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So what, exactly, do students think about research, anyway? EasyBib’s information literacy librarians, Emily Gover and Caity Selleck, wanted to find out. We put a survey out there for our millions of EasyBib users, on topics like Wikipedia, plagiarism, and the technology they need to do their research.

We’ve analyzed our 3,000 responses and compared them to what you, the librarian and educator, had to say. And after sorting through some "questionable responses," we found some pretty interesting results!

Join us for a discussion of student perceptions of libraries and research and suggestions for what we can do to change them for the better!

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Perceptions of Libraries

  1. 1. So What do They Really Think? Student Perceptions of Libraries and Research We’re starting right at 4pm, so if you don’t hear any audio, that’s why! #EasyBibEvents
  2. 2. Who We Are, What We Do
  3. 3. Wikipedia
  4. 4. BREAKING NEWS? Students Use Google and Wikipedia for Research Over 95% of college students use Google in course-related contexts 85% use Wikipedia Source: How College Students Seek Information in the Digital Age Project Information Literacy.
  5. 5. Most Popular Sources Used in Student Writing (2010-2011) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Wikipedia (8%) Yahoo! Answers (8%) (3%) eNotes (3%) SlideShare (2%) Source: A Comparison of Internet Sources for Secondary and Higher Education Students.
  6. 6. Top 10 Sites Cited on EasyBib 10. The Washington Post 9. CNN 8. 7. Time Magazine 6. Associated Content (Yahoo! Voices) 5. BBC News 4. JSTOR 3. YouTube 2. The New York Times 1. Wikipedia Source: EasyBib user data.
  7. 7. Source: EasyBib Survey
  8. 8. Source: EasyBib Survey
  9. 9. Wikipedia: So What Can We Do? Educate Encourage Contribute Source: Teaching Wikipedia as a Research Tool, Finding Dulcinea
  10. 10. The Library Source: Brewton-Parker College Library
  11. 11. College Library Web Site Use 2010 OCLC study of college students' use of electronic information sources found: 40% have never used their library's website Of those who have not used it, 23% believe other websites have better information (!) Source: Perceptions of Libraries, 2010: Context and Community, OCLC.
  12. 12. 12% “Only 12% of teachers say their students are ‘very likely’ to use printed books in a research assignment.” Source: How Teens Do Research in the Digital World, Pew Internet 2012
  13. 13. Source: EasyBib Survey
  14. 14. Source: EasyBib Survey
  15. 15. The Library: So What Can We Do? Branding Comfort Relatability Familiarity
  16. 16. Plagiarism Source:
  17. 17. Plagiarism 2011 Pew Research Study College Presidents • 55% reported an increase • 40% noticed neither an increase nor decrease • 2% noticed a decrease* Of those who noticed an increase, 89% "believe that computers and the internet have played a major role in this trend." *"No answer" responses not shown. Source: "The Digital Revolution and Higher Education," Pew Research Center.
  18. 18. 25.4% did not understand the need to cite a source in instances other than direct quotes (i.e., paraphrasing, summarizing) 24% did not know when to cite a source at all
  19. 19. Source: EasyBib Survey
  20. 20. Source: EasyBib Survey
  21. 21. Plagiarism: So What Can We Do? Education Education Education Tools
  22. 22. Technology Used in Research Source:
  23. 23. 64% of surveyed teachers said “today’s digital technologies do more to distract students than to help them academically.” Source: How Teens Do Research in the Digital World, Pew Internet 2012
  24. 24. Source: EasyBib Survey
  25. 25. Technology: So What Can We Do? Promote databases and other library resources Quality over quantity Flip the classroom Tools
  26. 26. What Are Your Strategies? Source:
  27. 27. Thank You :) Emily Gover @Emily_EasyBib EasyBib Librarians EasyBib Caity Selleck @Caity_EasyBib
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