EastNets Compliance Solutions


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EastNets offers a suite of top ranking compliance solutions that help financial institutions meet regulatory requirements, mitigate money laundering risk and protect against financial crime.

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EastNets Compliance Solutions

  1. 1. Compliance SolutionsReduce Risk, Cost and Complexity with EastNets
  2. 2. Compliance Solutions from EastNets customer data stored in many places throughout the complexEastNets offers a suite of top ranking compliance solutions internal enterprise within a financial institution in a user-that help financial institutions meet regulatory requirements, friendly manner.mitigate money laundering risk and protect against financialcrime. Accessing and Aggregating Data Getting access to data can be a challenge for any financialThe SafeWatch Suite of anti-money laundering and anti-fraud institutions embarking on deploying a compliance solution.solutions from EastNets include en.SafeWatch Filtering: With SafeWatch, obtaining data regarding your customers,providing real-time blocking and list filtering, supporting all lists beneficiaries and transactions from different data sourcesincluding OFAC and PEP; en.SafeWatch Profiling: providing is easy with our Data Source Connectors. The Data Sourcetransaction, account, customer and country risk monitoring Connectors are specifically written to capture data from ausing a rule & risk-based approach and en.SafeWatch Anti- particular application or a particular format and are flexibleFraud: providing multi-channel real-time fraud prevention. enough to incorporate almost any data feed system including (but not limited to) MQ, SWIFT, database, XML and customer-customized formats that are easy to integrate using our Format Configurator. Flexible Zone Configuration SafeWatch solutions utilize the Zone Concept which is useful for large institutions with distributed geographical locations. The Zone Concept enables strict segregation of information pertaining to each branch/business line allowing for automated detection routing. Zoning can be achieved while continuing to utilize one server to perform all the required checks, lowering both an organization’s maintenance and operational costs.An Enterprise Compliance FrameworkWith the SafeWatch Suite, financial institutions benefit from SafeWatch Solutions Keyan enterprise compliance management framework, whichincludes a common platform for anti-fraud and anti-money Benefitslaundering capabilities. This approach is optimal for sharing • Compliance with global laws and regulationsprocesses and workflows to streamline operations. • Central monitoring point for all your financial trafficWhile other vendors may rely on separate or third party • Rapid to real-time identification ofpoint solutions to address, for example, WatchList Filtering, potential risksEastNets solutions will be fully integrated. Through a • Seamless integration with your existingcommon platform, customers can benefit from cost savings systemsand combined processes for detection, investigation, • Highly sophisticated matching engine • Low false positive ratescase management and regulatory reporting within one • Highly flexible and scalable solutionenvironment, giving your organization a 360 degree customer • Enterprise case managementview. With SafeWatch, financial institutions can combine silos • Strong reporting capabilities andfor compliance and fraud prevention and leverage and access audit functionality
  3. 3. Market-Leading Watchlist Filtering From a sophisticated detection engine for exceptional alertWith EastNets top ranked en.SafeWatch Filtering solution, accuracy, to a built-in library of AML scenarios, en.SafeWatchcustomers benefit from a world-class market leading solution Profiling will make your compliance team more productiveused today by over 380 banks in 80 countries. and provide a more cost-effective investigation process while keeping your firm protected against financial crime andEasy Watchlist Updates and Management regulatory risk.As AML requirements are constantly evolving, meetingcompliance has become a challenging and complex exercise. en.SafeWatch Profiling key capabilities:With our SWIFT-Certified en.SafeWatch Filtering solution, • Rule and risk-based approach (RBA)institutions can easily manage an unlimited number of lists, • User and administrator-friendly applicationincluding official lists, private lists and lists provided by • Easy to customize scenarios, risk schemas andrecognized third-party list providers such as World-Check, peer groupsWorld-Compliance and Dow Jones. en.SafeWatch Filtering’s • Future-proof solution to adapt to new risks ande-name checker helps users perform quick name scans needs • Robust Know Your Customer (KYC) andto check for matches on any black listed entity for new or Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) controlsexisting customers. • Case management and regulatory reportingen.SafeWatch Filtering also offers features including list Real-Time Fraud Preventionversion control, offline tests and list comparisons. In addition, EastNets en.SafeWatch Anti-Fraud solution provides accurate,EastNets offers an automated Official Watch Lists Update real-time fraud detection and prevention to protect yourservice, which provides access to the official lists and their financial institution against fraud losses.updates as soon as they are modified by regulatory authorities. The en.SafeWatch Anti-Fraud solution mitigates the risk ofen.SafeWatch Filtering key capabilities: credit/debit card and ATM fraud by providing the ability to • Powerful list management block fraudulent transactions in real-time. By reducing the risk • Highly effective detection engine that minimizes of credit/debit card fraud, the solution can save issuers and false positives acquirers significant money by reducing the costs of insurance • Full auditing and integrated reporting premiums, resource requirements and possible fines and • Flexible, configurable and easy to use system penalties while providing their customers with an added level • Real-time blocking supporting all lists including OFAC, PEP of security and peace of mind. • SWIFT Certified EastNets also now features an internal fraud module, takingAnti-Money Laundering Control and Compliance care of employee behavior within a financial institution.With EastNets en.SafeWatch Profiling solution, financial The company’s anti-fraud solution is also equipped withinstitutions can benefit from a next-generation anti-money dynamically populating dashboards that offer the possibility tolaundering (AML) solution developed over years working monitor and visualize incidents as they happen. It also coverswith many of the world’s leading financial institutions. With incidents that may happen with a pre-paid portfolio.EastNets, customers benefit from a flexible, configurable andend-to-end offering supporting complete coverage of AMLprocesses and compliance practices.
  4. 4. “ING Direct isen.SafeWatch Anti-Fraud key capabilities: very pleased with the implementation and results of • Cross-channel and real-time fraud prevention en.SafeWatch Filtering. With this • Flexible and configurable fraud scenarios robust solution in place, we can • Reduced fraud-handling resource requirements • Risk-based approach and risk assessments per ensure that our customers and our product, channel and customer organization spanning multiple • Automatic and semi-automatic decision assistance geographies are well protected • Advanced detection and case management against risk.” • Rapid implementation and return-on-investment • Easy integration of future anti-fraud modules for complete risk management • Dynamically populating dashboards “With en.SafeWatch Filtering we can accelerate our internal authenticationFrom complex, multi-country financial crime projects to decisions, reduce the risks associatedregional solutions requiring rapid deployment, EastNets with user anonymity and comply with theoffers unrivalled flexibility and configurability to meet the numerous International and Local AMLspecific needs of its diverse customer base. Today, over 400 and ATF regulations. Today, en.SafeWatchcustomers in 80 countries rely on EastNets Compliance Filtering has successfully helped us achievesolutions. a higher level of STP and a quicker time to compliance.”To learn more about our Compliance solutions, visitwww.eastnets.com today. Henk Meijer Senior Manager Anti-Fraud & Anti-Money Laundering ING DirectAbout EastNetsEastNets is a leading provider of global compliance and payment solutions and services with over 1,000 customers in 120 countries.Founded in 1984, EastNets has over 25 years of experience serving financial institutions and corporates around the globe. EastNets providesCompliance Solutions including anti-money laundering and anti-fraud; Resilient SWIFT Solutions for SWIFT FIN/XML reporting, duplicatedetection management, disaster recovery, and outsourced SWIFT connectivity with its SWIFT Service Bureau; and Mobile RemittancesSolutions enabling secure, compliant mobile remittances. In addition, EastNets delivers a full range of SAA payment architecture consulting,implementation services, training and maintenance to help clients protect, manage and improve their SWIFT environment.info@eastnets.comwww.eastnets.com V 09/11