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Easyling at atc London


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Are you a translator or translation agency?
Do you provide website translation services?
Have you realised the pains of the process?

Why should you make your client's website translated?
Because you can make more money and provide added value services.

Is it easy to bridge the technology gap between the website and your CAT tool?
Yes, it is.
With Easyling.

Have a look at how.

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Easyling at atc London

  1. 1. Website translation made easyBalazs Benedek,
  2. 2. About us Skawa Innovation was founded in 2008 by digital natives, born in the cloud focusing on SaaS solutions experience in SW development cloud-based workflow system management (own crowdsource system with 23000+ registered workers)
  3. 3. Pains of Website Translation How can I extract the full text to translate?Powered by Skawa Innovation
  4. 4. Why bother?
  5. 5. Good for clients Not all clients know already, but they need their website translated Reasons to believe Traffic: “9 in 10 Internet users in the EU said that, when they had a choice of languages, they always visited a website in their own language.” [EU] Turnover: “People with no or low English skills were six times more likely not to buy from Anglophone sites than their countrymen who were proficient in English.” [DePalma et al.] Profits: “Global Fortune 500 companies that actively localizing their products or services yields profits of $365 billion. If only 10% of their total revenues are derived from international sales dependent upon localization profits would have been reduced to -$225 billion.” [LISA] ROI: “Companies are receiving approximately $25 of additional revenue for every $1 spent on localization.” [LISA]
  6. 6. Market size “website translation” 1M+ searches monthly Total translation market size in 2011 $31.438 billion (10% website translation, $3.1 billion) + the hidden market
  7. 7. Good for Translation Agencies (LSPs), freelancers website translation tool helps to  Simplify translation process  Minimize technical support needs  Provide more added value  Cover one more medium  Reach new business goals  Diversify service by offering website translation  Get more clients  More revenues
  8. 8. Players of the with the Their problems gameStandard website translation workflow game: Website owner Translator Website developers are not translators Website developer Translators prefer to work on files (html, pdf, doc, xls), using TM Content Generation Update website, Website owners are neither tech people, nor translators Website (CMS) track changes Insert translated text Text extraction Translation On „live”, frequently updated websites translation is a never-ending task.
  9. 9. What is Easyling? - web-based, SaaS solution Tool for LSPs and freelancers • Tool for automatic quotation, text extraction • CAT/TM integration (memoQ, Trados, …) Service for website owners • CMS-independent website translation solution (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Typo3) Marketplace to bring them together • Money escrow service (prepaid) • Quality assurance
  10. 10. Source text extraction – Easyling -> XLIFF • live website vs. offline files (Word, Excel, XML, HTML, who can provide it on the clients side), ContentManagementSystems (CMS) • Dynamic contents: forms • Externalization: what to translate, what not to translate. Images, PDFs, Flash • Measuring the immeasurable: exact list of items to be translated • Pricing: instant quotation
  11. 11. Translation: XLIFF -> CAT • CAT tools (localization settings, terminology, consistency) • Dealing with repetition, context match (101%) • in-house QA • client approval (preview for review) - online testing (is this already possible?) • client feedback implementation • SEO, copywriting
  12. 12. Delivery • copy-paste on clients admin platform • monolingual or bilingual files • ready made website: (memoQ, Trados) -> XLIFF - > Easyling
  13. 13. Updates • updates sent by the clients (live website vs. doc, txt, html, xml) • automatic change tracking • pricing of updates
  14. 14. Solution & technology without original English website visitors browser company webserver
  15. 15. Solution & technology with website translated Original English website to Chinesevisitors browser company webserver • Translated by language professionals, it is NOT a machine translation • Stored at & served by Google App Engine (SLA: 99.95%) • Original texts are replaced on the fly (proxy / javascript)
  16. 16. Easyling Features & Benefits
  17. 17. 1-click text extraction & instant quote3 simple steps1. EasyLing discovers & crawls the entire site2. Export all the text in XLIFF3. Use memoQ/Trados with your TM to give instant & precise quotation
  18. 18. P/review and edit the original context & layout How to present the translation to the client? 1. Translate with memoQ/Trados 2. Create XLIFF 3. Import to Easyling 4. Send a unique preview link to your customer
  19. 19. P/review and edit the original context & layout List of translation elements Editing panel
  20. 20. LimitationsFile-based contents – Images – Pdf, doc, xls, ... – Flash, Silverlight – Special font handling
  21. 21. Growing Together
  22. 22. Thank you for your attention.Q&ABalazs Benedek, CTO