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Google launches new tool to help choose your next Android smartphone


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Struggling to choose your next Android smartphone? Google has designed a new tool to help you select the smart device perfect for your needs! Read more here:

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Google launches new tool to help choose your next Android smartphone

  2. 2. WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? Choosing an Android phone can be one of the most confusing things when you’re out in the market to purchase one. With new releases almost every day, it becomes hard to even keep up with the latest phones. This is exactly why Google has just launched a new website that helps you choose the perfect Android phone for you.
  3. 3. WHICH ANDROID IS RIGHT FOR YOU? The which-phone website has a clean and funky interface. The first page greets you with a simple ‘Get Started’ button, before taking you to a page which asks what you want to use your phone most for. You have options including ‘Taking photos’, 'Listening to music' and 'Staying fit'. After choosing one option, it then asks you how many hours you perform that activity in a day on your smartphone.
  4. 4. WHICH ANDROID IS RIGHT FOR YOU? You will be given a choice to select a carrier to further narrow down your search and then Google will show you phones it has chosen for you. It suggests three phones at a time. You can decide price ranges and phone sizes on this interface, and it displays main features of recommended phones with a ‘Shop Now’ option. On the top right you have a ‘See Story’ option, using which you can review the choices you have made for your phone. You can even share the results on social media or save them to your email.
  5. 5. WANT TO KNOW MORE? Have we sparked your interest? If you want to read the full article, all you have to do is click on the link below! Google launches new tool to help choose your next Android smartphone