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Samsung releases the first transparent OLED


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Technological advancements in television displays continue to improve with Samsung announcing transparent OLED TV – could it be in your home soon? Read more here:

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Samsung releases the first transparent OLED

  2. 2. WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? It has not been too long since 4K technology or curved OLEDs were unveiled, but advances in display technology seem to be endless. Samsung has just announced a transparent OLED TV, which is built from mirrored panels of OLED - the first display of its kind.
  3. 3. LOOKING THROUGH THE OLED-GLASS Samsung revealed the new TV is already ‘retail-ready’; it will be first available for commercial purposes and they will later judge the TV's capabilities for home-use. The initial model is a 55-inch display and looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie. Samsung has revealed how the technology can be paired with 3D cameras for use in augmented reality. The TV was first announced at a shopping convention in Hong Kong, where Samsung stated the displays could be integrated into fitting rooms so that people could try on clothes in sort of a virtual reality before buying them.
  4. 4. SAMSUNG IMPROVING SHOPPING Samsung’s VP appeared confident about the rather unorthodox technology. He said the integration of their new displays will add an ‘interactive dimension to the world of multi-channel shopping’. According to Samsung, this could make a shopper’s experience more pleasing and efficient. It is certainly an ambitious project, especially given that Samsung seems to be moving away from the LED business.
  5. 5. WANT TO KNOW MORE? Have we sparked your interest? If you want to read the full article, all you have to do is click on the link below! Samsung releases the first transparent OLED