blue – is parer in the green – is municipal waste In the yellow – is glass municipal waste
  6. 6. Paper in the waste creating 20% .Glass in the wastecreating 13%.Plastic in the wastecreating 8%.Metals in the wasteCceating 5%.Textile in the wastecreating 4%.Unsafe wastecreating 1%.
  7. 7. Waste is all about in the world and its very a lot of . Recycling waste is priority . Waste is oject that takes place not use .In the Slovakia peoplesdoest 2 milions metrictonne waste .
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