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Conferense at Malmö University, SE on open learning environments (in Swedish)

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Ossiannilsson130425 mah

  1. 1. Innovativt lärande på bred frontEbba Ossiannilsson, PhDMalmö Högskola 25 april 2013
  2. 2. Med individen i förarsätet, eller varoch en sin egen dirigentby Stephanie Lowman
  3. 3. Ebba Ossiannilsson, PhD Lund Universitet, SverigeMOOCquality
  4. 4. Ossiannilsson (2012) Benchmarking (e)-learning inhigher education, Doctoral dissertation, OuluUniversity, Finland
  5. 5. Delningskulturer, Upscaling, MOOCWhat´s in it för me?
  6. 6. Vad betyder öppenutbildning för mig……the best gift you can give yourstudents is opening their eyes to newcountries, cultures and languages.Start connecting…
  7. 7. Kartografi
  8. 8. Metaforer om perspektiv
  9. 9. E-Learning timelineMultimediaresources80sTheInternetandtheWeb93LearningManagementSystems95OpenEducationalResources01Mobiledevices98Gamingtechnologies00Socialandparticipatorymedia04Virtualworlds05E-booksandsmartdevicesMassiveOpenOnlineCourses07 08LearningDesign99
  10. 10. OER Öppna Lärresurser
  11. 11. Open Educational Resources are teaching, learning, orresearch materials that are in the public domain or releasedwith an intellectual property license that allows for free use,adaptation, and distribution (Plotkin 2010, UNESCO 2011a).UNESCO defined OER as material used to support educationthat may be freely accessed, reused, modified and shared byanyone (2011/07/14).COL-UNESCO defines OER as: The phenomenon of OER is anempowerment process, facilitated by technology in whichvarious types of stakeholders are able to interact, collaborate,create, and use materials and pedagogic practices, that arefreely available, for enhancing access, reducing costs, andimproving the quality of education and learning at all levels(Kanwar, Balasubramanian & Umar 2010).
  12. 12. Hinder• Faculty Doesnt Know what To Do with OER• Not Everyone Trusts Free Resources• Expectations Around OER Quality are Extremely High• Institutional Processes Arent Always Flexible• There Is no Effective Discovery and Assessment Tool forOER
  13. 13. Transformering…From Sage on thestage…ToGuide on the sideFrån innehåll tillsammanhang
  14. 14. Education OurContentOurSupportOur StudentsFriesen & Murray, 2011
  15. 15. OER UniversityWho we areThe Open Educational Resource(OER) university is a virtualcollaboration of like-mindedinstitutions committed to creatingflexible pathways for OER learners togain formal academic credit.
  16. 16. AttitudesOpen Educational ResoourcesOpen Educational PracticeOpen Educational CultureOpen Educational IdeasPeer reviewFrom content to context
  17. 17. Emergent themesShift from development to OERpracticesBroader notion of open practices –open learning, teaching and researchUse of social and participatory mediato foster OER communities
  18. 18. Tsunamin…disruptive innovationsEmbracing OER & MOOCs toTRANSFORM EDUCATION...?
  19. 19. Milstolpar 12004 MIT Open Courseware
  20. 20. Milstolpar 22008 Siemens och Downes, CA.Connectivism and Connected Knowledgepå Campus och 2 2000 online
  21. 21. Milstolpar 32011 S Thrun (Stanford) ochP Norvig (Google), ArtificiellIntelligence.160 000deltagare från ca190 länder. Utifrån dettastartade Udacity ochCoursera
  22. 22. Milstolpar 42012 MIT och Harvard startadtillsammans edX där nu ävenBerkely ingår2012 anslöt sig Edinburgh tillCoursera som första Europeiskauniversitet2012 FutureLearn (OUUK+ ca 10lärosäten i UK)2012 flera aktörer erbjuderaccreditering av certificat som kanfås från MOOCs,
  23. 23. Milstolpar 52013 anslöt Köpenhamnsuniversitet sig till Coursera somförsta Nordiska lärosäte2013 MOOCC och MOOPS2013 MOORC2013 MOC?2013 Europeiskt initiativ2013 What´s next
  24. 24. Free, Open Online Courses As A First Step Toward A DegreeMOOC2Degree can help you achieve your academic goals, giving you theopportunity to try online learning for free. Academic Partnerships iscollaborating with many of its 40 public university partners to launch theMOOC2Degree initiative which provides you with free, open online coursesthat lead to academic credit as a first step toward your degree.Free, Open Online Courses As A First Step Toward A Degree
  25. 25. Drivkrafter för transformering…• Digitalisering• Tekniska innovationer• Internationalisering• Samarbete och konkurrens• Global branding, or instantrecognition• Strategic partnerships.• “Learn on the go”
  26. 26. Om att byta utbildnings ochkvalitetsperspektivEverything starts with thefirst steps..JuridiskaOrganisatoriskaPedagogiskaTekniskaEkonomiskaAttityder, möjligheter, kutur,perspektiv!(Ossiannilsson 2012)cc
  28. 28. Caring is sharing, sharing is; OssiannilssonT:@EbbaOssianPhone: +4670995448S: 2013
  29. 29. Unconference…Swedish Universitygoes open…