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Why real estate agents, even successful ones, should learn more about real estate online marketing, and an overview of four of the hot topics in real estate marketing:
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
- Listing Syndication (Trulia, Zillow, etc.)
- Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Active Rain)
- Effective Websites (converting visitors to leads)

By EasyImpress -- real estate marketing websites that work.

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  • Interesting study. The real estate online aggregators in India still piggyback on organic search to drive their serious home buyer traffic. It will be interesting to see how the trends shape up here as far as aggregator contribution to digital marketing efforts of realtors and builders. Dhiren C. , Customer Experience Analyst , ,
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  • Invest in India's hottest property destination-NOIDA with Internationl Event Formula 1, IT Park, Largest Education Hub,Approved Metro & Night Safari.For Investment in Residential & Commercial Property,Mail me at or contact 9990599114
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  • Invest in India's hottest property destination-NOIDA with Internationl Event Formula 1, IT Park, Largest Education Hub,Approved Metro & Night Safari.For Investment in Residential & Commercial Property,Mail me at or contact 9990599114
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  • Thanks for posting. The breakdown of traffic to the individual real estate sites was really illuminating.
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  • Great presentation! I’d like to have a copy. Please forward to, Thank you. Carl
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  • Intro   * Founder of EasyImpress, a company that provides real estate marketing websites for agents. Today I won't be talking just about websites, but instead giving you a broader look at online marketing for real estate, explaining why it's so important, and introducing you to the 4 hot topics in RE online marketing:   * Social Media   * Search Engine Optimization   * Listing Syndication    * Effective Websites So first, why would you want to hear about any of this?
  • "The Internet has become an essential and indispensible tool in the home search process" - NAR Home Buyers and Sellers 2009 What surprised me is that many agents are at least generally aware of this: of the changes, of the trends, of the opportunity. But they still don't think online marketing is for them.
  • Professionals Use Professional Tools An agent that doesn't use online marketing is like a builder that doesn't use power tools. Sure you can do the job without them, even be a master craftsman of your work. But even if you beat others in quality, you’ll never be able to match them at speed, efficiency, and perceived professionalism.   Easier Sales = More Sales If you could give every person in your SOI a flyer to refer others to you with, wouldn’t you? A website’s not only more likely for your SOI to share, it’ll increase the utility of referrals even if the referrer doesn’t remember it. Because the first thing someone referred to you will do is search for your name online. Stand Out, and Stay in Business Competition for listings is tough. Having an online marketing presence is a major differentiator that will help you get ahead, or help keep you there. 60% of agents have a website at this point. Don’t just be one of the agents that has one, be the agent that has one of the best ones. And now I'd like to move from the  why , to the  how , and talk about some of the online marketing topics you've been hearing about.
  • Social media is word-of-mouth marketing, online. Unlike traditional word-of-mouth you can monitor and participate in it. Four main types of social media Blogging Twitter Facebook Real estate social networks We go over each of these in more detail at our blog,
  • A blog is like your own speaker’s podium. If you write (/speak) authoritatively, you’ll gather attention, build an audience, and find yourself being linked to from other sites. Post ideas: Area guides Local business interviews Articles on local events Home improvement tips
  • Not only can you find a conversation about almost anything, you can filter those conversations so that you only see tweets within a certain number of miles from any city you choose. Searching for things like “Realtor”, “selling my home”, “buying a home”, “real estate”, or “moving” near your city can turn up some great openings to start a conversation.
  • Facebook is one of the best ways to help you get referrals from your Sphere of Influence, by keeping you linked in their minds as the person  they  know that  knows  about real estate.  Facebook provides you with “ambient awareness” about your network. In ten minutes,  you can get an overview of what’s going on in the lives of hundreds of people, and easily follow industry best practices like Keller Williams’ “33 touches” of your SoI.
  • One of the best uses for social media is connecting with your own peers, for networking, referrals, and learning.  ActiveRain  is a site where real estate agents can not only connect with each other to discuss everything from sales strategies to brokerages, but can also connect directly with consumers discussing moving, mortgages, home improvement, and other real estate topics. RE Investors Trulia & Zillow Q&A Sites like ActiveRain get hundreds of thousands of visitors, who are interested in real estate all over the nation.  Next I want to talk about how you can get the visitors who are interested in your area, through search engine optimization.
  • Search Engine Optimization 2 Factors: Authority & Relevance Authority: how important & trustworthy is your site?      * # & quality of links      * On-site credibility indicators
  • Relevance: what is your site (and each page on it) about?      * What's the important text on your site about?      * How do links pointing to your site describe you? Segue: What do you want to rank for?
  • #s on local searches Finding a niche The long tail of search Understanding search is important, because it's the single best way to bring visitors  in to your site and to your listings. But there's also a way to bring your listings to them, and it's called Listing Syndication.
  • Listing Syndication 10 million+ viewers   Destination / first stop sites for consumers Top dogs in Google search On average, 6 out of the first 10 Google results for "<area name> homes for sale" are syndication sites.
  • Trulia, Zillow, + Y! Real estate = 10+ million Fran Gatti, Realtor in CA gets 4x as much traffic from Trulia and10x as much traffic from Yahoo as she does from Listing syndication = more viewings of your listings, and more visitors to your site. Whether visitors come to your site from listing syndication, search engines, or even referrals..
  • First impressions are everything   first-time visitors decide to stay or go back to the search results in <7 seconds Clear next action "What do I want the visitor to do next?"   What visitors want Listings & useful information NOT random content NOT widgets & whistles   Converting traffic to leads Have actions they can take      Property updates      Comparative Market Analysis      Schedule a showing      Ask me about the area Give them reasons to do so Ask them to take the action Once you have contact information, visitors become people.  And if there's one thing you don't need any education from me on, it's how to work with people.
  • To recap: I strongly encourage you to take advantage of some form of online marketing.  This is important for your image as a professional, and for gaining and maintaining your success as an agent. There are hundreds of thousands of people looking online for homes in your area, or information about selling them.  How will they find you ? We believe the centerpoint of any online marketing strategy is your own website. So if you found this presentation helpful...
  • ... I hope you'll take a look at EasyImpress.
  • Online Marketing for Real Estate

    1. 1. Real Estate  Online Marketing Why & How - by EasyImpress
    2. 2. 90% 36% 30 of home buyers of home buyers first Median age of 1st- used the internet to learned about the time homebuyers as search for homes. home they purchased of 2009 -- in other through the Internet. words, half of them are younger (and tech-savvier).  The numbers are growing, and so is the opportunity. 18,100 searches for "Boston realtors" 110,000 searches for "Boston homes for sale"
    3. 3. Why do you need online marketing? Why Online Marketing? Visual here of clusters of people on PCs, arrows pointing to Google, Trulia, Hotmail, etc.
    4. 4. Social Media Photo of a crowded room with conversations going on. ris/4029617309/ photo by _dChris @ flickr
    5. 5. Blogging Pros Cons • SEO benefits. • It takes a lot of time • Personal branding upfront. benefits. • It takes time to keep up. • Content can serve multiple • It takes commitment. purposes.
    6. 6. Twitter Pros Cons • Each 'tweet' takes little • Harder to get people you time. already know using twitter. • It can connect you • Smaller overall audience geographically. than other social media. • It's easy to multi-purpose content for and from.
    7. 7. Facebook Pros Cons • Great for personal • It can be hard to get branding and increasing traction if your profile is referrals. strictly professional. • It takes very little time. • It can be hard to expand • Easy to get frequent high- outside your existing network. quality multimedia exposure.
    8. 8. RE Social Networks Pros Cons • Highly relevant. • Crowded channel. • Great networking • Must stay active to keep opportunity. getting results.
    9. 9. Search Engine Optimization Screenshot of Google.
    10. 10. Boston homes for sale boston houses for sale homes in Boston mass homes for sale cambridge luxury condo single family homes for sale in boston boston charles river waterfront home Wellesley ranch home for sale
    11. 11. Listing Syndication Visual here of home icon in center, arrows out to Trulia, Zillow, Yahoo! Real Estate Logos, arrows out to clusters of people on PCs.    
    12. 12.   Trulia:                3,000,000 visitors / month Yahoo! Real Estate:            4,000,000 visitors / month                                 4,500,000 visitors / month 2x as much traffic as 3x more opportunities to have your listings found through "[area name] homes for sale" searches on Google. 4x as much traffic to agent Fran Gatti's listings from Trulia, and 10x as much traffic from Yahoo! as she gets from
    13. 13. unocovas/4118106348/sizes/ m/
    14. 14. How will they find you?
    15. 15. Real estate marketing websites that work. • Easy, all-in-one, no tech skills needed websites. • More exposure for listings with automatic listing syndication & SEO. • Research-based guidance helps you create site content that turns visitors into leads.