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Aem Brochure P1 11 Dave V4 Sharp


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Draft of AEM brochure

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Aem Brochure P1 11 Dave V4 Sharp

  1. 1. When was the last time a guest walked into your house and said...... WOW! An Endeavor of Passion Distinct and Unique Art Forms We have a passion for the incredibly rich heritage of Indian art & decor and want to We selected four of the premier treasures to share with you. They are all unique and, in share it with the world. our opinion, possess universal appeal. Original Art for Discerning Tastes Amazing Value for Our Customers An Eastern Masterpiece enables clients to acquire amazing works of original art from An Eastern Masterpiece partners with buyers who are connoisseurs of the art forms that India for fraction of what a re-creation would cost. We only sell pieces from the most we offer. By restricting ourselves to these four specialties, we are able to offer our clients talented artisans in India. Everything in our gallery took weeks to create and the larger the very best values on the finest examples of these art forms. We operate efficiently pieces have taken months. Every piece is a Certified Original — they are all hand crafted and with a very lean profit margin. This enables us to offer our clients a great value on & thus there are no exact duplicates in existence. amazing artwork that was once a privilege only royalty could obtain. 2 3
  2. 2. Ethical Sourcing An Eastern Masterpiece doesn’t just purchase art for the lowest price: • Our partners in India have recruited the very best artists in their fields and provided them with a great environment to create in. • As a condition of doing business with us, we demand that they empower these artisans to directly benefit from the sale of their creations. • We monitor this policy by maintaining a well staffed liaison office in India. The one exception to this is that our partners do not have an operational presence in the remote jungles where tribal Dhokra sculptures are created. We source these from the very best nonprofit organizations that are actively involved in benefiting the tribal communities where these artists live and work. W e hope you will share our joy as you explore our gallery. As we practice ethical sourcing and uplift the craftsmen that we deal with, you can be assured that a part of what you’re spending is going for a good cause. Sincerely; Sunil Trehan General Manager 4 5
  3. 3. Dhokra Art Lost Wax Tribal Sculptures What is Dhokra The name Dhokra is derived from the Dhokra Kumar tribesmen who are the traditional metal workers of the tribal communities in south central India. • Dhokra Art is created by using the Lost Wax Process (Cire Perdue). • In India, this process dates back over 5000 years to the Indus Valley Civilization. The subject matter of Dhokra Art is derived from the experiences of the tribesmen and is unique in its perspective – bear in mind that most of these tribesmen have intentionally reduced their exposure to anything outside their simple and almost primitive lifestyle. For the past few decades Dhokra Art was primarily created for the tribal’s personal use which made Dhokra Art an uncommon art form even in India. A few years ago a small revival began for the art form. • Artists created larger art pieces • Select buyers in India started collecting these treasures. In the western world, ‘An Eastern Masterpiece’ is the first Gallery to offer a diverse selection of larger pieces of Dhokra Art. 7
  4. 4. The Creative Process Molding the Brass The lost-wax method makes possible the casting of a sculpture with elaborate curves Once the design has been perfected in wax, a thin and delicate layer of clay (made of and great detail. Each elaborate and time consuming mold will only produce one piece, riverbed sand mixed with coal & dry sieved cow dung) is applied on top of the wax and thereby ensuring that no two sculptures are exactly alike. Multiple holes are made in strategic locations on the mold to allow for the molten metal Use of the lost wax method is uncommon because: to be poured in and for the melting wax to escape. • It is incredibly time consuming. After 7 or 8 days, another layer of clay is applied on • Requires a great degree of skill and patience. top of the thin layer. • Even the best artists lose a percentage of their Another week passes while this layer dries then attempts during the mold process. final layer of clay (made of sand taken from termite ant hills in the jungle) is applied and allowed to dry. The intricate creative process described below can take as long as two months for some of the Metal wires are now tied around the whole mold so artwork that ‘An Eastern Masterpiece’ offers in that it stays intact and clay funnels are attached to our gallery. the openings in the mold to facilitate the entry of the molten brass and the exit of the melting wax. The sculptor first makes a model of clay by combining the dark soil from their own farmland, The mold is then placed into an earthen furnace cow dung, and rice husks. and allowed to heat while the brass is melted on another furnace. The initial model is allowed to dry (about 5 days) and a second layer of clay is applied on top of the The molten brass is slowly poured into the holes in first layer. This clay is made up of fine sand gathered the mold. As the metal flows into the openings; from the riverbank & mixed with cow dung. • The wax that is inside the clay mold melts. After 4 or 5 days of curing, the mold is sanded • The brass replaces it, assuming the shapes and down to an even surface and a layer of sap from patterns that were created in wax. the Silk Cotton tree is applied to the mold. The mold is allowed to cool for at least half a day, Bees wax is then used to create the intricate detials then the surrounding metal wires are cut off and of the sclupture. the charred clay is either partially or completely • A coat of wax is applied in narrow threads using removed from the sculpture. a bamboo tube or some other syringe like device. The sculpture is polished and chiseled to achieve • The threads are used to create patterns, with the appearance that the artist envisioned. The the best artists creating the most details. amount of finishing and polish varies significantly from artist to artist and a few of them even use • A heated knife may be used to smooth certain herbal colors to paint their creations. sections of the thread. 8 9
  5. 5. Zardozi Premier & Panel Embroidery What is Zardozi Zardozi is an art form that has existed in Southern Asia for almost a millennium, and during most of this period it was a privilege enjoyed only by royalty. • Emperors wore ceremonial clothing made of Zardozi and elaborate panels were hung on the walls. • Their elephants & horses were adorned with Zardozi spreads & saddles and even their weapons were decorated with Zardozi art. Zardozi is often called appliqué embroidery as it is a process that consists of applying gemstones, precious and semi precious stones, and exotic threads such as metallic alloys of gold and silver, and various other threads and materials used for adornment. Artwork Subjects Zardozi Panels rely more on the embroidery aspect of Zardozi and less on the ornamentation aspect of the gemstones. These panels were traditionally crafted to depict classical subjects in Indian art such as; wildlife, bouquets of flowers, and wedding processions. An Eastern Masterpiece carries these traditional pieces along with contemporary designs that we have had commissioned exclusively for us. These include designs of Indian origin such as classical dance figures, as well as western themes such as ballet dancers and golfer in mid swing. Precious Gem Stones According to Eastern belief, the gemstones and precious/semi-precious stones each have a quality and influence they bring to their environment. Some of them promote good health, others good fortune. Some will enhance marital bliss while others will increase fertility or the chance of success in a new venture. 11