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Ossiannilsson ec et2020_wgdol_ljubliana_personalisation16_09_15


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Presentation at EC ET WG DOL, Ljubiana 16th September 2015

Published in: Education
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Ossiannilsson ec et2020_wgdol_ljubliana_personalisation16_09_15

  1. 1. Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson, V President SADE EDEN FELLOW OPEN EDUCATION EUROPA FELLOW A question of quality, from the learners perspectives EC-ET2020 WGDOL 16/09/15
  2. 2. The Networked Teacher: Making a PLN work for you Karen Benson Sophia KhanDr. Ebba Ossiannilsson, Sweden
  3. 3. What’s the point of education if Google can tell us anything? University in your pocket? successoimages/ Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation 150916
  4. 4. Whats in it for me? From research and literature Reflections/Discussion My ppp on Slideshare: EbbaOssiann We can not educate today’s students with methods from the past century, for a future we do not know anything about. Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation 160915
  5. 5. The importance of online-learning For learning Potential to support interaction, communication and collaboration Developing digital literacy skills Promoting different pedagogical approaches Fostering creativity and innovation Connecting students beyond the formal course For life Preparing students for an uncertain future Preparing for e-citizenship in a global world Improving employability opportunities Increased importance of technology in society Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation 160915
  6. 6. Formal Informal Individual Social Blended courses DL+ social media Trad. campus courses DL courses OER xMOOCs OER + Social media cMOOCs APEL ePortforlios OERu Badges Formal/informal landscape CC BY Conole 26 May 2015 Anytime Anyone Anyhow Anywhere With any devise
  7. 7. In today’s learning landscape we need ‘learning rebels’ and ‘learning provocateurs’, and not ‘learning conformists’. …because we are going through a time of major learning transformation, a radical thinking that will help us get started on the transformation has become quite critical. What we need is creative thinking that will churn out innovative solutions that will address the unique challenges of today’s creative economy (challenges that are very different from the ones posed by the industrial economy we have been addressing so far). The need of the hour is a revolution for: Breaking the rules Thinking out-of-the-box/or preferable NO box Questioning/Challenging the status quo
  8. 8. Ossiannilsson E & Landgren L (2011). Essential areas that benchmarking e-learning ought to cover. Reprinted with permission from Wiley-Blackwell.
  9. 9. Types of Support in Distance Learning Academic OrganizationalSocial ICDE IDEAL Impact of Distance Education on Adult Learning (2015) Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation 160915
  10. 10. IMPACT Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation 160915
  11. 11. Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation 160915 Small OER/ Big OER
  12. 12. How it works Do you have an internet connection? Interested in learning online with others from around the world? OERu gives you the chance to study independently, from home, with access to world-class courses from recognised institutions. Do you want your study recognised towards a formal academic qualification, but are looking for an affordable option? OERu is for you! With us, you can study online, for free, from anywhere in the world. You can also pay reduced fees, if you want to gain academic credit - and you only pay for assessment when you’re ready. Either way, you get the course that suits you, when you want it.
  13. 13. OER Research Hub Data Report 2013- 2015: Informal Learners • A majority of informal learners using OER are full-time employed and already hold an educational qualification • Cost is the most important factor driving adoption of OER by informal learners • Relevance to one’s particular needs and clear learning objectives guide informal learners’ selection of open content • Few (13.9%) informal learners are mindful of open licenses allowing adaptation when selecting OER • Discoverability of resources, quality and subject coverage are the most pressing challenges faced by informal learners using OER • 91.5% of informal learners are likely to continue using OER • A quarter of respondents declare their inclination to go into formal education after using OER Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation 160915
  14. 14. OER Research Hub Data Report 2013- 2015: Formal Learners • Cost (88%) and ease of access (79%) are the most important factors influencing formal learners’ decision to use OER • 32% of formal learners say that their use of open content influenced their decision to register for their course of study • Biggest impact of OER use not on grades but on increased interest in the subject, satisfaction with the learning experience and enthusiasm for future study • Relevance, reputation and clear learning objectives guide formal learners’ selection of OER • Discoverability of resources is a barrier to OER adoption by formal learners Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation 160915
  16. 16. The Invisible Learners Taking MOOCs Recent research suggests that the majority of people enrolled in these open online courses are highly educated. As far as US participants are concerned, a large percentage also live in high-income neighborhoods. “Anyone, anywhere, at any point in time will be able to take advantage of high quality education.” Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation 160915
  17. 17. The Invisible Learners Taking MOOCs (2) • Successful online learners have sophisticated study skills. • Flexibility and a flexible life are often essential for engaged participation • Online learning is an emotional experience Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation 160915 Blog U › Higher Ed Beta MOOCs and Beyond
  18. 18. Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation160915 Review of the Recent Literature Dr Sarah Hayes July 2015 QAA MOOCs Network Data on learners and engaging students in MOOCs design Non-completion rates Good learning and instructional design
  19. 19. Stephen Downes (2014) Since each learner has her/his own objectives and success criteria, and the success of the course depends on each learner meeting their own goals, Downes (2014) offers four key success factors for a MOOC: autonomy, diversity, openness and interactivity. The success or failure of a course depends on how well it satisfies these criteria Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation 160915
  20. 20. Choised based learning Perspectives on MOOC quality - An account of the EFQUEL MOOC quality project Creelman, Ehlers & Ossiannilsson (2014) INNOQUAL. Volume 2, No 3, 2014 and Special Issue on Quality in Massive Open Online Courses Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation 160915
  21. 21. Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation 160915 Validation/Recognition
  22. 22. CAMEO 3rd Sept 2015 Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation 160915 Users engaging in CAMEO register for a given course with multiple accounts, one of which is designated the “master” account. They then use non-master “harvester” accounts to click through assessments as quickly as possible until the grading tool provides correct answers. The CAMEO user then inputs these “harvested” answers to gain certification for their “master” account in a significantly shorter amount of time than is generally possible. cheating-method-mooc/
  23. 23. Perspectives What kind of institutions are we going to develop for the 21 st century Learning by curriculum OR Learning to become a learner How am I becoming Building a knowledgeable person Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation 160915 The Society as the Curricula David Cormier
  24. 24. Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation 160915
  25. 25. Caring is sharing, sharing is caring My Footprints Ossiannilsson_EC_ET2020WGDOL_Ljubliana_personalisation 160915