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Founded in 1984, EastNets serves over 1,000 customers in 120 countries, with over 300 employees and global headquarters in Dubai and 16 offices across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and United States.
Here we take you through the life journey of EastNets :)

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EastNets Key Milestones

  1. 1. A glance into our achievements This document summarizes the Key Milestones of EastNets www.eastnets.com
  2. 2. EastNets Key Milestones The EastNets WebsiteEastNets| Marketing
  3. 3. EastNets Key MilestonesEastNets Key MilestonesFounded in 1984, EastNets serves over 1,000 customers in 120 countries, with over 300 employees andglobal headquarters in Dubai and 16 offices across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and United States.EastNets Milestones1984 - Eastern Networks, now EastNets, is founded by Hazem Mulhim - (About us)2001 - Receives MS-SBSP Fusion Award2003 - EastNets launches a fully-hosted outsourced SWIFT Service Bureau, today serving over 250 clients EastNets SWIFT Service Bureau offers Financial Institutions and Corporates, on SWIFT or considering joining SWIFT, the ability to focus on their core business competencies, while outsourcing their SWIFT connectivity and infrastructure. With the en.Service Bureau, organizations can free up their internal resources, cut down costs and offload the risks and liabilities of maintaining and managing their own SWIFT infrastructure to EastNets‟ SWIFT Certified Service Bureau. http://www.eastnets.com/Outsourcing/ENSB.aspx2005 - EastNets launches BPO (Business Process Outsourcing Services), quality assurance and software testingservices with its center in Egypt In today‟s highly competitive and fast-changing marketplace, organizations are challenged to improve productivity and operational efficiency with reduced budgets. With EastNets Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service, we can help your businesses improve and accelerate KYC processes, enhance growth, reduce costs, and mitigate business risk while leveraging efficient resources to help you better utilize your own resources. http://www.eastnets.com/Outsourcing/BPOSolutions.aspx2007 - EastNets acquires SIDE International, a market leader for anti-money laundering solutions, and rankedby Celent in 2006 as providing one of the top Watchlist Filtering solutions2008 - EastNets launches SafeWatch anti-money laundering solution for transaction monitoring and profiling Meet today‟s complex regulatory and payment challenges with EastNets flexible, configurable, and proven anti-money laundering software used today by over 400 financial institutions and corporates worldwide. http://www.eastnets.com/Solutions/AML.aspx2009 - EastNets receives IBS top ranking for anti-money laundering solution sales for 2008 en.SafeWatch Profiling solution has been named the 4th top-selling anti-money laundering (AML) solution for 2008. http://www.eastnets.com/news_events/news/09-05- 03/EastNets%E2%80%99_en_SafeWatch_Profiling_Ranked_4th_Best_Selling_Anti- Money_Laundering_Solution_by_International_Banking_Systems_Journal.aspxEastNets| Marketing
  4. 4. EastNets Key Milestones2009 - EastNets is awarded a license to open a new office at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) EastNets has received a license DIFC, the world‟s fastest-growing international financial centre, to operate out of the financial district and serve companies located within it. http://www.eastnets.com/news_events/news/09-04- 06/EastNets_Awarded_License_to_Establish_an_Office_in_the_Dubai_International_Financial_Centre.aspx2009 - EastNets launches Anti-Fraud software solution EastNets Introduces SWIFT-Ready Fraud Prevention Solution at Sibos 2009 http://www.eastnets.com/news_events/news/09-09-14/EastNets_Introduces_SWIFT- Ready_Fraud_Prevention_Solution_at_Sibos_2009.aspx2009- EastNets celebrates 25 years of excellence as a leading compliance and payments solutions andservices provider Helping financial institutions and corporates to keep their transactions secure, compliant and well protected against risk. “In a highly demanding and competitive market environment, it is a remarkable achievement for EastNets to have maintained the highest quality standards in our products and services over the past 25 years,” said Hazem Mulhim, Founder and CEO of EastNets. “The company has successfully leveraged its extensive experience and world-class expertise to constantly improve and strengthen our portfolio of banking and financial solutions. Our dedication to quality and excellence, and our strong commitment to protect the integrity and safety of the financial system are key attributes that distinguish EastNets as a premier provider of payment and compliance solutions and services all over the world.” http://www.eastnets.com/news_events/news/09-07- 20/EastNets_Celebrates_25_Years_of_Excellence_as_a_Leading_Compliance_and_Payments_Solutions_and_Services_Provid er.aspx2010 - EastNets awarded SwiftReady Services Label for 2010 Certification Validates EastNets Capability to Perform Implementation, Integration and Upgrade Services for SWIFT Products. http://www.eastnets.com/news_events/news/10-04-06/EastNets_Awarded_SwiftReady_Services_Label_for_2010.aspx2010 - EastNets SWIFT Service Bureau receives SWIFT Operational Assurance Label for 2010 EastNets Meets SWIFT‟s Stringent Shared Infrastructure Requirements http://www.eastnets.com/news_events/news/10-04- 29/EastNets_Service_Bureau_Awarded_SWIFT_Operational_Assurance_Label_for_2010.aspx2010 - EastNets awarded SAS 70 Type II Certification for its SWIFT Service Bureau EastNets announced today that it has achieved the SAS 70 Type II Certification for its SWIFT Service Bureau. http://www.eastnets.com/news_events/news/10-05-04/EastNets_Awarded_SAS_70_Type_II_Certification.aspxEastNets| Marketing
  5. 5. EastNets Key Milestones2010 - EastNets ranked 41st for Second year in RiskTech 100 survey released by Chartis Research2011 - EastNets Wins Financial-is Leaders in Innovation Award The Financial-i Leaders in Innovation Awards identifies those that have excelled in innovative business solutions over the past twelve months, across wholesale transaction banking. The advisory panel reviews a range of criteria including the depth and breadth of functionality and how solutions help companies solve business issues. http://www.eastnets.com/news_events/news/11-01-10/EastNets_Wins_Financial-i_Leaders_in_Innovation_Award.aspx2011 - EastNets ranked 37th in RiskTech 100 Survey released by Chartis Research EastNets, a leading global provider of compliance and payments solutions and services for financial institutions and corporates, has been ranked 37th in this year‟s edition of the RiskTech100 report released by Chartis Research, a leading research and advisory services firm focused exclusively on the risk technology market. http://www.eastnets.com/news_events/news/12-01- 23/EastNets_earns_high_ranking_in_Chartis_RiskTech100%C2%AE_report_for_third_consecutive_year.aspx2011 - Over 400 customers worldwide rely on EastNets SafeWatch Anti-money Laundering Solutions Over 1,000 financial institutions and corporates in 120 countries benefit from solutions powered by EastNets, including 22 of the top 50 global banks. http://www.eastnets.com/AboutUs/Customers.aspx2011 - EastNets Wins Kinetic Process Innovation Award for its SafeWatch Filtering and SWIFT ReportingSolutions at Bermuda Commercial Bank EastNets was selected by a panel of experts based on its en.SafeWatch Filtering solution for OFAC, PEP and SWIFT message screening, and en.Reporting solution for FIN/XML message monitoring being used at Bermuda Commercial Bank. The business benefits that were most impressive to the judges included the solutions‟ robust matching engine enabling rapid identification of anti-money laundering risks while limiting false positives, and direct SWIFT message screening and reporting. http://www.eastnets.com/news_events/news/11-02- 22/EastNets_Wins_2011_Kinetic_Process_Innovation_Award_for_its_Anti-Money_Laundering_Solution.aspx2012 - EastNets Wins Kinetic Process Innovation Award for its SafeWatch Filtering and SafeWatch ProfilingSolutions at Intesa Sanpaolo EastNets was selected by a panel of experts based on its anti-money laundering (AML) application as utilized by Intesa Sanpaolo, the leading banking group in Italy that serves approx. 11 million customers. The business benefits that were the most compelling to the judges were highlighted in Intesa Sanpaolo‟s use of en.SafeWatch Filtering at the Italian branches and en.SafeWatch Filtering and Profiling AML solutions at its international branches in meeting regulatory requirements with AML laws, improving anti-money laundering (AML) defenses and counter terrorist financing (CTF) controls. http://www.eastnets.com/news_events/news/12-03-08/EastNets_Anti- Money_Laundering_Software_Wins_2012_Kinetic_Process_Innovation_Award.aspxEastNets| Marketing
  6. 6. EastNets Key Milestones2012 - EastNets CEO shares entrepreneurial insights at INSEAD Abu Dhabi. A Case Study was writtenspecifically about the founding of EastNets illustrating its success. During the class discussion, Hazem illustrated the nuances of entrepreneurship by presenting a case study on EastNets titled „EastNets: Opportunity in Every Difficulty‟, which chronicled the challenges and obstacles that Hazem had to overcome to transform EastNets into what it is today – a global provider of compliance and payments solutions and services with operations in 14 countries. http://www.eastnets.com/news_events/news/12-03- 08/EastNets_CEO_shares_entrepreneurial_insights_at_INSEAD_Abu_Dhabi_in_the_classroom_and_in_a_panel_discussion.a spxEastNets| Marketing
  7. 7. EastNets Key MilestonesIn the NewsFortune Magazine Cover Story Article: World Banks Trust This Guy!EastNets| Marketing
  8. 8. EastNets Key Milestones Contact Us: http://www.eastnets.com/Contact.aspx info@eastnets.comEastNets| Marketing Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn