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Addressed Admail 2007


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Addressed Admail is a strategy of direct mail that you can use for your business. It is often more personal and helps keep in contact with your existing clients. Learn about Direct mail and how addressed admail can help your business grow.

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Addressed Admail 2007

  1. 1. Shout out your business!
  2. 2. What is Addressed Admail? Addressed admail is a cost effective way for businesses to send Target personally addressed promotional information and offers to targeted prospects and customers. It’s a Personalize marketing channel that allows you to speak one to one to your best customers and get results. Whether Motivate you are opening a new store within a local market or introducing a new national product promotion- it’s the precision advertising you need Measure
  3. 3. We are an online comprehensive direct marketing company that allows you to create, deliver, and track your direct mail from your desktop. We provide you with the technology, data, and product to save you time and money. We help businesses improve their direct marketing results & put in place strategies to help them succeed.
  4. 4. Addressed AdmailSpeaks to Customers! Produce Leads Reinforce Positioning Build Repeat Sales/Loyal Product Trials
  5. 5. The Power of Addressed Admail Good targeting can drive as much as 40% your success rate. It is advertising Consumer Lists material specifically targeting a person, group or business by address. It is mailed out as first class mail, with a discount from the standard quot;stampquot; Business Lists rate determined by criteria set by Canada Post. •Save Money by having less wastage •Increase ROI by speaking only to Radius Marketing those who care! Postage for Addressed Mail can be as low as 40¢.
  6. 6. The Mail Moment
  7. 7. Addressed AdmailSuccess is built on 3 ingredients Picture a stool! Take any of these key ingredients out and your stool Target falls 3 keys to success Creative Offer
  8. 8. 1. Targeting Who are your best clients? Take your top 10 clients and consider the following: Break down common traits they Target have and organize by: B2C/B2B 1) Income level/Revenue? 2) Housing type/# Employees? 3) Age or Gender/Employees role? Keep it simple & save time and purchase the mail list from us. One stop shopping!
  9. 9. •Use Discounts •Trial Samples 2. Offer •Guarantees •Contests/Sweepstakes What are you offering? Your “mail moment” has 3 seconds to catch their attention. Offer 1) Relevent to your services 2) Unique Selling Feature 3) High perceived value 4) Motivate User to take Action Read more about HEADLINES & COPYWRITE! Learn more in our Direct Mail Education Center. One stop shopping!
  10. 10. 3. Creative Make it appealing to your clients. Are your clients professional? Trendy? Older? This cluster of demographics should be spoken to in your design/pictures/creative. Creative Customize our professional templates online professional or have our designers make you something! One stop shopping!
  11. 11. • Cross Marketing with Direct Mail can boost your ROI by upto 500% • Postcards have the highest read rate out of all direct marketing campaigns • Variable Data printing and personalization boosts response rate up as much as 44%* • Personalization married with colour drive response rates up to 135%* • VDP, Colour, & pURL’s increase upto 500%* • *US Postal Service
  12. 12. The Cost of Addressed Admail 1.Mail Lists Consumer Lists $170/1000 contacts Business Lists $290/1000 contacts 2.Graphic Design Work 3.Printing 4.Postage(as low as 41 cents-2008) 5.Mail Services You could patch this all together yourself but think of the time and money you’ll waste.
  13. 13. CreateYour Campaign in Under 10 Minutes We’re built on your success. Create campaigns from the convenience of your home and grow your business with direct mail. You can: •Upload or Create and design print products with our easy to use online design tools •Purchase mail lists online •Create Email marketing •Track your direct mail ROI with PURLS