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0626 EAST LONDON RAIL                                       ISSUE 2BRANCH NEWS                                            ...
A  N                 N  A      U                    L this newsletter on theand her report was noted theE A S T   L O N D ...
E A S T   L O N D O N     R A I L -   B R A N C H        N E W S                         M A R C H     2 0 0 8            ...
E A S T    L O N D O N    R A I L -    B R A N C H        N E W S                        M A R C H    2 0 0 8             ...
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Newsletter: March, 2008


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Published in: News & Politics, Business
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Newsletter: March, 2008

  1. 1. 0626 EAST LONDON RAIL ISSUE 2BRANCH NEWS MARCH 2008 NATIONAL UNION OF RAIL, MARITIME, & TRANSPORT WORKERS’ GENERAL SECRETARY: BOB CROW L I V E R P O O L S T R E E T R E S O L U T I O N F O R S T R I K E A C T I O N R E V E N U E S TA F F RPO2 NOW!East London Rail Branch notes that this Union andits negotiators achieved the best possible deal avail-able during the negotiations over ‘one’ Railway Rev-enue Protection harmonisation, finalised in October2006.The Branch also notes that this Union and its’ nego- bers have made this agreement work at no small cost to themselves with little or nothing in return. LER have ridden rough-shod over the prospects of both old and new staff; this Branch considers that a breach of contract. Both old and new staff have been recruited and retained on the promise of thetiators could not have been expected to foresee the possibility of advancing their future prospects;extent to which this agreement would be ignored which according to the company now no longerand disregarded by the Company who insisted in its exist.implementation in the first place. East London Rail Branch notes that this Union hasThe Branch notes that this document, which Liver- been consistently lied to by LER. As well as renegingpool Street revenue staff are instructed to consider on the creation of a grade and the associated NVQcontractual and binding by management, has been course they agreed under harmonisation, they haveregularly and consistently abused by London East- attempted to implement grades which were notern Railway; and that they ‘cherry-pick’ the areas agreed; they have continued to recruit poorlyof harmonisation they wish to enforce whilst ignor- trained agency staff in the face of a promises to theing areas that are in our members’ favour. contrary; all to the detriment of our members’ inter-We believe that by now, half way through the dura- ests. Yet when confronted at a local and depot leveltion of this agreement, progress should have been they insist that this document is the ‘only show inmade towards implementing the RPO Level 2 Grade, town’.thus providing the promotion prospects our mem- This Branch believes that this Union has the rightbers deserve and the Company agreed to. to- and should demand- absolute adherence fromWe have now been told by Revenue Protection man- LER to the Revenue Protection Terms & Conditionsagement at Liverpool Street that this they have ‘de- that they agreed, in all areas and at all levels.cided’ this Grade will never be implemented, yet This Branch requests that, the Company failingthey have introduced a new managerial position to immediately take steps to implement the(‘Prosecutions Officer’) which undertakes similar du- RPO Level 2 grade and all other aspects of har-ties. monisation that they have so far ignored andWe understand this to be a binding agreement be- misused, the General Grades Committee con-tween two parties- the Company and recognised ducts a ballot for strike action and action shortTrades Unions (predominantly the RMT) - which is of a strike of our members within the Revenuenot adhered to by LER. Protection grades at Liverpool Street.This hypocrisy and breach of faith should not be tol-erated any further since we consider that our mem- SEE BACK PAGE REPORT
  2. 2. A N N A U L this newsletter on theand her report was noted theE A S T L O N D O N R A I L - B R A N C H N E W S M A R C H 2 0 0 8 Minority Conference is included inG E N E R A L Secretary never heard her nomination of the were back page. It back from any Con-M E E T I N G sent off in spite of the short notice. Attendance at ference Organisers. All forms20th March 200 8 due to it taking place the weekend after the last the Womens’ conference proved an impossibilityHeld as usual at the Railway Tavern Hotel on Angel meeting; however she should be able to provideLane, Stratford, was the Branch’s Annual General us with a full report from the Station Grades’ Con-Meeting, and a very successful one it was too. We ference at the next meeting (17th April).The Secre-were well represented, with members from many of tary would send her details of the conference fromthe grades and companies we are active in attending. previous correspondence.From London Overground Rail Operations Ltd wasArnold Randall (Gospel Oak RPI), Pauline Wilson (Sta- CORRESPONDENCEtion Assistant, Leytonstone High Rd), and John Clarke(Conductor, Stratford depot); from Network Rail came RECEIVEDGlenn Wallis (Signaller Level 4, South Tottenham NOTED: That the RMT’s legal affairs, including tri-box); and from London Eastern Railway (‘National Ex- bunal claims, were not longer being handled bypress East Anglia’) were John-Paul Healey, Tracey Edwards-Duthie; Thompson’s Solicitors now in-Reeve, Dan Rouse, Ed Shine, and Ron Smythe (all structed in all affairs.Revenue Protection staff at Liverpool Street station); NOTED: It was discussed whether we would haveit was a pleasure to welcome again Pauline Akrill, an a candidate for the Young Members’ Conference;RMT Industrial Relations Officer at Union Headquar- Sister Reeve proposed for this but unavailable onters, as our guest. Apologies were received from Dave this date. Any member interested please contactNubley and Mushi Ali (both CSL3’s, Liverpool Street), the Secretary on the details below.and Steve Brown, Janice Gill, Aniel Gujral, Femi Ogun- NOTED: Annual Leave calculations. Memberssowobo, Orville Seaton, Shay Olaiya, and Keith Bay- working for Network Rail have lost out on A/L daysman (all Revenue Protection staff at Liverpool Street). due to working longer shifts even though they areDue to the absence of both the out-going Chair and on the same working week. The discussion thatVice-Chair at the start of the meeting, Bro. Wallis was followed compared this to ‘one’ railway Revenueelected as temporary Chair (proposed: Bro. Randall, Protection Harmonisation in which LER insisted onseconded: Bro. Smythe). Bro Randall reminded the a reduction of A/L as a result of a 7 hour 24meeting that all members must be fully in benefit to minute day roster. Copies of these documents arestand for Branch Office. to be sent to Bro. Randall for use in up-comingThe thanks of the Branch were conveyed to the out- LOROL ‘harmonisation’ meetings.going Branch Committee, who in accordance with the NOTED: The Work Safe policy at Network Rail’sRules of the union, had resigned; and elections for Electrical Control Rooms on the East Coast Mainthose positions then took place. Line is being undermined by proposed staffingBro. Wallis was elected our new Chair (prop: JP cuts and the ECR Operators (vital Safety CriticalHealey, 2nd: Dan Rouse), and the fraternal thanks staff) have voted unanimously to strike. This isand respects off the Branch are conveyed to Bro. Nub- relevant to this Branch as the North London Lineley for the sterling work he has done over the last (now part of LOROL) is to be re-signalled, result-year in that position. Ed Shine was re-elected Secre- ing in local boxes being closed and signalling con-tary (prop: Dan Rouse, 2nd: Ron Smythe). John trol transferred to Upminster IECC. Network Rail’sClarke was elected to remain as Vice-Chair (prop: continuing disregard for PTR&R (Promotion,Arnold Randall, 2nd: Glenn Wallis). JP Healey became Transfer, Redundancy, & Resettlement, a nationalAssistant Secretary (prop: Ron Smythe, 2nd: Arnold agreement) makes this a battleground of the fu-Randall). Tracey Reeve, Arnold Randall, and Ron ture. Watch this space!Smythe were elected the Branch’s Trustees (prop: Ron A complete list of all the secretary’s correspondenceSmythe, Pauline Wilson, Dan Rouse; 2nd: JP Healey, received is available at every Branch Meeting or byJP Healey, Tracey Reeve, consecutively). For the Re- emailing the Secretary at:gional Council, Glenn Wallis, Pauline Wilson, and Ed were elected (prop: Ed Shine, Ed Shine, Arnold East London Rail Branch News thanks theRandall, 2nd: Dan Rouse, Ron Smythe, Pauline Wilson outgoing Branch Committee for their work ofconsecutively). Arnold Randall and Dan Rouse were the past year and congratulates the newelected Auditors (prop: Ron Smythe, Tracey Reeve; Committee on their election. With a strong,2nd: Pauline Wilson, Ron Smythe consecutively). focussed, and united Branch we can continueThe minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true the recent upsurge in Branch activity and re-record (prop: Sister Wilson; 2nd: Arnold Randall); cruitment and make East London Rail BranchSister Wilson had attended the Black & Ethnic the focal point for all our members. NEXT MEETING: THURSDAY 17th APRIL 2008—RAILWAY TAVERN, ANGEL LANE, STRATFORD– 17.00 HOURS. PHONE 07940 340 128 FOR DETAILS OR EMAIL
  3. 3. E A S T L O N D O N R A I L - B R A N C H N E W S M A R C H 2 0 0 8 formance related- for Revenue Staff. As yet it is un- known whether, if introduced, this will be individual- EWS or team-based; however the Union’s position on such schemes has not changed: we believe that it is NBro Randall informed the Branch that the RevenueProtection agency staff employed from ‘Magenta’ on a way of dividing people and encouraging them to compete with each other rather than focus energy on claiming their rights from the employer. Likewise,the Gospel Oak-Barking line (which is believed to be staff may view a bonus as an inevitable part of theirknown to some of our more mature members as the wage packet, when, in fact, it can be removed orTottenham-Hampstead line) are preferred by LOROL made unobtainable at a moments notice, thus hav-to be brought back in-house, although no time scale ing the effect of a pay cut. Pay rises should be parthas been advised as yet. Likewise ‘Manguard’ (secu- of the overall salary and pensionable, not dished outrity/ barrier agency staff) should be phased out when management feel like it. It will almost in-within the month. evitably too create and exacerbate conflict situa-The Company may attempt to begin re-structuring tions which could normally perhaps be diffused byat the beginning of May, although so far there have the Inspectors’ discretion. Which is why we are gladbeen no joint meetings to discuss any proposals. to learn that contrary to reports at last monthsOff-the-table discussions suggest there will be no meeting, RPI’s have not in fact had their AVB’sstaff displacement, rather, a recruitment drive, since (portable ticket issuing facilities) removed, only thethey need extra staff on the GOB and ex-Silverlink Magenta staff. So although such bonus schemes andCounty lines. This restructuring is likely to focus on points systems may appear at first glance to belevelling out (harmonising???) T&C’s and pay scales, easy money, we feel they are likely to be paid for inalthough there is a possibility that the Company ways not immediately apparent.would wish to put Sunday working back into the It was also noted that Team Leader positions on theroster (i.e., part of the working week). Of course, GOB line, which have been floated for the last two-this would be dependent on what it is worth in ex- three weeks, are being filled absolutely contrary tochange. It should be remembered that Silverlink (as PTR&R agreements. Apparently they are to bewas) and now LOROL staff have for some time been ‘elected’ from amongst the staff, which whilstfighting for a Sunday Working Rate of Time +3/4 sounding democratic, means their has been no con-which we would expect to be part of any package sultation or fair assessment procedure in place: jobsinvolving Sunday working on-roster. going unadvertised, lack of formal application, orRevenue Protection staff have also begun their even appointment. There is even uncertainty, duetraining in Greater London Authority legislation for to the lack of a formal Job Description whether thisthe detection and prosecution of Oyster mis-use, for is a Supervisory or Team Leader grade... but onwhich, as yet, no extra duty payment has been de- £18,000 a year, the rate is not commensurate withmanded. However, this should be born in mind by either!LOROL if they ever claim that ‘belts need to be This, as well as issues such as facilities for Rep’s attightened’ or that our members have not given any- stations, Lone Working, and Uniform standards, isthing up. to be raised and confronted at the next LOROLThere is also some talk of the Company introducing Company Council meetinga points system of some kind- possibly bonus/ per- NEXT MEETING: THURSDAY 17th APRIL 2008—RAILWAY TAVERN, ANGEL LANE, STRATFORD– 18.30 HOURS. PHONE 07940 340 128 FOR DETAILS OR EMAIL
  4. 4. E A S T L O N D O N R A I L - B R A N C H N E W S M A R C H 2 0 0 8 For the last two years, ever since Revenue Protec- tion grades within London Eastern Railway (then, ‘one’, and now ‘National Express East Anglia’) were WS harmonised, staff have been consistently under at- tack. This applies as much, if not more, to Liverpool NEThe Secretary proposed a motion (seconded BRos.Smythe and Healey, carried unanimously)- printed Street staff as to other depots on the network, due to the high profile- or in management speak- ‘flag ship’ position of the depot. At Christmas, we saw a roster introduced which was not agreed or negotiated uponon the front page- that this company has consis- which sent RPI’s to remote locations not eventently reneged on its obligations and abrogated its on the network (e.g, tube and C2C stations),rights under the Collective Bargaining Procedure, which ironically, was against the harmonisa-or, put more simply, has lied and lied again in its tion deal! (Section 3.9)implementation of the Harmonised Terms & Condi- We have a permanent allocation of Agencytions all Revenue Staff operate under. staff in the depot when it is patently clear thatBro Smythe also pointed out that there is still no there is not a full complement of permanentNVQ for RPA/ RPOI grades, and not even any as- staff as it is (after the company swore blindsessor or trainer position exists as is the case in that they required only TEN Agency workersDriver and Retail grades. bro. Wallis pointed out to carry out ticket gate assessments at otherthat under the WAGN re-structuring, certain old BR stations).grades were removed through natural wastage.The Branch agreed that, since the Company cannot The introduction of Level 2 RPO is somethingbe trusted to keep its side of any agreement it that many members at Liverpool Street havemakes, what has been promised is worthless and aspired to since it was proposed, yet, twowhat little little we have gained will be further whit- years down the line, is as unachievable astled away if they are given the chance. ever while the Company maintain their cur- rent position We have never been given a clear and logical answer to why Liverpool Street has a different paying in procedure to other depots- generally a vague reference to ‘cash regulations’, but are we honestly meant to accept that these regulations create different procedures for different depots? The few promotional posts that are available are not being advertised and where they are the criteria of recruitment is INVISIBLE; the branch does not feel that these members are being given a fair opportunity at advance- ment, specifically because of their location. Unfortunately, although these issues, and more, have been raised repeatedly at depot level, the ob- vious disregard with which this company holds our members’ future and aspirations leaves this Branch with no other option than to call upon the General Grades Committee to immediately conduct a ballot of Revenue Protection members at Liverpool Street for strike action and action short of a strike unless the company responds positively with our request that they uphold the Agreement they insisted on in the first place. EAST LONDON RAIL BRANCH- FIGHTING FOR YOUR PROGRESS!