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7. Cover Crops in Ontario Production Systems - Mike Cowbrough


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Learn about the long-term Ontario research
on cover crop impacts on yields and economics and about cover crop selection and termination. Anne Verhallen, Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA

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7. Cover Crops in Ontario Production Systems - Mike Cowbrough

  1. 1. Weed Management Considerations with Cover Crops Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA 519-820-2336 @cowbrough
  2. 2. CONS: ANNUAL RYEGRASS (ARS) •ARS must cross pollinate in order to produce seed. •If each parent had different low level resistance mechanisms, the offspring would be resistant and possibly have two mechanisms of resistance. Dr. Tardif (UofG)
  3. 3. •Studies have shown that ARS could go from a susceptible population to a highly resistant one in as few as 5 generations. • It also takes more herbicide to control than cereal covers (oats, rye etc) Dr. Tardif (UofG) CONS: ANNUAL RYEGRASS (ARS)
  4. 4. Sikkema photo from twitter on control options for ARS
  5. 5. Eragon (60 mL/acre) + Merge (400 mL/acre), applied prior to wheat emergence
  6. 6. POST apps: 1.Infinty 2.Infinity FX 3.Pixxaro UN-SPRAYED
  7. 7. After wheat: Wellington County -Sept, 2013 Estimate: 58 million seeds/ac
  8. 8. Oat cover crop (~50 lbs/acre) after wheat - 2016
  9. 9. No cover crop after wheat
  10. 10. After wheat harvest: Red clover cover crop Estimate: 54,000 seeds/ac
  11. 11. MCPA ESTER 600 at 500 mL/acre UN-SPRAYED
  12. 12. At our Norfolk County site, population densities were ~4 million plants/acre
  13. 13. After tillage – Fall 2016
  14. 14. CEREAL RYE
  15. 15. Small rosettes = easy killing
  16. 16. Cereal Rye – 40 lbs/acre, seeded mid-December Stand on May 24th, slated for black beans…
  17. 17. Warren Schneckenburger Cedar Lodge Farms, Morrisburg, ON
  18. 18. Picture (November 2018) by: Warren Schneckenburger Cedar Lodge Farms, Morrisburg, ON
  19. 19. Cereal Rye – Fleabane Suppression (Ann Vermeersch) Previous Crop Rye Previous Crop Corn