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ResearchReady - Copy and Customize Content


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Published in: Education, Sports
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ResearchReady - Copy and Customize Content

  1. 1. User Guides Copying and Customizing Courses
  2. 2. Access courses To access your courses, either: • Click “Customize courses” from the Administrator Panel, or • Select “Manage Courses” from the drop-down Admin menu.
  3. 3. Copy a course Courses must be copied before they can be customized. From the Manage Courses page, find the course you want to customize under Core Courses and click the “Customize Course” button.
  4. 4. Approve the prompt When you customize a course, you must approve the prompt that reminds you that copied courses are found under the Customized Courses section of the page. Click “OK” to approve this prompt.
  5. 5. Find the copied course Immediately after duplication, the newly copied course will appear at the bottom of the Customized Courses section (temporarily highlighted in yellow).
  6. 6. Edit the course information Edit the course name, description, skills and completion time by clicking “Edit Course Info.”
  7. 7. Edit lesson information Under “Customized Courses,” click the name of the course you want to edit. Find the lesson you want to customize and click “Edit Lesson.”
  8. 8. Edit lesson information From the Edit Lesson page, you can modify the lesson name or description.
  9. 9. Learn more! Check out our other guides to learn how to: • Edit and create content pages in HTML and free-text • Edit and create assessment questions • Reorder lessons within a course • Reorder pages and questions within a lesson • Hiding lessons within a course • Hiding pages and questions within a lesson …and more!