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  2. 2. Globality of the problem
  3. 3. Annual amount of solid waste 13 m tones per year for comparison Or a186 thousand wagons train loadedThe largest aircraft in the world AN- with coal, twice as long as a distance 225 "Mriya“ weighs 250 tons between Luhansk and Lviv
  4. 4. Size of landfills and dumps 8106,3 ha 81 sq. km for comparison Territory of the capital of Size of the football field at the OlympicSwitzerland, Bern is 51,6 sq. km NSC is 0,7 hа
  5. 5. Quantity of landfills and dumps Total: 4469 for comparisonAs of 2011, there are only 40 national natural parks in Ukraine
  6. 6. Unauthorized landfills in Ukraine Cherni hiv Total: 35401 Lutsk Sumy Rivne Z hytomyr Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Ternopil K hm elnytskyi Cherkasy V innytsya Ivano- Ki rovohrad Frankivsk DnipropetrovskUzhgoro Luhanskd Cherni vts i Poltava Donetsk Kyiv: 6014 Zapori zhzhya Mykolayi v6 Donetsk region: 3946 Odessa Kherson Dnipropetrovsk region: 3101 Sim pheropol Poltava region: 2175 S evastopol Ternopil region: 1663 Kharkiv region: 1654
  7. 7. While in Europe… In Europe only 39.8% of solid waste is placed in landfills, while in Ukraine - 93%. (Eurostat Data ,2008; Ministry of Energy and Construction of Ukraine, 2010.) Canadian companies have changed direction of a waste flow by 70- 80% in 6 months via introduction of a simple system of separate waste collection.
  8. 8. Problem of Solid Waste Storage in Landfills Contamination of groundwater by filtrate, high rates of air polluting substances, spontaneous waste combustion Pollution of surrounding areas with light fractions, creating a favorable environment for spread of insects, rodents, stray animals Location of landfill sites on a distance from the cities Failure of effective control over the negative influence of landfills on the environment, especially after their closure
  9. 9. Ukraine Today
  10. 10. The volume of formation and use of recyclable materials and available capacities for its processing and disposal Existing capacity Average volume Necessary Name of the Average annual of recyclable of waste additional secondary raw volume of waste materials utilization, capacities, material formation utilization, thousand tones thousand tones thousand tonesUsed packing, 4 000.00total:Paper waste 2 100.00 1 154.00 600.00-700.00 900.00Tin 39.33 0.00 30.00Foil, aluminum 28.98 Unlimited No dataMetal, other 105.57 Unlimited No dataWood 496.80 No data 40.00 300.00Cullet 1 500.00 More than 1 000.00 280.00 400.00Plastics 800.00 More than 200.00 100.00 500.00incl. PET 130.00 60.00 20.00 58.00Combined 20.00 No data 15.0Comparison of data on the use of recycled materials in termsof resources available indicates lack of of their involvement in the economic turnover.
  11. 11. The volume of utilization of certain waste as recyclable materialsCharacteristic/Year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Waste paperAmount of procurement, thousand 675 778.1 790.3 680 729 772.4tonesAmount of export, thousand tones 22 30.4 7.2 5.1 4 2.8Amount of import, thousand tones 13.6 165.6 159.3 196.3 212 267.9Amount of utilization, thousand tones 789 907.3 942.4 871.2 937 1 037.5 CulletAmount of procurement, thousand 238.4 263.4 236.1 264.8 283.3 300.0tonesAmount of export, thousand tones 0.129 33.46 12.64 14.9 33.1 3.54Amount of import, thousand tones 19.9 32.2 37.80 4.5 17.98 21.76Amount of utilization, thousand tones 258.2 262.2 254.20 254.4 270.2 318.22 Packaging of polyethylene terephthalateAmount of procurement, thousand 7.0 11.8 18.0 21.5 24.9 22.0tonesAmount of utilization, thousand tones 6.6 12 17.2 21.0 25.0 20.0
  12. 12. The scheme of solid waste processing Sorting Cardboard, paper, packing Paper waste Tiles, packaging etc. Industrial enterprises Household’s containers Glass Building materials, shoes, cables, mesh, packaging, appliances Plastics Thread, net, Food waste ropes etc. Textile Biological fuel, briquettes, Gardening and horticulture wastes, Wood practicle waste (biological waste, which is isolated in separate tanks) for compost
  13. 13. TechnologiesImplementation of waste sorting and processing complexes Implementation of a waste sorting line Implementation of PET processing line in Kiev in Khmelnitsky
  14. 14. EquipmentImplementation of containers for separate collection and transportation of solid wasteContainers transfer to Implementation of special Location of containers in the city of Shatstk technologies Kiev
  15. 15. Raising Awareness Raising awareness among the general public, businesses and government to the problemParticipation in conferences, Organization of public Creation of a dialog with a Creation of discussionround tables, environmental events society boards events
  16. 16. Having today…
  17. 17. May have tomorrow!
  18. 18. Thank You!SE “Ukrecoresursy”