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Oeb18 ols18 ossiannilsson_icde_6_dec2018


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My presentation on behalf of ICDE #icde at #OEB18 on "Roadmap for Open Education Leadership"

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Oeb18 ols18 ossiannilsson_icde_6_dec2018

  1. 1. The Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, MESRI, and the Ministry of National Education and Youth, MENJ, of France.
  2. 2. Ebba Ossiannilsson Associate Professor, Dr. The International Council for Open Distance Education (ICDE) ICDE OER Advocacy Committee Chair,
  3. 3. • Enables change to technology enhanced quality education across the globe. • Advocates for access, equity and quality learning through online, open and flexible learning. • A dynamic platform for cooperation on innovation and development, featuring key regional actors and leading experts. • Access to thousands of higher education institutions, networks and systems. • A key partner for UNESCO. • Part-funded by the Government of Norway • Advocate for OER since at least 2008 • 200 member organizations globally
  4. 4. Collaboration is key The opportunities to achieve more through collaboration on key assets associated with open education - MOOC’s, Open Access, Open data, Open Science, Open Source Software and Hardware.
  5. 5. What I can give What I want to recieve The Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, MESRI, and the Ministry of National Education and Youth, MENJ, of France.
  6. 6. • Quality Review Service • Projects • Open Praxis • Network • Policy Process • ICDE Report Series • Price of Excellence • PhD Symposium • Conferences and Events
  7. 7. ICDE UNESCO CHAIRS • Prof. Martin Weller, The Open University, UK • Dr. María Soledad Ramírez Montoya, Tecnológico de Monterrey, México • Dr. Rory McGreal, Athabasca University, Canada, who is a UNESCO-COL Chair in OER • Dr. Wayne Mackintosh, Open Education Resource Foundation and Otago Polytechnic, who is a UNESCO-COL Chair in OER • Dr. Daniel Burgos, Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (UNIR), Spain • Dr. Tolly S.A. Mbwette, Pan-African University Council, Tanzania • Dr. Christian M. Stracke from the Open University of Netherlands • Dr. Jane-Frances Obiageli Agbu from the National Open University of Nigeria
  8. 8. ICDE OER ADVOCACY COMMITTEE • Ebba Ossiannilsson, Consultant and VP, Swedish Association of Distance Education (SADE), Sweden • Paul Bardach, Chair Emeritus of the United States Distance Learning Association • Mark Brown, Office of the Vice President, Dublin City University, Ireland • Cable Green, Lead OER, Creative Commons, USA • Cengiz Hakan Aydin, Professor, Anadolu University, Turkey • Paul Bacsich, Professor of Practice, University of West Indies Open Campus, Barbados • Xiangyang Zhang, Open University of Jiangsu, China • Chandra Shekhar Dubey, Director, Campus of Open Learning, Dehli University, India • James Glapa-Glossklag, Dean and Treasurer of the Board, College of the Canyons and Open Education Consortium, USA • Dhaneswar Harichandan, Director, Institute of Distance and Open Learning, University of Mumbai, India • Gary Matkin, Dean of Continuing Education, UC-Irvine California, USA • Jean-Marc Meunier, President and VP, FIED and University of Paris VIII Vincennes – St-Denis, France • Valerie Peachey, Professor in Open Education, Charles Sturt University, Australia
  9. 9. ICDE OER Advocacy Committee OER and OEP for access, equality, inclusiveness, and empowering lifelong learning
  10. 10. Acting Secretary General Morten Flate Paulsen International Council for Open and Distance Education Drammensveien 211, 0281 Oslo, Norway President Belinda Tynan, Australia