A2 genre resarch


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A2 genre resarch

  1. 1. Genre Research
  2. 2.  The concept of a singer-songwriter can be traced toancient bardic oral tradition. Poems would be performed as chant or song, sometimesaccompanied by a harp or other similar instrument. After the invention of printing, songs would be written andperformed by ballad sellers. Usually these would be versions ofexisting tunes and lyrics, which were constantly evolving. This developed into the singer- songwriting traditions of folkculture.
  3. 3.  In large towns it was possible to make a living performing inpublic venues. With the invention of phonographic recording, early singer-songwriters like Théodore Botrel and George M. Cohan becamecelebrities. Radio further added to their public recognition and appeal.
  4. 4.  Singer-songwriters are musicians who write, compose and singtheir own musical material including lyrics and melodies. Singer-songwriters often provide the sole accompaniment to anentire composition or song, typically using a guitar or piano. Often, the songs written by these musicians serves not only asentertainment, but as a tool for political protest.
  5. 5.  A British singer-songwriter, pianist and record producer. He has written thirteen Number 1 singles. He has also had sixteen top 5 hits, eleven Number 1 singles andseven Number 1 albums with Take That. Take That:1989–1996, 2005–present. Received an OBE in 2012 for services to the music industry andcharity. He has written „Rule The World‟for Take That and co. Wrote„Shame‟ with Robbie Williams.
  6. 6.  An English singer-songwriter. Gained a following online after doing acoustic covers of songs bybands such as Paramore and You Me at Six. Since 2010, Aplin has released three EPs and toured the UK andEurope. She did a cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywoods „The Power ofLove‟. This reached No 1 on the UK Singles Chart. „Please Don‟t Say You Love Me‟ is her second single.
  7. 7.  Dylan is an American musician, singer-songwriter, musicproducer, artist, and writer. Dylans lyrics have incorporated a variety ofpolitical, social, philosophical, and literary influences. They defied existing pop music conventions and appealed hugelyto the then burgeoning counterculture. Initially inspired by the performance style of Little Richard. His most popular songs include „Lay Lady Lay‟, „It ain‟t mebabe‟ and „Like a Rolling Stone‟.
  8. 8.  After her very successful stage career, she decided to make a freshstart and embark on a solo career. Sang with José Carreras at the Barcelona Olympic Games thetheme song "Amigos Para Siempre" ("Friends forever"), to aworldwide audience of 3 billion people. Her most famous albums are called „Timeless‟ and „Eden‟. The Italian composer Ennio Morricone let her set lyrics to one ofhis film compositions, “Gabriels Oboe” from the film “TheMission”. This resulted in the now legendary “Nella Fantasia”.
  9. 9.  Charlie is a vlogger on Youtube and has been since 2007. He also is well known for writing his own songs. He has been in a few bands such as Son‟s of Admirals andChameleon Circuit. These featured some of his fellow vloggers. Chameleon Circuit is a band that plays songs about Doctor Whosuch as „Doctor What‟ and „Travelling Man‟.