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Handheld XRF for Scrap Recyclers...Seeing the Return on Investment


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Many scrap metal recyclers rely on Handheld Xray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzers to maximize their profits. The return on investment is broken down in this presentation by Eastern Applied Research, a distributor of Oxford Instruments popular X-Met 7000 series.

Increased profit is seen overtime by accurately sorting metals and the quantification of the most valuable elements. Two examples are highlighted here and notes on the benefits that the X-Met 7000 series offers to scrap metal recyclers are provided.

Learn more about Xray Fluorescence and Handheld XRF for alloy verification at

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Handheld XRF for Scrap Recyclers...Seeing the Return on Investment

  1. 1. Eastern Applied Research is a Regional Distributor of Oxford Instruments X-Met 7000 Series of Handheld XRF learn more at Handheld XRF Analyzers for Scrap Metal Recycling Realizing the Return on Investment: examples of XRF benefiting scrap recyclers
  2. 2. Where the ROI is… The X-Met 7000 series is ready to use out of the box. A properly configured system essentially requires a user to pull the trigger, wait for as little as three seconds, and then identify the information that is critical to their interest. Profit by Sorting: alloy grade identified from the largest alloy library on the market Profit from Quantification: precise concentrations of the metals in a sample are shown These two aspects are how you can realize a fast return on investment and begin increasing profits for the long-term ~ examples of ROI follow ~ visit to schedule a free, on-site, demonstration of the X-Met 7000
  3. 3. Profit by XRF Sorting In this example, a scrap buyer that purchases stainless as 304 has the ability to accurately sort the steel into 304 and 316 by using the X-Met 7000 Handheld XRF. Because of a higher level of Mo, the increased value of sorting out the 316 will result in increased profits in the long term… RE-SELL @$260,000 Sorter buys 100 tons of 304SS per month at $2,500/ton buys @ $250,000 SORT 90 tons of 304SS valued @ $225,000 10 tons of 316SS valued @ $35,000 Profit of $10,000 / month because of XRF sorting Just by reselling the 304 at a break-even and only taking profit on the 316 (plus not taking into account other transactions) a metal recycler sorting with an X-Met 7000 will pay for the equipment in two months …from then on, it is additional profit
  4. 4. Profit by Quantification The percentage of an element within an alloy grade can vary within a given range. As an example, Ni content can vary from 8 to 10% in 304SS. Regional variations on alloys may create greater variance, Russian grade B26 (close to 304SS) contains Ni at 8 to 12%. This example highlights the use of X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) to accurately quantify an individual metal in purchased alloys. RE-SELL @ $268,500 Sorter buys 100 tons of 304 with 8-12% Ni buys @ $250,000 SORT Actually 8-10% Ni in 70 tons valued @ $175,000 Actually 10-12% Ni in 30 tons valued @ $93,500 Profit of $18,500 because of XRF accuracy in this example, an X-Met 7000 eXpress will pay for itself in one transaction In this example, an X-Met 7000 eXpress will pay for itself in less than two transactions! (again, this doesn’t account for other transactions you may have)
  5. 5. Major X-Met Benefit The Overall Ease of Use You have limited time…so the X-Met 7000 series is ready to use out of the box. The X-Met has the fastest start-up time on the market (20 sec) and longest battery life (10-12 hrs). The screen interface is the largest on the market so you don’t have to scroll for menus or results and it features touch-screen operation (no stylus pen and you can use it with gloves on!). The system is designed so that you can reliably identify a metal and move onto the next sample.
  6. 6. Additional Benefits Additional advantages of the X-Met 7000 series for Scrap Metal Identification:  Point and Shoot Operation, minimal training  Largest Alloy Library is Automatic  Option for Site Specific Alloy Additions  Measurement Mode Adjusts Automatically  Secure and Rugged Design  Fastest Start-up Time Available  Icon Driven Interface  Large color touch screen (with gloves on!)  Longest Battery Life, 10-12 hours  Light Element Capabilities are Available  Great Report Functionality (just ask us) Visit the Handheld XRF webpage
  7. 7. Eastern Applied is pleased to be a regional distributor of Oxford Instruments handheld x-ray fluorescence analyzers. Contact our associates to schedule a free demonstration or to discuss the X-Met 7000 series for scrap metal identification website: email: phone: 716-201-1115