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13 05-23 presentation bio secure

  1. 1. High-bandwidthHigh-bandwidth biometricbiometricidentification systemidentification system developmentdevelopmentEco Energy LLCGeneral director – Sergey Bogdanov
  2. 2. Product & ApplicationsProduct & Applicationswww.biosecure.ruManagement and control systems (ACS)• access control for the private territory• personal identification• time tracking• movements statistic• integrating with the security system2
  3. 3. ACS equipment marketACS equipment marketwww.biosecure.ru• According to the marketing report, from the Markets andMarkets LTD the volume of the ACS world market for 2012 isabout $ 14 billion. The growth rate of the global biometricmarket was 22% in the period from 2011 to 2013.• The Russian market for ACS according to GMT +3
  4. 4. Worldwide market of access control solutionsWorldwide market of access control solutionswww.biosecure.ru4
  5. 5. SolutionSolutionwww.biosecure.ruThe key is your handThe key is your hand5Right - deputy. Minister of EconomicDevelopment of the Russian FederationOleg Fomichev
  6. 6. MMarket needsarket needsObjects where selective access isnecessary• Banks, financial institutions• The Defence Ministry objects• Medical and educational institutions, structureswith electronic registration• Office and commercial centers,industrial facilities, state and localgovernment agencies.6
  7. 7. Advantages of the solutionAdvantages of the solutionThe high-capacity, scalable to any size complexidentification system can be integrated into existing ACS.- High identification rate;- Contactless;- High reliability;- The ability to integrate with existing systems;- The relatively low cost- Collect truthful statisticswww.biosecure.ru7
  8. 8. TeamTeamBogdanov Sergey - Project ManagerGeneral Director of "Eco Energy", Ph.D.Winner of the "National Team of Professionals" in the nomination "The organizer ofthe implementation of scientific development in the countrys economy." The bestyoung Samara region professional in 2007.Team - 6 programmers and engineersThe team of programmersand engineers - the staffmembersEco Energy LLCwww.biosecure.ru8
  9. 9. What has been doneWhat has been done1) As the project has invested 5.2 million rubles.2) Create a workable product samples through the use ofvarious means of access control.3) Produced patent protection.4) A lack of cooperation from the component suppliers.5) Work is underway to inform the institutions of government9MIPS 2013 – 15-18thof April 2013
  10. 10. Development modelDevelopment model1) Work on the two segments- Selling sets of biometric access control system manufacturers.2) Enter to the CIS market and the European market3) The development of the product through the use ofsystems to identify users of different products.www.biosecure.ru- Sales of productsto end-users throughDealer Network (sale systemsthrough the turnstiles - tripods,duplex turnstiles and other alreadysolutions used).10
  11. 11. IInvestment environmentnvestment environmentwww.biosecure.ruDescription Formula ResultInvestment   6 m rubCalculated ROI   *9,6 – 24Return on investment atthe time in 2017 (theinvestors share in thesale of the company)6 m rub * 24= 144 m rubProposed% of theInvestor in the Company  40%The projected cost of theCompany at the time in2017 no less than144 - 360 m. rub.11• Sale of the investors share in 2016, 2017.• Selling a business to one of the major market participants (Parsec, Perco,Kodos, etc.).
  12. 12. Thank you for your attentionThank you for your attention!!ContactsThe organizations office is located in Samara in innovative business incubatorSSAU at:443086, Samara, Moscow highway, d.34a, Building 3B, Office 2.Phone: +7 (846) 246-41-17, 272-72-75E-mail: info@biosecure.ruwww.biosecure.ru