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ResearchReady - Retakability

  1. 1. User Guides Toggle “Retakability” of Lessons
  2. 2. Why toggle retakability? By default, all assessments in ResearchReady can be retaken. If you prefer that your students cannot retake questions, you can toggle the “retakability” of assessments for each lesson. This feature gives students one chance to answer a question.
  3. 3. Access courses To toggle retakability, you must first access your courses: • Click “Customize courses” from the Administrator Panel, or • Select “Manage Courses” from the drop-down Admin menu.
  4. 4. Duplicate a course From the Manage Courses page, under Core Courses, find the course whose settings you want to modify. Then, click the “Customize Course” button. Note: Lessons within ResearchReady’s Core Courses are locked and their settings cannot be changed. In order to toggle the retakability of lessons, you must duplicate a course first.
  5. 5. Approve the prompt When you duplicate a course, you must approve the prompt that reminds you that copied courses are found under the Customized Courses section of the page. Click “OK” to approve this prompt.
  6. 6. Find the copied course Immediately after duplication, the newly copied course will appear at the bottom of the Customized Courses section (temporarily highlighted in yellow).
  7. 7. Display the lessons Expand the course by clicking on the text to display all lessons.
  8. 8. Toggle retakability Click the “Disable lesson retakability” button to turn OFF the ability to retake questions for that lesson. The action is complete when the button changes to a lock and reads, “Enable lesson retakability.” Note: To switch “retakability” back ON, just click “Enable lesson retakability.”