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Retail Innovation 6 - Ebeltoft Group

  1. 1. B eyond every horizon, new horizons always rise (Michael Ende)The crisis under way is accentuating the polarisation between the mass of operators on the onehand who are shy of innovating, and on the other those of a more daring and long-sighted naturewho continue to allocate resources and ideas toward renewal, and even undertake restructuring andstreamlining operations in parallel if necessary. RetailInvesting in innovative projects at the present juncture therefore represents an even greater opportunity.Confirming this is the wide range of projects we present in this year’s overview of retail innovations.Thanks to our partnership with the World Retail Congress, we have been entrusted with assessing the Research coordinated by Fabrizio Valente - Kiki Lab and Ebeltoft foundercases competing for the Retail Innovation Award and of selecting six finalists. Despite the recession, Innovations 6new project ideas are being explored everywhere. (…) As always, time will determine which of theseinnovative strategies will enjoy enduring success. And though these projects all got off on the right foot,every retailer knows that success must be renewed each day. So, we wish the best of luck to those who(like ourselves) have found inspiration from their stores. 2010 Shaping the future of retail Innovation trends • Socialtailing • Accessible dreams • “I trust you” • Greentailing • Pro-client efficiency • Liquid retail • Glocalism • Emerging retail territories Research coordinated by Fabrizio Valente - Kiki Lab Founder member of EbeltoftEbeltoft is a business alliance, which was founded in 1990 and is comprised of 19 firms that have acommon, strong focus on the retail and service business, and provide consulting a wide range of services to Retail Innovations 6help retailers and suppliers in the retail sector remain competitive and achieve their goals. Ebeltoft memberswork worldwide both for many market leaders and for important emerging local players.Ebeltoft has been studying trends and innovations in Retail since it was founded and, since 2005, haspublished the yearly report Retail Innovations that focuses on emerging trends and the most interestingcases worldwide.Last international surveys: The Trust Factor in Retail; N@o Consumer For a personal presentation of the Retail Innovations research and our last international surveys please contact your local member of Ebeltoft at :
  2. 2. CONTENTSBusiness alliance Ebeltoft .................................................................................................2Market Environment and Trends..................................................................................3International Cases............................................................................................. 7Brazil Singapore Havaianas........................................ 8 . Action City................................... 68 Food Republic.............................. 72Canada Spain Murale........................................... 12 . Tous................................................ 76 Danone Store.............................. 80 .China House of Barbie.......................... 16 . Sweden Laxomat........................................ 84 .France Kbane............................................. 20 Switzerland Chez Jean...................................... 24 Westside....................................... 88 .Germany United Arab Emirates Apo.take........................................ 28 Ajmal.............................................. 92 Estella Kochlust........................... 32 . USAGreat Britain 15th Avenue................................. 96 . National Geographic.................. 36 Office Depot..............................110 Swarovski...................................... 40 Recipease...................................... 44 WEB, France .India Graavaa......................................... 48 . WEB, Great Britain Chicco Village............................... 52 WEB, USA Diablo Rosso - Pirelli................. 56 . Sconto Maxi................................. 60 . Spazio Ambasciatori................... 64 . Acknowledgments............................................................................................................. 120 R etail I nnovations 6
  3. 3. b u s i ness a l l i a nce e b e l to f t M a r k et E n v i r onment a n d T r en d s Ebeltoft is a business alliance, which was founded in 1990 and is Retail thrives on change, because retailing strategy is mainly determined by the customers comprising 19 firms that have a common, strong focus on the retail and themselves, who rapidly alter their lifestyles, preferences, and ways of shopping. Retail is also driven service business, and provide consulting a wide range of services to help by competition, which has become increasingly transversal, and operates through a combination retailers and suppliers in the retail sector remain competitive and achieve of physical and digital channels; services competing with products; offers coming with multiple their goals. Ebeltoft members work worldwide both for many market leaders and for important choices (for instance, what impulse to fulfil on a grey day?), with an ever-wider access to consumer emerging local players. Ebeltoft has been studying trends and innovations in Retail since it was credit, and a constantly fluctuating availability. All these factors combine in determining how and founded and, since 2005, has published the yearly report Retail Innovations that focuses on what guarantees the “share of wallet” and, even more important today and in the future, the emerging trends and the most interesting cases worldwide. “share of life” that retailers can obtain from their customers. Lastly, retail involves a 360º type of Last international surveys: The Trust Factor (2009); N@o Consumer (2009) communication: in the store itself, in relations with customers, through websites, but also through Main Services the grapevine, be it traditional word-of-mouth or through web blogs and social networks. • Retail Branding • In-store Insight Retail is therefore changing daily, even if retailers are not always aware of it, perhaps because they • Strategic Analysis and Planning • Customer Surveys • New Concept Development • Shopper Category Management have not changed their own way of doing business. In this sense, there are basically two paths • Multi-channel Strategies and Management • Retail Tours one can take – either succumb to change, or prompt and channel it through specific, innovative Members of Ebeltoft work for 36 of Top 100 Retailers and 15 of Top 20 Manufacturer Brands in the world. marketing projects Members of Ebeltoft The crisis under way is accentuating the polarisation between the mass of operators on the one Americas hand who are shy of innovating, and on the other those of a more daring and long-sighted nature who continue to allocate resources and ideas toward renewal, and even undertake restructuring and streamlining operations in parallel if necessary. Investing in innovative projects at the present juncture therefore represents an even greater opportunity. Confirming this is the wide range of projects we present in this year’s overview Europe of retail innovations. Thanks to our partnership with the World Retail Congress, we have been entrusted with assessing the cases competing for the Retail Innovation Award and of selecting six finalists. Despite the recession, new project ideas are being explored everywhere. And the ones with the greatest success are aligned with the more consolidated trends of the emerging expectations of the customer. From our global analysis of both strong and weak signs of development, this year we have pinpointed ten distinct trends currently under way. Asia Research methods Analysis of national and international retail scenarios, pinpointing over 150 cases of innovative retail on the international market Oceania Definition of emerging trends Selection and analysis of innovative cases that most typify each trend Analysis of the process of transfer of possible innovations to individual markets2 R etail I nnovations 6 R etail I nnovations 6 3
  4. 4. M a r k et E n v i r onment a n d T r en d s M a r k et E n v i r onment a n d T r en d s Smart Pricing. Prices are as topical as ever, and this aspect of the retail mix generally clashes “I trust you”. Customer trust has become one of the most precious assets for any retail brand. with that of innovation. And yet customers have shown growing responsiveness to strategies And as our recent international research has proved, trust brings a concrete payoff in terms of the that combine convenient prices with innovative and involving dynamics. In a short space of time company’s turnover. The new retail area opened by Danone in Barcelona presents an initiative and thanks to their Price 2.0 project, Groupon has met with a huge success. In itself, the idea that endorses and boosts the customer trust that the brand has generated in 90 years of activity. of offering a new product or discount service online is nothing new, but in this case news of the Besides offering a taste of the classic Danone product in the yogurt bar at the entrance, the new deals spreads rapidly among friends, with the result that almost all the bargains proposed reach space’s main task is to introduce visitors to the brand’s history, values, and projects, through a their target sales figure, thanks also to Groupon’s knack of choosing the right product for each series of interactive consoles and a regular calendar of seminars on the principles of healthy eating. different local context. Pro-client efficiency. Time continues to be the number one luxury for many people, and Customer-oriented. Customer service is one of the fundamental yardsticks of retail success. hence time offers a strategic factor whereby retailers can stand out from the crowd with Given the indiscriminate cuts under way, standards tend to drop, while the expectations of proposals for a swift, efficient, and well-organised shopping experience. Apo.take is a small chain customers rise. The online store offered by Zappos involves a product range in which sensory of German pharmacies that has revolutionised the process of data collection and purchase: the rapport is crucial: shoes with no discount. The idea has triumphed thanks to a standard of display shelves are not arranged with products but with purpose-made data-cards detailing the customer care that has become legend. Here, if a shopper changes his mind, he has up to 365 product in plain language. In this way customers move around freely in the first phase of the visit, days to return his purchase free of postage and packing; and all customer relations are focussed choosing their items, and if necessary can ask advice from a pharmacist. Meanwhile in Sweden a on warmth and kindness toward the purchaser. The secret in this case is the handpicked crew restaurateur has successfully introduced the Laxomat, a completely automated food-distributor of strongly motivated sales staff. Zappos even offers its personnel a special payoff after their trial powered by RFID technology, linked to his original restaurant and providing hot and cold takeaway period if they don’t fit into the company’s ethos. food 24/7 all year round, with special attention to local dishes. Chez Jean, the new concept store launched by Casino in France, is a convenience store that offers a mixture of food and non-food Anti-snob quality. In the past, the fortunes of luxury were based on the dynamics of items plus services for on-the-fly consumption, while also providing a cosy corner where you can ostentation. Nowadays this idea and product positioning has evaporated, passing from the hyper- sit and take your time. luxury niche and exclusive goods to a more democratic and accessible type of luxury. Today this dimension taps into the quest for high-quality products that eschew the undesired side-effects Glocalism. Trade is becoming steadily more local in spirit. Even multinationals have caught on, of snobbery and being out of reach. Thanks to his having become a household name through and retailers are becoming more attuned as they develop international markets, combining a television shows, world-renowned cook Jamie Oliver recently launched a hybrid convenience strong global identity with a local slant. Havaianas is now a global brand, yet for its first flagship store in London called Recipease, in which the customer can drop by for purchases but also store in São Paulo it has endorsed its Brazilian roots, with a tropical floorplan that allows the attend courses and learn to cook quick but healthy dishes, while enjoying the experience of an climate outside (sun, rain) to filter indoors, and proudly displays the humble origins of its very first informal approach in a pleasant laid-back environment. flip-flops. Starbucks’s latest offshoot 15th Avenue is a coffee-store that engages local residents to contribute, and even decide on what music to play in-store. Socialtailing. This year’s offering sees the continued growth of the social and community dimension of the market, by which retailing has become a platform where customers share and Trends swap experiences, in some cases spawning the co-design of new products. MyDeco provides an Smart pricing Pro-client efficiency online service that gives customers the opportunity to design the interiors of their own home, Customer-oriented Glocalism uploading photos onto the site and using simple applications to simulate the various possible Anti-snob quality Accessible dreams combinations, with a varied palette of available items that range from basic elements to more Socialtailing Greentailing exclusive designs. In particular, customers can compare their own ideas with those of other site “I trust you” Liquid retail members and exchange design tips. In this way they can suggest to MyDeco novel interior designs which, if adopted and popular, earn bonuses for the customer.4 R etail I nnovations 6 R etail I nnovations 6 5
  5. 5. M a r k et E n v i r onment a n d T r en d s Accessible dreams. The recent economic crisis has stimulated a desire for more simple and accessible pleasures which allow consumers to express themselves and their personality. Swarovski, which has become synonymous with sparkling glamour, has now opened a magical London flagship store to showcase their products and the dreams they represent. The gorgeous crystals are sold individually, enabling the customer to be more engaged in the experience of choosing, buying, and personalisation, including the possibility of customising personal garments or other accessories with Swarovski crystals. In this way the act of creative enhancement is made more accessible and satisfying. International Cases Greentailing. Green retailing is now a widespread phenomenon, partly through a growing social awareness toward environmental issues, and partly due to economic considerations of the increasingly short-term benefits for business. Launched by the Leroy Merlin group, Kbane in France is the first DIY concept store entirely devoted to green products and solutions for home building, decoration, and energy saving. Office Depot, for the first time in the office supplies retail sector, proposes the same approach in the United States with a broad quota of the assortment consisting of green goods. In this concept store, the enthusiasm of the sales personnel is one of the pivotal factors endorsing the chain’s positioning: accurate selection, training courses, activities for sharing ideas on green issues, but also encouragement to improve habits such as the bicycle repair kit provided to all personnel. Liquid retail. The blurring of the processes that underlie how and when we make our purchase decisions offer the retail sector some interesting occasions for proposing multiple shopping situations that can be adapted to different customers and contingencies, creating liquid and flexible shopping contexts. The last concept of chain jewellers Tous mixes self-service areas, suitable for fast fruition and direct interaction with products, with more refined and luxurious areas, where the interaction is primarily with the staff, and the purchasing processes are totally different. As always, time will determine which of these innovative strategies will enjoy enduring success. And though these projects all got off on the right foot, every retailer knows that success must be renewed each day. So, we wish the best of luck to those who (like ourselves) have found inspiration from their stores.6 R etail I nnovations 6
  6. 6. BRAZIL - São Paulo Havaianas Famous all around the globe, Havaianas opened its first flagship store that pays homage to its Brazilian roots, while masterfully asserting its new fashion positioning Key data Format: flagship store Launched: 2008 300 sqm 350 products THE CONCEPT 15 staff The first Havaianas concept Price-range for flip-flops from $5 to $140 store recently opened in São Paulo in Rua Oscar Freire, Key data for Alpargatas Group one of the city’s trendy 2008: $1.1 billion (11% up on 2007) neighbourhoods. Exports to 80 countries worldwide With its 300 square meters of floorspace the store manages to unleash the full power of falling onto the numerous that characterise the brand’s MARKET OPPORTUNITY the label and also involve thick plants below, all local own history. After conquering the world its customers. Starting with in origin. Stools and benches With this flagship store, in the last decade with their the foyer, which is made carved into the trunks of the customers can, for the inexpensive, quality flip-flops to appear like an extension tropical trees provide seating first time, find the entire Havaianas has repositioned of the street, the customer for customers. The design assortment of Havaianas itself toward the fashion enters on the mezzanine powerfully conveys both the merchandise under a single market. A vital step in this level, overlooking the main Brazilian spirit of beauty and roof. strategy was to complement floor below. The space is the force of nature, elements the mono-brand outlets naturally lit throughout via already present with a larger, ample skylights set into innovative and conceptually the ceiling, which creates a striking flagship store that constant interplay of shade would communicate more and sunshine. When it rains, directly with the customer, openings at the sides allow and boost the brand’s market rain to enter, giving a tropical authority. effect with showers of water8 R etail I nnovations 6 R etail I nnovations 6 9
  7. 7. H ava i a n a s - BRA Z IL This includes flip-flops, bags and accessories, as well as lines that were previously not available in Brazil. The store combines CONCLUSIONS varied types of display The flagship store has an areas. At the entrance average turnover of 4,000 to visitors are 5,000 receipts per week. The back section of the greeted by a The flagship store marks store is devoted to bags and classic street-stall a critical leap forward in accessories, new flip-flops loaded with the Havaianas’s position in the designs, and a stand where “original” flip-flops market. The fashion flip- customers can customise in the lowest cost flop has come a long way, each model with sequins or bracket. A large given that they are worn by other accessories. cube composed of stars and celebrities, even 51 plasma screens A selection of displays for at such high profile events Retail is Detail depicting flip-flops children’s products are as the Academy Award The customer can easily and the brand, with arranged in the form of presentations. identify their shoe size by a film that tells the puzzles and are visually utilising several small carpets various stages of Havaianas’s interesting for children and with templates drawn with history, starting from 1962. adults alike. each size. The personalised The high-end series of flip-flop that are created by flip-flops that are exclusive customers are photographed domestically to the flagship and stored in a digital archive are prominently displayed in that can later be viewed via a a container in the store. Key points of innovation touch-screen monitor. One wall of the store features Flagship store raising the group’s market position a huge rainbow-like display Consistent with the Havaianas identity of tradition and modernity of all the available hues of the flip- Notes on Retail Mix flops, alongside Intensely specialized assortment the exclusive Personal customisation possible for all models Lively involving environment perfume created Plentiful numbers of willing staff for the brand.10 R etail I nnovations 6 R etail I nnovations 6 11
  8. 8. CANADA Murale A new type of beauty parlour with luxury cosmetics, both leading and emerging brands, and a new level of personalised customer-service, with professional skincare and beauty consultation, which includes Key data qualified help from a pharmacist Format: perfumery Launched: 2009 3 outlets (Ottawa, Montréal, Toronto); the mother chain, but has 8 by the end of 2010 managed to win over a 250-350 sqm new range of customer. Owners: Shoppers Drug Market Corporation The concept thoroughfare, locations items and product from all The typical Murale facilitated by the group’s own over the world. premises occupies real-estate branch. The main brands occupy an average of 300 The visual impact of the corners where there square metres, putting store lies in the clean, customers can interact and it considerably above well-illuminated design and test out the products, areas average size for this assortment of products, that render the layout more sector, and therefore which range from high- dynamic, creating more Market opportunity distinguishing it from the end beauty products and intimate shopping spaces. The sector of beauty products standard outlets found in perfumes to niche brands, Among the selection are and perfumery is in constant the downtown or in the with a wide gamut of new the usual top labels such evolution; today’s customers shopping malls. But beyond expect retail outlets to offer the extra floor space, the niche services and state-of- concept pivots on an eye- the-art assistance. This is why catching transparent design the leading Canadian retail whose optimal display chain SDM (Shoppers Drug clarity allows customers to Mart), which boasts some get to know Murale and 1,200 drugstores, decided to browse its assortment. Each launch a new concept Murale, store is located in a prime which in part competes with position in a main pedestrian12 R etail I nnovations 6 R etail I nnovations 6 13
  9. 9. M u r a l e - C A N ADA as Chanel, Estée Lauder, their needs, offering tips and Lancôme, Nars, Bobbie expert advice on makeup, Brown, but also such each one equipped with a innovative brands as Natura special kit of accessories to Bisse, Murad, and Darphin, enable customers to try out shopper, plus a broad array with its new trendy line of products firsthand. of special services and cosmetics from San Francisco. treatments. Retail is detail The results of applying this One of the key strategy have been very features of the store positive for the first three is the professional stores, and the group plans skincare section, to open another five in other where personalised cities across Canada. treatments are provided by a beautician and a pharmacist. Murale offers a range of 30 special professional services, from beauty treatments to thermal cures, which are available The variety of perfumes in a booth near the skincare Key points of innovation covers 75 different items, section. Ample assortment, wide-ranging, and with an innovative mixture for both women and men, Broad selection of professional services and all in all Murale carries Conclusions products from over 200 Murale has secured a unique Notes on Retail Mix different brands. position in the high-end Assortment: beauty products and perfumes Easily distinguished by their bracket of the cosmetics Wide range of professional services: spa, “brow bar”, clinical section, makeup, smart black uniforms, the sector because it has lessons in skincare, “bridal makeup” applications expertly trained sales staff expanded the traditional Modern retail design clearly marked out by area and assistants, known as offering provided in the Numerous trained staff “Beauty Masters”, are on hand department stores with a to help customers choose range of emerging trendy the cosmetics most suited to brands that attract a younger14 R etail I nnovations 6 R etail I nnovations 6 15
  10. 10. CHINA - Shanghai House of Barbie For its 50th anniversary Barbie follows a whim, not for a face-lift but for a six-storey flagship store in one of the world’s new retail capitals, Key data Shanghai, offering a wealth of excitement for girls of all ages Format: flagship store Launched: 2009 First Barbie store in the world 3,400 sqm on 6 stories opened a flagship store in Shanghai in 2009 dedicated to the famous doll. Slade Architecture did the for over 800 different Barbie The concept overall building design. dolls. With a focus on the Barbie Shanghai is a six- A central element of the shopping experience, the story emporium that contain retail design, which lies at the outlet offers visitors four the largest and most core of the store complex, is dedicated “experience” comprehensive collection the striking spiral staircase, features: the first is the Barbie of Barbie dolls in the world, which provides display space Design Centre, where girls having no fewer than 875 are taken through the models on display, alongside step-by-step process Market opportunity a prodigious assortment of designing outfits, Brand dolls with a distinct of licensed Barbie-related with a variety of tops, personality like Barbie tend products (from clothing dresses, trousers, to suffer in traditional retail to accessories). But what gowns, jackets, shoes outlets – such as shopping makes this flagship store and bags. malls, mass-market stores, so exceptional is the vast The Barbie Fashion and the small specialist shops range of added activities and Stage allows girls to - where they are “smothered” services for Barbie fans and get up on the runway by a mass of other toys that their families. like a real fashion are rarely in the same class. The retail experience model, choose their In response, Barbie’s general floors was designed by the own outfit, with manager Richard Dickson Chutegerdeman firm and make-up and16 R etail I nnovations 6 R etail I nnovations 6 17
  11. 11. H o u se o f B a r b i e - CHINA they receive previews for new product releases, special discounts, and a present on their birthday: the Barbie Pink World is the premium given to its most faithful customers. Conclusions Mattel is the world’s largest producer of toys, and hair-styling by professionals. (also pink) where the launched its new concept There is also a Barbie Spa that hallmark Barbie style reaches store in Shanghai to keep offers daily spa treatments, its acme: girls who wish to Barbie above the competition facials, skin-care, massage, reproduce this room at home of new dolls, videogames, hair and nail services - all can find all the necessary and electronic gadgets, and available to both items in the store, and give invert a period of difficulty for males and females. their home a makeover in the market and the brand. And last, at the perfect Barbie style. Barbie Cafe customers can Retail is detail enjoy a lively menu Among the more significant Key points of innovation of healthy platters, features is the Barbie gift- An entire world combining products, services, and shopping experience including seasonal Section where customers can design their own Barbie doll voucher system, and the free dishes, Italian ice- VIP-card offering discounts creams, and Barbie-style Notes on Retail Mix on the favourite activities Focused comprehensive assortment: 875 Barbie dolls drinks. provided at the Shanghai Transversal target for a historic brand Elsewhere on the premises store. VIP-cardholders who In-store visual identity based on hallmark Barbie pink is a dedicated reading-room, wish to proceed to the next 4 entertainment zones: café, runway, design centre, and health spa painted in Mattel’s patented stage earn themselves a Barbie pink, and a bedroom Barbie Pink Passport, where18 R etail I nnovations 6 R etail I nnovations 6 19
  12. 12. FRANCE - Villeneuve d ’A s c q (Lille) Kbane A unique retail space that sells everything required for building and running an eco-friendly home at affordable prices: products, services, and solutions for a healthy house that respects the environment Key data Format: superstore for DIY and home building, fittings Market opportunity dedicated to eco-friendly and and decorating As today’s consumers sustainable development Launched: 2009 home. The name itself is a 1,200 sqm become increasingly more 3,000 products informed and sensitive clever device that refers to the 9 in-store staff towards environmental French word cabane, which 6 main types of product and services issues, they are accordingly translates as both log-cabin Groupe Adéo (Leroy Merlin) changing their lifestyles and (nature) and tool-shed (DIY). spending habits, which has The store’s aim is to spread created new openings for awareness of products and retailers able to address the methods of eco-building and broader range of consumer specialised products and also new trend with eagerness consumption, expanding from by offering lower prices and well-known brands in the and transparency. While in the present target of green greater ease of shopping eco-sustainability sector, such many countries including architects and more moneyed under a single roof. as Volvox and Auro for paints, France, various new “green” home-builders towards a The assortment provided and Osram for lighting. Some concept stores have emerged by Kbane ties in with the manufacturers have jumped (in food and gardening, for company’s promise: 75% of at the opportunity, offering instance), in the sector of DIY the items on sale were so far an exclusive supply of certain and eco-friendly building, no not available through retail products, even launching retailer had addressed this outlets in France, for example: new items tailor-made for new demand until the launch natural clay-based paints, the store. In addition, three of Kbane. timber from sustainable brands from Adéo Group are woodland, “green” distributed in Kbane: Geolia, The concept gardening equipment, etc. Lexman, and Inspire. In France, Kbane is the only Kbane’s offering focuses on Beyond products in the retail concept outlet totally20 R etail I nnovations 6 R etail I nnovations 6 21
  13. 13. K b a ne - FRA N C E Retail is detail Kbane has devised a system of labelling that involves classifying them in terms of impact on four fronts: healthy, environment, It is likely that Kbane will saving/recycling, and constitute a sort of ongoing shipping miles. Similarly, workshop-outlet for the all the displays are made Groupe Adéo, where it can from natural materials and try out new ideas and learn created on-site by Kbane more about this burgeoning workers to avoid transport. market, so as to insert the more successful features Conclusions inside its mass-market stores, Kbane has defined itself such as Leroy Merlin. store, Kbane also provides more as a R&D concept store hands-on assistance and than a simple pilot project cutting-edge solutions, such to be reproduced at national as diagnosis for home energy- level; however, a second consumption, engineering outlet is planned for 2011. consultancy, workshops, and installation services. Key points of innovation Overall Kbane store presents The unique concept store entirely devoted to building and managing a highly efficient format an eco-friendly home with an accessible Products and customised proper solutions all at affordable prices merchandising approach that involves the Notes on Retail Mix consumer, provides a Assortment: 6 segments: water and air quality; insulators; renewable energy; wide range of information daily energy saving; organic garden 400 books on display on most of its products, Product labelling includes ecological impact information (health, environment, and even offers the recycling, shipping miles) chance to test them out. Amphitheatre-style layout and ecological signage Services: 500 sqm devoted to construction solutions and large-scale projects advise22 R etail I nnovations 6 R etail I nnovations 6 23
  14. 14. FRANCE - Paris Chez Jean A new French style convenience store concept that allows time-saving, proposes state-of-the-art service, a hybrid offer and quite aggressive prices, Key data Format: convenience store all in a modern environment Launched: 2009 with 2 stores in Paris 2010: 4 stores in Paris, 1 in Marseille and soon 1 in Toulouse 380 sqm on 2 storeys 5 staff Seating for about 60 people in snack bar/café 650 food products, 150 newspapers & magazines Joint venture with Relay (news-stands and bookstores in airports and railway stations) and Casino (hyper-and supermarkets) The concept selling-points in the food Chez Jean is a hybrid retail area, which is where Chez outlet that combines snack- Jean concentrates most of bar and grocery store with its sales, margins and traffic MARKET Given the current average of a newsagent’s, offering to through the store. The area is OPPORTUNITY 1 in 7 meals consumed away a growing quota of city- focused on solutions rather When they need from home, the French are dwellers pressed by time. than on individual products, something to eat, still far from the American This is a new way to make and provides any kind of the French are rate of 50% total of meals speedy and last minute meal (breakfast, coffee- turning more and eaten out. The French market purchases in a single break, lunch, aperitif, dinner), more frequently therefore offers interesting outlet open 7 days a week powered by dynamic, smart to quick snacks potential, particularly for until 11 p.m. Chez Jean is merchandising. For instance, and ready-made food retailers. Casino has not about “gastronomy” cakes and brioches are put dinners, which they see as recently partnered with (giving a large and deep out for breakfast and again, cheaper, quicker, and more Relay to launch a chain of choice in products,…), but later on, for an afternoon practical than a sit-down meal newsagent’s called Chez Jean, mainly about convenience break. On one side, there is in a restaurant. For this reason a convenience store concept and most of all, services. a self-service area with 650 the fast-food market increased that offers a broad range of Convenience and time- different food products and its turnover by 10% in 2008. products and services. saving are particularly strong toiletries for fast, last-minute24 R etail I nnovations 6 R etail I nnovations 6 25
  15. 15. C hez J e a n - FRA N C E purchases - a perfect solution for not going empty-handed to an unexpected dinner, for example. For this reason, the beverages (alcoholic and non- offices and tourism, to alcoholic) are sold chilled and gauge whether the concept ready for consumption. On managed to meet the the other side, customers can expectations of not only find an area offering carefully Parisians but also of other chosen, hot, ready-to-eat large and midsize cities in meals at very convenient France. There is now a total of prices. One such dish, “Wake- 4 stores in Paris and a bright up”, comprises new one in Marseille (125 sq a bun and a hot - opened in February 2010). drink; “My Lunch” If the pilot project catches on, boasts a sandwich- the group envisages opening roll, a dessert, and cash-machines, free wi-fi another 10 Chez Jeans within a fresh drink for a connection, and a machine the current year 2010. A new market competitive for recharging mobile phone store shall be open soon in euro 6.90. batteries on-the-fly. Toulouse (average city in the All this is made available West-South of France). Retail is in a modern, easy-going detail environment complemented Besides the by pleasant decor designed Key points of innovation by the Saguez agency, and Hybrid concept store: bakery, small grocery, café/snack bar, newsagent excellent prices, the typical French layout Modern and focused on a convenience store approach Chez Jean’s main appeal lies in the consisting of stools arranged along the window-fronts Notes on Retail Mix vast range of extra services Assortment: grocery, a very small fresh products offer, frozen meals, and products devised to affording a view of the busy drinks, fresh and ready-made meals, toiletries, newspapers, magazines, make city-life easier. Here Paris streets. books, bakery, fresh flowers people can also buy fresh Low price on ready-made meals, and aligned for groceries flowers, newspapers, best- Conclusions and other products seller books, lottery tickets, The first pilot store was 3 sales staff; 2 in warehouse and of course, champagne opened in Paris in the Free services: wi-fi access; dispenser for recharging mobile batteries; and wine. Among the various République quarter, a ATM bank-teller free services, there are ATM neighbourhood of mixed26 R etail I nnovations 6 R etail I nnovations 6 27
  16. 16. GERMANY Apo.take A discount pharmacy concept store, with an innovative purchasing system and intensive counter and self-service assistance Key data Format: discount pharmacy Launched: 2006 5 pharmacies (4 in franchising) From 50 to 130 sqm 300 products service in a considerably on the shelves he finds an different ambience and with array of printed cards giving a discount of 30% on all the information on the required 300 OTC products present. product. But the main difference lies in Once the customer has the way the customer obtains decided what to buy, he takes information and chooses the info-card to the counter, Market opportunity that have scored considerable what to purchase: instead where he can get further On 1 January 2004, the success. of going to the traditional information if necessary. In German government service desk, at Apo.take this way the system respects modified the laws on market The concept he is confronted with a the law by which OTC competition on the pricing The first Apo.take pharmacy self-service type layout as products must be handed of OTC products, leaving was opened right next to in a supermarket, whereby over by trained staff. pharmacies free to decide one of the group’s own instead of household goods Customers may also independently what prices I-Punkt pharmacies. Due to to apply to this category of their different positioning, product. the two are actually While many pharmacists complementary. Compared have protested against the to the more traditional and changes, others like premium-positioned I-Punkt Apo.take have responded pharmacy, Apo.take offers a with innovative approaches streamlined and functional28 R etail I nnovations 6 R etail I nnovations 6 29
  17. 17. A p o . ta k e - GERMANY medicine, if the product contains lactose, etc. The product categories are marked in a language that is easily comprehensible to purchase prescription short-time offers only, counter the customer (e.g. “common medicines at the counter. to the logic of a sector in cold”), and are translated The 30% discount is fixed which most purchases into four languages, German, for all the products, and cannot be planned ahead. English, Turkish, and Russian. the pricing policy of “low- By contrast, the Apo.take cost every day” has won an system of info-cards provides Conclusions ever-growing number of complete transparency on the This concept of “discount- basis. The new chain marked converts, who are increasingly discount offered, and enables pharmacy” has met with a growth of 25% in the half- turned off by the often the comparison of prices considerable success: a year 2008/09, based on the aggressive advertising of up between similar items. If the recent poll among customers 20 principal products (against to 60% discounts offered customer has spare time and recorded an approval rating an increase of less that 3% by the traditional outlets – requires further information, of 1.8 (on a scale from 1 on the general market). and particularly by online he can sit in a special lounge, max, to 6 min). After the first pharmacies – which cover where magnifying lenses one was opened, four others few products and always have are provided for studying followed on a franchising the documentation in full. This informative approach Key points of innovation addresses the ever-growing Pharmacy that works in synergy with its traditional counterpart request for customer Hybrid information system of both self-service and assistance autonomy. Notes on Retail Mix Retail is detail Focused assortment In addition to the basic Discount prices (fixed 30%) information, the info-card Basic fittings and interiors includes a FAQ section, such Info-cards on each product, price, along with FAQ data as whether it is advisable Area assigned for reading data, with seating and magnifying lenses to drive after taking a given30 R etail I nnovations 6 R etail I nnovations 6 31
  18. 18. GERMANY - Cologne Estella Kochlust The daily business of preparing food can become a whole lot of fun with Estella Kochlust, a store selling food and cooking utensils, where food preparation is an all-round experience Key data Format: concept store based on cooking Launched: 2009 240 sqm of daily life to spend more 1 outlet time with friends and family. Germany’s new Estella concept store aims to address that cooking is no longer kitchenware, and foodstuffs, both these two modern seen as a “chore”, given its and possibly stay for the needs, by associating the inescapable involvement various events held on-site, socialising factor with high- in family life. Created by a such as evening cooking quality food in a warm and British designer, every aspect classes. In the retail area welcoming atmosphere. of the store is devised to of around 240 sqm, the stimulate the customer to customer can find a fully- Market opportunity The concept linger on the premises and working kitchen corner, along Among the various macro- Estella Kochlust (“the take his/her time to browse with an assortment of goods trends that are rapidly cooking urge”) mainly the assortment of gadgets, picked for their aesthetics traversing the globe is sells kitchen utensils and personal well-being and a delicatessen products, but healthy lifestyle, with all its is actually a concept store various implications. One with a strong identity that of the manifestations of encourages customers to this trend is the functional, enjoy food and the art of organic and slow-food cooking as an all-round philosophy, along with experience, underscoring “cocooning”, namely, the multi-sensory delights retreating from the stresses of food preparation so32 R etail I nnovations 6 R etail I nnovations 6 33
  19. 19. E ste l l a - GERMANY Each lesson costs from euro 55 to euro 80 per person, but this in-store event has already garnered a steady following. Retail is detail What makes this concept and practicality. The utensils authentic Mediterranean store different from the and tableware are a mixture cuisine. In the gourmet traditional food retail outlet of handcrafted items – with section, many of the products is the amount of care and ethnic products such as the are from far-away places, passion conveyed in every traditional tagine earthenware such as the range of olive- detail: the information on cooking pot from North oils and the kind of spices each product and its origins, Conclusions Africa – and others of more often used in the cooking the design of the store itself, Given the concept store’s modern design. To motivate demonstrations, artfully the names given to the success, there are plans the customer and guide him arranged to give “inspiration” cookery classes, and the to open other stores in or her in the preparation of to the act of cooking. excellent customer service. Düsseldorf and Münster. recipes, there is a section The evening cooking demos of books devoted to the run twice weekly and are attended by a maximum of 16 participants. The themes change each Key points of innovation time, and have alluring titles Mixture of sales, gastronomy, and hands-on cooking experience such as “Marrakech, tagine, World of assortment tuned to the shopper’s experience: preparing, cooking, and argan oil – an evening serving, and eating packed with flavour!”, or “Cook & Chill & Pastabasta”. Notes on Retail Mix At the end of each session Assortment: kitchen utensils, cookery books, national and international foods (wine, spices, biscuits, chocolate, tea, pasta, pesto…) the participants can dig in to Mixture of handcrafted and modern kitchenware platters prepared on-site by Lively and stimulating interiors the gourmet teacher-chefs. Services: evening demo classes with gourmet chef34 R etail I nnovations 6 R etail I nnovations 6 35