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Ossiannilsson 131211 hkr_mooc


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Presentattion och MOOC diskussion på högskolan i Kristianstad 11 december 2013

Published in: Education, Technology
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Ossiannilsson 131211 hkr_mooc

  2. 2. Ebba Ossiannilsson, PhD Lunds Universitet
  3. 3. The herd is coming - MOOC
  4. 4. Kvalitet
  5. 5. MOOCs som jag deltagit i (1) • Connectivism and Connective Knowledge, also known as CCK08 & CCK11 (cMOOC) • Introduction Into AI (cMOOC) • Google MOOC • OLDS- Open Learning Design Studio MOOC, focusing on the theme of curriculum design with OERs, Open University • Fundamentals on online teaching and learning (Crached) • Critical Thinking in Global Challenges, The University of Edinburgh • E-learning and Digital Cultures, The University of Edinburgh, • Open Education, Open University • Scientific Gastronomy, University of Hong Kong • The New Nordic Diet-from Gastronomy to Health • …mm. Observer in some others
  6. 6. MOOCs som jag medverkat i (2) • OCL4ED 2012, 2013 • Open ED week2013 • Moodle MOOC 2+3, 2013 WizIQ • OERMOOC Indira Ghandi University • OER Practioner Sevices • Epprobate, LANETO • Skollyftet 2013
  7. 7. Education Our Content Our Support Our Students Friesen & Murray, 2011
  8. 8. Demography Globalisation Technology Drivers Labour market trends & demands Labour Market ICT Trends Personalisation Collaboration Informalisation Tailormade & targeted Active & constructive Motivating & engaging Learner- centred Social learning Lifewide learning Peer-learning Sharing & collaborating In communities Anywhere, anytime Blending virtual & real Combining sources/providers Initiative, resilience Responsibility Risk-taking, creativity Social skills Learning skills Personal skills Education & Training New ways of learningNew skills Managing, organising Meta-cognitive skills Failing forward Team-, networking Empathy, compassion Co-constructing Social networks Games Mobiles OER Augmented Reality Data mining 3D virtual worlds LMS Electronic tutors ePortfoliose-books Learning analytics ?? ? ? © European Commission, 2011 Source: IPTS (2011): „The Future of Learning: Preparing for Change“,
  9. 9. Drivkrafter Some rights reserved by matsber
  10. 10. " We must engage in a fundamental transformation of our education and training systems And we need to fully exploit the potential that open and flexible education offers" (Commissionaire Vassilio EADTU 120929)
  11. 11. Vad menar då EC med opening up education? Opening up education means bringing the digital revolution into education. Digital technologies allow all individuals to learn, anywhere, anytime, through any device, with the support of anyone
  12. 12. EC Recommendationer för högre utbildning Opening up Education review their organisational strategies exploit the potential of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) stimulate innovative learning practices such as blended learning equip teachers with high digital competences equip learners with digital skills think about how to validate and recognise learner’s achievements in online education make high quality Open Education Resources (OER) visible and accessible
  13. 13. MOOC (Downes 2013) Massive Open Online Course
  14. 14. Historical
  15. 15. MOOC development
  16. 16. Vad är en MOOC egentligen Livslångt lärande Komplement till annan utbildning Kan tjäna till att förklara svåra koncept och fenomen, jfr Khan Academy Arena för lärande Kurs, kursmaterial
  17. 17. MOOC- varför? • Teaser • Branding • Vad som betalas med skattepengar ska gå tillbaka till skattebetalare • Goodwill/Common good • Entreprenörskap • Demokrati • Globalisering • Individualisering • Ranking • Rekrytering • Hållbarhet • CoP • PLE Olika business models
  18. 18. Three main types of MOOC c, s and x from Lisa (
  19. 19. Vad är karakteristiskt med MOOC Video Chat Forum Online material, pdf, etc Books Quizzar Task MeetUps (IRL eller virtuellt) Peer Review Social media Assignment Certifikat Design, package Modules Own space
  20. 20. Image: Courtesy of Nature magazine
  21. 21. Where are these students located and ages? Coursera registered about 2.8 million learners 27.7% from the United States 8.8% from India 5.1% from Brazil 4.4% from the United Kingdom 4.0% from Spain 3.6% from Canada 2.3% from Australia 2.2% from Russia 41.9% from the rest of the world Waldrop, M. Mitchell; Nature magazine (March 13, 013). "Massive Open Online Courses, aka MOOCs, Transform Higher Education and Science". Scientific American. Retrieved April 28, 2013.
  22. 22. BIC 2013 The Maturing of the MOOC
  23. 23. BIS RESEARCH PAPER NUMBER 130 The Maturing of the MOOC
  24. 24. Innovating pedagogy 2013 • MOOCs • Badges to accredit learning • Learning analytics • Seamless learning • Crowd learning • Digital scholarship • Geo learning • Learning from games • Maker culture • Citizen inquiry
  25. 25. Learning design
  26. 26. Rethinking och transformation From Sage on the stage…To Guide on the side…To Meddler in the middle Frågan är inte hur vi kan använda nya digitala medier i utbildning, utan snarare hur vi kan arbeta med Lärande i en digital omvärld From content to context
  27. 27. Massive target group Mixing groups Learning across contexts Support self-organization Declare whats in it Peer to peer pedagogy MOOCs support choice based learning MOOC.EFQUEL.ORG MOOC Quality Project
  28. 28. • Framework • Openess to learners • Digital openess • Learner centred • Independent learning • Media supported learning • Quality focus • Spectrum of diversity • OpenupEd label
  29. 29. Kvalitet ligger i betraktarens ögon… Lärande handlar om människor INTE om technologi Mobilitet och Ubiquitous learning Nya aktörer ger nya influenser- stärker kvalitet genom samarbete och konkurrens (Svenskt Näringsliv DN 13/10/04) by Stephanie Lowman
  30. 30. • 2013 Köpenhamn första Nordiska • Karlstad/Lillehammer/ Skolverket 2013 • KI; edX 2014 • KI; #FDOL132 • Skollyftet MOOC Det digitala klasssrummet • Lunds universitet 2014 • Uppsala universitet... • SLU? • Högskolan Kristianstad?
  32. 32. Caring is sharing, sharing is caring Footprints; FB:Ebba Ossiannilsson T:@EbbaOssian Phone: +4670995448 S: Ossiann Ossiannilsson 2013