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EastNets Academy


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The EastNets Academy is a unique learning community specifically designed for collaborative learning, sharing strategies and techniques to help its members excel in using EastNets technology to improve financial crime protection, resilience and regulatory controls.

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EastNets Academy

  1. 1. EastNets SafeWatch Training ProgramA Breakthrough in the EastNets approach tocomprehensive compliance
  2. 2. In today’s ever evolving regulatory landscape, financial This modular approach recognizes that one size does not fitinstitutions must focus scarce resources on the strategies all and different components or modules can be “blended”most likely to accomplish regulatory and internal compliancy. together to create a personalized educational package forCompliance officers, more and more, need the flexibility to you and your organization. Not only can the program be “achoose what exactly it is they need to learn. la carte” in terms of content but it can be delivered through multiple channels as well as be organized over time in a step byOne of the greatest challenges of training is to have all attendees step, progressive, piece meal approach.on the same page which is best resolved by increasing themodularity of the courses proposed and offering a wide panel of EastNets Academy also offers integrated learning inside itstopics from the functional to the technical, from the basics to the products. With our advanced help feature we stimulate theadvanced. users to excel their knowledge on using en.SafeWatch product suite on a day-to-day basis.The EastNets Academy is a unique learning communityspecifically designed for collaborative learning, sharing strategies “With EastNets Academy we are building a state-of-the-artand techniques to help its members excel in using EastNets learning community helping employees, business partners andtechnology to improve financial crime protection, resilience and customers to excel in compliance and resilience market”regulatory controls. Hazem Mulhim, CEOWe have developed eight following types of training foren.SafeWatch Filtering and Profiling users that have been How to Get Started?organized to cover all levels and interests of the people withinyour organization: If you are interested in mastering a subject area or solution, you can: • Basic End-User Training • Choose from the predefined training curricula that have • Advanced User Training been designed to guide your learning. Please contact us to • Front Line/Branch Staff Training * receive a detailed overview of our training curricula. • Advanced Reporting and Management • Ask the EastNets Education and Training Team to perform • Information Training * a Training Needs Analysis. Based on the gap between the • Fine Tuning and Management Information Training * current skills and the tasks to perform, a specific, tailored • Technical User Training training plan will be developed. • Support and Maintenance Training • Database Management and Data Protection Training **Only available for en.SafeWatch Profiling Solution About EastNets EastNets is a leading provider of global compliance and payment solutions and services with over 1,000 customers in 120 countries. Founded in 1984, EastNets has over 25 years of experience serving financial institutions and corporates around the globe. EastNets provides anti-money laundering, anti-fraud, reconciliation, payment and transaction management solutions, and SWIFT plug-ins to add value to SWIFT connectivity for improved risk management, transparency and costs controls. Over 250 corporates and financial institutions rely on EastNets for outsourced SWIFT connectivity and watchlist filtering through its fully-managed service bureau. In addition, EastNets delivers a full range of SAA payment architecture consulting, implementation services, training and maintenance to help clients protect, manage and improve their SWIFT environment. V 09/11