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Connoisseur hub comanyprofile_colleges


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Connoisseur hub comanyprofile_colleges

  1. 1. Choose one for Yourself!!! Extra Income Financial freedom Have a own Business More spare Time Personal Development Helping Others Meeting New People Retirement Leave a Legacy
  2. 2. DARE TO DREAM 
  4. 4. Profile of CompanyOne Stop Solution for every Entrepreneur & AspiringEntrepreneur where they will get Business & BusinessConsultancy (By the means of:- Preparing Roadmaps, Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Innovation, Creating& Co-creating their Brands, Designinglogos, Promotion, Advertisements, Website, etc), KnowledgeCentre(Creating job Creators, Changing the Mindset:Entrepreneurship as a Career Option, Finance forEntrepreneurs, Software’s for Entrepreneurs, etc ).We give a talent pool of Entrepreneurs & Consultants whereeach one will be linked to each other & will be meeting yourGoals & Dreams.
  5. 5. ABOUT USMission To support the vital social and economic contributions of small businesses by nurturing entrepreneurship and helping individuals build their own business & fulfill their dreams.Vision To Build Strong Relations & Expertise’s experimenting Entrepreneurship & Expanding our potential in this competitive & challenging world to keep our clients at the pinnacle.
  6. 6. Why Choose Connoisseur Hub?• Professional Service at Remarkably Low Cost.• Excellent Consultancy and 24/7 Customer Service.• Customization.• Timely Deliverance.• Practical Insight.• Dedicated team of professional, intelligent and talented writers.
  7. 7. How It WorksProfessional team of MBAs, Creatives, Innovators, Financial Planners, Software developers, Website Designers, Strategic Planners, etc.Private Business planning, Marketing Planning, Project Management, Six sigma, Financial Planning, Promotions, Innovation assistance, Giving desired expertise w.r.t Frame of Business.
  8. 8. KNOWLEDGE CENTRE Creating job Creators & Changing the Mindset: Entrepreneurship as a Career Option to follow theDreams & attain self set Goals to make a Difference & be Self Independent. Schools Need to Teach Entrepreneurship We Make It Happen!!!
  9. 9. KNOWLEDGE CENTRE Teaching Entrepreneurship in B- SchoolsWe’re frightened that YOUR Creativity andAmbition will be stifled by sitting on pieces ofmasking tape, walking in a line to thecafeteria, and giving ppt’s on any topic whichyou prepare overnight that the Prof. won’t listencoz you yourself know what you have done. Inshort, we’re worried that you’ll become a cog ina machine that’s spinning its wheels, goingnowhere.
  10. 10. We Answer all!!!1. Why Entrepreneurship?2. What drives an Entrepreneur?3. Why Entrepreneurship is Recession Proof?4. How anyone can be an Entrepreneur?5. What it takes to be an Entrepreneur?6. Financial Planning, Six sigma, Project Management for entrepreneurship, IT For Entrepreneurs...7. Why we exist & what we provide to make your dream come true i.e. to get your idea into reality... Above is Just a beginning!!!
  11. 11. KNOWLEDGE CENTRE For all who Dream!!! Course Structure for Creating Effective EntrepreneurPART ONE: EVALUATING THE BUSINESS1: Let me decide on a Business!2: What is business plan?3: Home based businessesPART TWO: BEFORE I START4: Financing the business(All about money)5: Business organization6: Licenses and permits7: Business insurance8: Communication tools9: Buying a business or franchisePART THREE: OPERATING PITFALLS10: Location and leasing11: Accounting and cash flow12: E-Commerce & Social Media13: Opening and Marketing14: How to Manage Employees15: Expanding and handling problems16:Six Sigma Strategies & Applicability17:Project Management18:Financial Planning for Me & My Business
  12. 12. Teaching Entrepreneurship in B- Schools • Economics. • Business education. • Government. • Psychology. • Sociology. • History. • Vocational/technical education.Entrepreneurship is neither a separate nor an alien concept, but one that can enrich thestudents understanding of a variety of subjects in the regular curriculum. Perhaps moreimportant, the study of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship can demonstrate howenterprising behavior can have a positive impact on society.
  13. 13. -------------------->Entrepreneurship has its own various stages and levels, hence it’s important that youunderstand this before you start to walk the thin line.This workshop is to tutor the start-ups about the essentials of entrepreneurship.The workshop grooms you on the essential elements of entrepreneurship as in majorchallenges,, how to innovate, benefits of starting your own venture, basics of businessplan, how to keep track of changing consumer need & attract them wisely, the importanceof team which should be covered during the workshop with help of case-studies &interactive Activities, and building wisely upon your dream goals.Entrepreneurship is absolutely awesome!!! Be a free Bird & Explore the world with yourVision….“If you have the DNA for it…We will Direct it…Else we will Tailor it Genetically to meet your Dreams”Those who want to get grooming on Entrepreneurship & see that as a careeroption at any point of time in Life…Here we are to let achieve your Dream!!!We give you desired Expertise!!!
  14. 14. You Dream Wemake It Reality 
  15. 15. Want to work with us???• We have Hub of companies doing well in the market, if u all you want to be a part of us we give opportunity to you to explore the hidden spark inside you:-In the fields of:• Media• Financial Planning• IT• Marketing• Strategic Brand Management• Event Management• Loads more companies coming up…
  16. 16. Be An Entrepreneur!!!CONTACT USCall us at: - +918976488152E-mail us at: - eays@connoisseurhub.comVisit us at:-