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A new whisky, a new way of thinking.

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Tayburn & Stein

  1. 1. Nothing in the universe truly dies, it is merely transformed...An increasing number of discerning people, as they near the end of arich and fulfilled life, are looking for something beyond a conventionalburial or cremation.Tayburn & Stein is a forward-thinking company offering an alternativesolution where traditional craftsmanship is fused with cutting-edgetechnology to create an exclusive family heirloom.
  2. 2. Tayburn and Sons funeral directors has been supporting families through bereavement for over 150 years. Coming to The Stein name resonates terms with loss can be one of throughout discerning whisky life’s most difficult experiences circles. Following in his father’s and Tayburn and Sons pride footsteps as chief blender, James themselves on offering a brings a level of knowledge and dignified personal service; be it expertise, bordering on divine, to something simple, or unusual. the careful sourcing and selectionCallum Tayburn and James Stein share many qualities. Both are charismatic heads of their of Scottish malts. He understandsrespective family-owned businesses and both have earned critical acclaim for their dedication implicitly the ability of whisky toto their craft and service. They also share a passion for discussing new ideas over a dram or two. transport us across time and space and evoke, or maintain, our most precious memories, associations and desires.
  3. 3. A bespoke whisky to treasure for eternityTayburn & Stein present an exclusive opportunity to preserve a person’s memoryin the form of a charismatic decanter containing a blended pure malt whisky.Tayburn & Stein will create a unique blend that best reflects your loved one, orindeed yourself if arranging your own memorial.
  4. 4. Our experts will guide you through all the complexities of aroma, palette, andmouthfeel right through to the length of the finish, to create a unique blendedmalt whisky. This completely individual blend will remain exclusive to your familyand bespoke amounts, matching your ongoing requirements, can be reorderedwhenever you wish.
  5. 5. A diamond in the making A Tayburn & Stein decanter is far more than a receptacle for a superlative whisky. At its very heart we place a diamond, majestically forged from the ashes of the deceased.The transformation is undertaken in Zurich by the originators of this patented process, which replicates the elemental forces of nature, crystalising the carbon into a molecular pattern indistinguishable from naturally occurring diamonds. A GIA certificate of authenticity will guarantee the clarity of your diamond exceeds VS2 and our experts will be on hand to help you determine the appropriate cut, colour and size to precisely match your requirements.
  6. 6. The personal touchA Tayburn & Stein whisky memorial creates a magnificent centerpiecethat reliably performs its role with the perfect blend of solemnity, styleand individuality.Crafted from lead crystal, the decanter’s refractive qualities result in abrilliance and clarity other glass fails to achieve - a flawless canvas topresent your diamond centrepiece.
  7. 7. There are opportunities to create bespoke elements intoyour whisky memorial, from a selection of diamond cuts andsettings to a choice of precious metals for the decorativeband, inscribed with your own personal epitaph. It’s here thatyou can communicate the significance of your loved one in ameaningful way.
  8. 8. Traditionally viewed as a time for mourning, people are now increasingly looking for new ways to celebrate the passing of a loved one. Whether you choose to openly share in celebrating this departed life with close friends and relatives or reserve it for a very special, annual toast; it’s the idealfacilitator with which to reflect on a common loss, come to terms with bereavement and cast your mind back over the happy times.
  9. 9. Tayburn & Stein - thinking differently by Echo.If you’d like to talk, please contact Helen Richards.E helen@echobranddesign.co.ukT +44 (0) 20 7647 8370www.echobranddesign.co.uk BRINGING BRAND AND PRODUCT TOGETHER