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Improving RoHS Testing with X-ray Fluorescence by Hitachi

Eastern Applied Research provides an overview of the continued evolution of Hitachi XRF analyzers for in-house RoHS testing.

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Improving RoHS Testing with X-ray Fluorescence by Hitachi

  1. 1. Improvements in RoHS Screening by Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation (Eastern Applied Research, Inc. is responsible for the contents of this presentation. Certain material is used with the permission of Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation.) Authorized Distributor; United States and Mexico Pb Hg CrBrCd
  2. 2. Hitachi EA Series EA1200VX Multi-functional; RoHS with Material ID Capability Exclusively features Vortex® detector technology EA6000VX Premier system for RoHS, Coating Thickness, Element ID High precision mapping, Micro spot analysis EA1000A-III / EA1000VX Entry level to high precision RoHS screening Time saving new functions for high throughput featured in this overview:
  3. 3. Focus: 1000A-III Hitachi analyzers build on a history of success and reliability; evolving from the industry leading Seiko analyzer Seiko Model Hitachi Model Primary Use SEA 1000A, 1000A-II 1000A-III RoHS dedicated SEA 1200VX 1200VX RoHS and Material ID SEA 5000 Series 6000VX RoHS, Coatings, Element ID SFT 9500 FT-150 Thin Film, Micro Spot 3200, 9200, etc FT-110A Coating Thickness
  4. 4. Improvements Greatest Throughput Precision Control Software Centralized Data Control Material Identification Function Optional Vortex® Detector (1000VX) Auto Selection Functions Easiest Operation Front Panel Progress Monitor
  5. 5. New Components spectral comparison of 500 mg/kg Pb in brass Vortex ® PbLa PbLb SEA1000AⅡ intensity Intensity 15X X-rayIntensity/cps EA1000VX intensity Improvements to detector technology results in higher sensitivity in both the EA1000A-III and EA1000VX. This means improved count rate, resolution, and speed. (note: EA1000A-III intensity improved by 2x)
  6. 6. Faster Results Cd, Pb, Hg, Br, Cr in plastic Cd, Pb, Hg, Cr in high Br, Sb plastic Cd, Pb, Hg, Br, Cr in brass SEA1000All 100 < 360 + 2000 EA1000Alll < 70 < 210 < 800 EA1000VX 30 < 120 < 200 Typical measurement times (average values) unit: seconds Time to fall below Cd 20 mg/kg; Pb, Hg, Br, Cr 100 mg/kg at 3σ standard error Improvements in analyzer components and configuration allow the new Hitachi EA Series to rapidly increase the number of samples that can be processed
  7. 7. Reduced Standby Products Standby time/seconds SEA 1000A-ll 75 EA1000VX 20 Improved efficiency by reducing system standby time when starting a measurement and processing software Compares total standby time for three measurement conditions What is meant by standby time? It is the time between each measurement to change the measurement condition (analyzer configuration) for optimized results So…faster standby time means faster throughput
  8. 8. Precision Control Innovative precision control software stops the measurement when target precision is achieved. Benefit / Advantage - Greater throughput with most efficient measurement time -Do NOT need to set measurement time for each run - Achieve good data without a specialized operator Matrix A (Metal)Matrix A (resin) Standarderror/mg·kg-1 Matrix C (Alloy) Measurement times / sec target precision stopping point
  9. 9. Auto-Selection Statistical error 3σ mg·kg-1 Hg La 185 Hg Lb 61 Software automatically finds overlapping element peaks and selects the analysis line with the smallest statistical error. 8.0 10.0 12.0 14.0 16.0 ZnKa ZnKb HgLa HgLb Energy/keV Intensity CuKa La of Hg is overlapped with Zn Kb. So, its SE is greater than Lb of Hg. Software chose Lb for analysis NOTE: Software records why this line was chosen, you can see that record.
  10. 10. Material ID XRF results are affected by sample matrix and must be analyzed with the appropriate calibration/recipe. Fe alloy Resin Cu alloy Previous models required an operator to manually select recipes for each measurement. This can result in mistakes as an operator’s judgment of a material could vary.
  11. 11. Material ID Benefit Pre-measurement Select recipe Show result Measurement Save data Sample set This is your only task nowThese were your tasks Material ID eliminates operation steps and potential operator error because the software automatically selects the proper calibration.
  12. 12. Database Sharing Each software/PC has a database that can be shared internally, across a network, and can perform data search, view, analysis, reporting and printing.
  13. 13. Database Function TRENDS COMPARE SEARCH Quickly review trends of the same sample Easily compare data and determine the reason for an error. Left end image above was in the wrong position Simply search data through any of several search methods contact Eastern Applied for complete demonstration of software/database
  14. 14. Specifications Description: EA1000A-III Element Range: Atomic Numbers 13 (Al) to 92 (U) Sample State: Solid / Powder / Liquid X-ray Source: Air Cooled X-ray Tube, Rh target Variable voltage (15, 40, 50kV) and current (1mA) X-ray Configuration: Bottom-Up Irradiation Detector: Si Semiconductor Detector (high speed, no LN2) (high-speed Vortex® detector available in 1000VX model) Chamber: 14.5 x 12.5 x 4.7 (W-D-H, approximate in inches) Collimators: 1mm, 3mm, 5mm (auto switch) Sample Observation: Color CCD Camera Filter: Five (5) mode, automatic switching (including off) Interface: Desktop or Laptop computer and LCD monitor Data Process: Microsoft Excel and Word Capable Software: Routine Measurement, Regulated Substance V2, Qualitative and Quantitative Packages
  15. 15. Additional Analyzers Additional analyzers in the Hitachi EA Series offer the same features and benefits of the EA1000A-III with added features. Additional Features of the Hitachi EA6000VX Mapping, High Speed and Precise See-through Analysis Vortex® Detector comes standard High Precision Overlap Function Continuous Multi-Point Measurements Light Element Capable RoHS plus Thickness and Element ID Contaminant Analysis
  16. 16. More Information EA1000A-III Info and Literature: Complete EA Series from Hitachi: Contact Eastern Applied Research Inc for literature, demonstrations, discussions: 716-201-1115 ~