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Oculus finally reveals the consumer version of the Rift VR headset


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After 3 long years of anticipation, the consumer version of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset has been revealed. Read more here:

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Oculus finally reveals the consumer version of the Rift VR headset

  1. 1. After three long years developing kits and experimental versions, the Oculus Rift is finally getting ready for launch, as the developers unveiled its final consumer version. What’s this all about?
  2. 2. Long road to Oculus Rift The new version is much more polished than the previous editions and is now ready for a mainstream launch. Better quality materials have made the headset light enough to be held in one hand, and users will also be able to use it while wearing glasses. Many other slight tweaks and adjustments have been made, which may not seem much at first, but they were essential for comfortable use of the headset.
  3. 3. Viewing virtual reality The viewing experience has been improved, as the Oculus Rift will house two OLED screens. Oculus CEO, Brendan Iribe claimed that there will be no motion blur or visible judder on the screen. Optics are removable and the IPD of the optics can be adjusted using a slider, meaning users will be able to control the distance between the two lenses.
  4. 4. Controlling reality Oculus has also announced that the VR headset will come packaged with an Xbox One controller, as part of its partnership with Microsoft, and users will be able to stream Xbox One games on Rift. Besides, Oculus revealed it was working on its own motion controller, the Oculus Touch, which will help provide a more realistic VR experience.
  5. 5. So what now? Have we caught your interest yet? To read the full article all you have to do is head on over to our website or click the link below! Oculus finally reveals the consumer version of the Rift VR headset