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Panel challenges colombia_march2019


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Within the framework of the 2019’s European Lecture Series, the Institute of Education at Universidad del Norte held the XII edition of the "Societies before the Digital Challenge and the UNESCO International Chair Seminar" Symposium on March 21 and 22 of 2019 in Barranquilla (Colombia), which on this occasion addressed topics related to E-learning, Higher Education and Quality.

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Panel challenges colombia_march2019

  1. 1. CHALLENGES OF E-LEARNING IN HIGHER EDUCATION. QUALITY AND REPUTITION XII edition Socities before the Digital Challenges 2019 European Lecture Series, The Institute of Education ay University del Norte, Catedra Europa, Barranquilla, Colmbia 21-22 March 2019 Professor, Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson International Consultant, Expert, Quality Reviewer, Researcher, Sweden
  2. 2. • Access • Inclusiveness • Equity • Equality • Quality • Democracy • Lifelong learning
  4. 4. The fourth Industrial Revolution requires the social revolution as well: SOCIAL EMOTIONAL COLLABORATIVE EMPHATIC IDENTITY JUST FOR ME, AND JUST IN TIMER PERSONAL/ COLLABORATIVE This fourth wave of globalization must be focused on human, inclusive and sustainable," writes Davos founder Professor Klaus Schwab in a comment. According to Schwab, it is about managing what he calls a period of extensive global instability caused by both technical and geopolitical development.
  5. 5. CHALLENGES AHEAD Unbundling Leadership Glocalisation Learning Analytics Re-think, re-shape, re….almost everything Flipping almost everyhing
  6. 6. Just for me, and just in time learning What is the role of higher edcuation in the changing learning landscape
  7. 7. “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”
  8. 8. • Multifaceted • Dynamic • Mainstreamed • Representative • Multifunctional Ossiannilsson, E., Williams, K., Camilleri, A., & Brown, M. (2015). Quality models in online and open education around the globe: State of the art and recommendations. Oslo: ICDE.
  9. 9. LEARNERS Flexibility Interactivity Accessibility Personal Transparency Participation Presence Trust An overview of quality domains and dimensions in Open Online Flexible, and TEL OOFAT), and success factors from the learners’ perspectives (Ossiannilsson, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2018; Ossiannilsson et al., 2015. MACRO, MESO, MICRO AND NANO LEVEL
  10. 10. Considerations for quality assurance of e-learning provision - ENQA
  11. 11. Contact North, Canada Impact of learning over time – on careers, on habits of lifelong learning, on community involvement and benefits. Engagement as one of the key drivers for quality. Innovative, flexible, effectively using technology for learning, teaching, analytics and assessment or engaging students with practical applications of the content. In re-thinking the approach to quality, we should ask ourselves How do the students experience their learning How do faculty experience their teaching? Focus on outcomes in more depth. But moreover, on efficacy, impact, availability, accuracy and excellence … need to move to a much more experiential and outcome-based view of quality if it is to be the engine of transformation.
  12. 12. CARING IS SHARING, SHARING IS CARING My Footprints Muchas Gracias