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X-ray Fluorescence Overview by Eastern Applied Research


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X-ray Fluorescence Technology (XRF) is a popular solution for material analysis needs. XRF Analyzers provide fast and accurate quantification for a number of applications and provide streamlined software functionality and limited sample preparation.

Specializing in ED-XRF, Eastern Applied Research offers solutions for a wide range of coating thickness measurement and material analysis needs.

This presentation highlights the solutions offered by Eastern Applied Research. The Xenemetrix analyzer line is available for laboratory grade elemental analysis, the Element Xr line solves coating thickness measurement needs, and the Oxford Handheld XRF system provides a portable material analysis option.

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X-ray Fluorescence Overview by Eastern Applied Research

  1. 1. X-Ray Fluorescence Technology: XRF Sales – Service – Support
  2. 2. What is XRF? Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (ED-XRF) Generation of X-rays A source X-ray strikes an inner shell electron. If the x-ray is at high enough energy (above absorption edge of element), the inner shell electron is ejected from the atom. Higher energy electrons cascade to fill vacancy, giving off characteristic fluorescent X-rays. A detection system collects the fluoresced x-rays and the analyzers software determines content. For elemental analysis of F (9) to Fm (100)
  3. 3. Benefits of XRF Some Reasons that ED-XRF Is So Popular:  Relatively Low Cost of Acquisition  Non-Destructive or Minimal Sample Preparation  Speed of Measurement; from 10 to 300 seconds  Operation is Simple to Learn  Versatile Testing Equipment
  4. 4. Applications Popular Application Fields Solved by XRF:  Elemental Material Analysis  Laboratory Use: Industrial and Academic  Coating Thickness Measurements  Petrochemical Analysis (Sulfur ID)  Hazardous Substance Detection (RoHS,CPSIA)  Gold and Precious Metal Identification  Environmental Analysis and Mining Applications The staff of Eastern Applied Research has a strong working knowledge of a variety of XRF applications and has the ability to adapt that knowledge for new applications that users of XRF Technology may be looking to solve.
  5. 5. Our Business X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Technology Sales, Service and Support. Offering accredited service with knowledgeable and experienced support XRF Sales: new XRF technology for coating measurements and elemental analysis needs Service: on-site recertification of instrument, repair and preventative maintenance Support: standards laboratory, training, application consultation
  6. 6. XRF Analyzer Sales Eastern Applied Research offers three lines of ED-XRF technology with a focus on two main application areas Laboratory Material Analysis: Xenemetrix Coating Thickness Measurements: Element Xr Portable ED-XRF Applications: Oxford Instruments
  7. 7. Elemental Analyzers … a few reasons that current users chose to work with Eastern Applied Research for material analysis needs  High Standards of Quality  Proven Reliability; long term operation of systems  Dedicated to technical support and service  Dynamic and Innovative Research/Design  Excellent Price to Performance Ratio  Success throughout worldwide installations  Customizable applications are achievable
  8. 8. EX-6600 Spectrometer Developed for universal laboratory needs; the EX-6600 series provides Precision, Versatility and Repeatability.  Silicon Drift Detection (SDD) Technology providing higher count rates (up to 1mill per second)  Elemental range of F(9) to Fm(100)  Shorter analysis times provide top results  Concentrations of % to Parts per Billion (PPB)  Specification of 60kV / 300W  Eight Secondary Targets; maximum sensitivity, speed and precision  Resolution of 123eV to 135eV  10-Position auto sample
  9. 9. X-Calibur with SDD The most popular material analyzer; the X-Calibur SDD provides a wide range of analysis in a compact and powerful spectrometer. Silicon Drift Detection (SDD) Technology, additional options offered Results from 100% concentrations to single digit parts-per-million (PPM) Increase productivity with multiple position auto-sample changers X-ray Source of 50kV, 50W Resolution can be as low as 123eV (Super SDD model) Vacuum or Helium working atmosphere Customized to optimize your analysis
  10. 10. Streamlined Software The Xenemetrix systems offered by Eastern Applied for material analysis feature nEXt software packages.  Powerful analytic capabilities  User friendly interface  Fundamental Parameters; basic standard-less FP included  Graphic interpretation of the results
  11. 11. Coating Thickness XRF Specializing in XRF for Coating Thickness MeasurementsThe Element Xr line of X-ray Fluorescence has been developed and releasedwith the support of the XRF manufacturer, Roentgenanalytik.Eastern Applied Research and Roentgenanalytik established a workingrelationship in 2010; with Eastern Applied providing support for the line.Element Xr (EXr) provides solutions for coating thickness measurementneeds; from basic single layer applications to complex coating systems.The line is quickly becoming known for its price-to-performance value.
  12. 12. EXr Compact System Developed to provide the best value in coating thickness, the Element Xr CE-P includes a detection system that provides users with flexibility, accuracy and repeatability. Compact Design with spacious interior chamber for a variety of components Four collimator sizes are available to best meet the exact testing need Proportional Counter Detection System; effective and economical Si-PIN Detection offered as an option when needed for an application need Z-Axis Movement of 2.36”
  13. 13. EXr-6000 Series The newest addition to the Element Xr line, the EXr-6000 has been developed with twenty years of experience in XRF technology. Three options for detection systems!  Proportional Counter  Si-PIN Detector  Silicon Drift Detection Technology (SDD) Thickness and Composition of Alloys Multi-position collimator changer X-Y-Z sample stage movement
  14. 14. Handheld XRF Eastern Applied is pleased to be aregional distributor of Oxford Instruments handheld x-ray fluorescence analyzers. Field Portable XRF Technology Offering  Simple Operation, minimal training required  Icon Driven Interface, large color touchscreen  Long Battery Life, 10-12 hours  Simple and Secure  Wide Range of Applications  Streamlined Report Generation learn more about Handheld XRF at our website
  15. 15. Support Advantages In addition to innovative XRF analyzers, Eastern Applied Research provides:Experience: over twenty (20) years involvement with XRF technology.Accredited Service: accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 in the field of calibration.North American Sales and Service: for fast and efficient support Sales/Service offices are located in: New York, Texas, Maryland, New England States and IndianaStandards Laboratory: Part of complete coverage includes certification and manufacturing of XRF standards. Eastern Applied Research is known for cost-effective and efficient standards (in-house) lab services.
  16. 16. Our Strategy We strive to provide world class quality x-ray fluorescence analyzers, support and service … always. The Eastern Applied Research Mission To exceed customer expectations by ensuring quality work through: • Consistent professional practice • Training of personnel in all quality documentation • Policies and procedures in their work • Compliance with ISO/IEC 17025-2005 • Continuous improvement throughout our organization
  17. 17. XRF: Solving Needs Eastern Applied Research Inc. Specializing in ED-XRF Technology for Coating Thickness and Elemental Analysis We look forward to working together To solve your testing needs. Learn more: Follow Us: Facebook/easternappliedresearch