Newsletter: Late October, 2008


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Newsletter: Late October, 2008

  1. 1. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 8 Late October 2008 0626 East London Rail Branch New s Email: Secretary: Ed Shine– 07940340128 Chair: Glenn Wallis – 07789791224 National Union of Rail, Maritime, & Transport Workers’ GENERAL SECRETARY: Bob Crow NATIONAL EXPRESSVOTE‘YES’VOTESTRIKE1 NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 20TH NOVEMBER 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  2. 2. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 8 Late October 2008NXEA: SINCE MANY ARE STILL WAITINGFOR THE REAL REASONS BEHIND THESACKING OF CHARLIE CICIRELLO, KEITHBAYMAN, DAVE GODDARD, AND ROB LEES...WE WILL PILE FACT, UPON FACT, UPONFACT, UPON YOU UNTIL YOUR VERYREASON BREAKS DOWN BENEATH IT...Charlie Cicirello, a Revenue Protection In- Representative of the RMT. This does notspector based at Chingford depot, and three make him an enemy of the travelling public:of his RMT colleagues, have been dismissed in fact, by defending the use of correct pro-by the Company on charges of gross miscon- cedures and rules, he does his small bit toduct concerning their evidence given in the protect the travelling public from the poten-witness-box at a case heard at Southwark tial dangers and problems inherent in mis-Crown Court earlier this year. They appeared management. He is in no sense a ‘1970’sonly as a witnesses; no criminal charges had trade unionist’; he is generally conciliatory inbeen, or were, ever brought against them by his approach to negotiation, his fundamentalthe Company, the CPS, or the Judge. concern being the adherence to procedureThe Judge hearing the case at no point had and agreements from a company that tooto reprimand Bro. Cicirello or the others for often ignores such agreements and bargain-their behaviour in the witness box, and they ing procedures.was not in fact even cross-examined, evi- The Branch as a whole feels strongly that hedence generally taking minutes to give. has been victimised purely on account of hisHowever, it should be noted that the Head of trade union activities. The company seem tothe Revenue Protection department at NXEA be demonstrating far more of a ‘1970’s’ atti-who was also at the Court, Mr. Alan Perry, tude to trade unionism than he ever has. Hewas in fact reprimanded by the Judge for has been a thorn in Perry’s side; Perry is at-sending an SMS ‘text’ message to a Detec- tempting to remove this thorn in order totive Constable whilst the latter was actually ride rough-shod over all RPI’s.under oath; it is difficult to see how Bro. Cici- VOTE ‘YES’ TO STRIKE ACTION-rello’s behaviour– or any of the others- is in DEFEND YOUR COLLEAGUES NOW ANDany sense as bad, let alone worse, than YOURSELVES FOR THE FUTURE!Perry’s.All four, as even the Company will admit, IMPORTANT NOTICE:were experienced members of the Revenue THERE ARE MANY ISSUES RPIs’ ARE BEINGProtection team, and as protecting and de- ATTACKED OVER IN DIFFERENT DEPOTS–fending revenue is a commitment the Com- FAMILY FRIENDLY POLICY, AND DUTY OFpany made under its franchise agreement, CARE, ROSTERING OF BREAKS, EROSIONtherefore valued members of staff. OF SAFETY THROUGH LONE WORKING–So why have they been treated in such a ALL MEMBERS BE ASSURED THESE ISSUESway? HAVE NOT BEEN FORGOTTEN ABOUT… THEBro. Cicirello is, as well as being an experi- STRUGGLE TO WIN BACK OUR RIGHTS ISenced Ticket Inspector, is also a dedicated ONLY JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!! NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 20TH NOVEMBER 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS2
  3. 3. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 8 Late October 2008WHY THEY ARE INNOCENT…WHY WE SHOULD DEFEND THEMIt was only a little over this time last year that nue Protection Mis-Management in public;retail grades within National Express East faults which were known by Management atAnglia (one Railway, as was) were support- the time but who allowed the problems toing their sacked colleague, Paul Yarwood, continue, and which they now, hypocritically,through strike action. Although the strike was deny.called off before RPI grades had the chance If anyone assumes theres no smoke withoutto be balloted, they were eager to show soli- fire, or the Company would not do things likedarity with Paul and his colleagues. that, remember that all this company are in-THIS BRANCH NOW REQUESTS THAT terested in is attacking this Union and itsSIMILAR SUPPORT IS GIVEN BY ALL Reps- (particularly the effective ones, likeBRANCHES IN THE ANGLIA REGION FOR Charlie) and through attacking our Reps,YOUR COLLEAGUE, AND OUR REVENUE our members.PROTECTION COMPANY COUNCILLOR & ALL MEMBERS SHOULD BE ADVISED:HEALTH AND SAFETY REP, BRO. CHAR- WHEN ALL RMT.. REPS HAVE BEEN DIS-LIE CICIRELLO, DISMISSED BY A VENGE- MISSED... WHO WILL FIGHT DEFENDFUL MANAGEMENT WHO HAVE VICTIM- YOU THEN?!ISED HIM BECAUSE OF HIS COMMIT- To win, we need unity and a clear under-MENT TO REPRESENTING THE RMT. AND standing of the issues involved, and what isITS MEMBERS. at stake: the ability of your Reps to fight forManagement have tried to portray him as members interests and confront the Com-having carried to some kind of gross miscon- pany with complete independence and with-duct, all he did was tell the truth as to what out fear of reprisals or dismissals.was happening within the company before a National Express may well believe that their battleJudge, highlighting the faults of NXEA Reve- is over. No. OUR WAR HAS ONLY JUST BE- GUN. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 20TH NOVEMBER 2008 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS3
  4. 4. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 8 Late October 2008TO ALL ALL N.X.E.A.ST. TO LIVERPOOL OPEN LETTER TO ALAN PERRY, HEAD OF NXEATEAM LEADERS TEAM LEADERS REVENUE PROTECTION: HOPEFULLY PREVENTING PEOPLE BEING SACKED LIKE REMEMBER WHOSE THE LAST FOUR… SIDE YOU ARE ON WORTH A TRY!!THIS IS THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY. “Dear AlanWE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO THINK ABOUT Under my Contractual Obligation to reportINDUSTRIAL RELATIONS IN TERMS OF to my management any information I may‘SIDES’ OR ‘US AND THEM ‘; In a perfect be aware of that is, or might possibly be,world we would not have to; and of course detrimental to the Company’s business, Iif Industrial relations– particularly in a firm regret to inform you of the following:such as National Express East Anglia– were 1. Someone I do not personally knowtreated with respect, the RMT would have may or may not be doing somethingno reason to exist. that may or may not be detrimental toWell: bearing in mind that we are dealing the Company’s Interests;with National Express, and that they do not 2. Something I do not know for sure ispresumably understand that this is the detrimental to the Company’s Inter-twenty-first century, THANK GOD FOR THE ests may or may not be being carriedEXISTENCE OF THE RMT. out by someone I may or may notManagement within National Express, having personally know;taken their Duty of Care policy direct from 3. The Company’s Interests may or maythe Peter Rachman Book of Man- not be harmed by these persons, at aManagement, treat you no better than they time and/ or place unknown to me,do the workers at the front-line. And bearing with or without my personal knowl-in mind you are also at the front line, this edge.should give pause for thought. However I acknowledge that if I am an ef-If you have a Manager above you who ef- fective Trade Union representative, thesefectively dictates and controls your every Rules will not apply to me, and you can re-decision, your every action, then look at it treat down a rabbit hole into Wonderlandthis way: what is to stop that manager fi- looking for any such trivial, petty, and mali-nally cutting out the middle man? Why cious accusations you may see fit to throwshould he not do the job himself– as you against me.may think, he already does in all but name– However, whether I am a Trade Union rep-and, in this period of ‘credit crunch’, save a resentative or not, I acknowledge that I amsalary or two? bound to speak the truth, the whole truth,Food for thought indeed; but not to the and nothing but the truth in a Court of Law;RMT. We understand, support, and respect but that in doing so, I may be stitching my-the important and essential role played by self right up. Thus I am also willing to con-Supervisors and Team Leaders sider the merits of being reprimanded by aTHE RMT REPRESENTS ALL GRADES. IF Judge instead, as I know that nothing willYOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU HAVE TO happen to me on that account.WATCH YOUR BACK, WHEN YOUCOULD BE DOING YOUR JOB … JOIN WE WILL TEXT YOU TO LET YOU KNOWTHE RMT; DO YOUR JOB, AND LET THERMT WATCH YOUR BACK FOR YOU. Yours sincerely, ALL NXEA INSPECTORS” NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 20TH NOVEMBER 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS4
  5. 5. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 8 Late October 2008ALAN PERRY BELIEVES STRIKE ‘EARLY DAY MOTION’ACTION ‘PREMATURE’; RAISED IN PARLIAMENTBUT 17* MEMBERS OF PARLIA- OVER THE SACKINGS;MENT DO NOT THINK SO!!! NATIONAL EXPRESS’THEY SAY– N.X: THINK BEHAVIOUR CONDEMNED *AT TIME OF GOING TO PRESS, AND INCREASING DAILY“That this House is appalled at the treat- THOUGHTment of Charlie Cicirello by National Ex-press East Anglia; notes Charlie is a key FOR THE MOMENTsenior representative and activist for theRail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union; “What does this Union do?is dismayed that the company has dis- Who does it defend? Who does it protect?missed Charlie and three other colleaguesfor alleged breach of procedures despite I’ll tell you what it does–substantial evidence to the contrary; fur- it supports everyone.ther notes that the RMT has taken such a I’ll tell you who it defends;serious view of these dismissals that it is It defends EVERYONE.conducting a ballot for industrial action in I’ll tell you who it pro-defence of Charlie and his three col- tects;leagues; pledges full support for the union It protects the INNO-in defence of its members; and urges the CENT.”company to reconsider these cases as amatter of utmost urgency.”BOB CROW SLAMSNATIONAL EXPRESSBob Crow has stated that company claimsto have operated a ‘robust’ system govern-ing the use of the ticket machines were afallacy. Management had cracked down ret-rospectively on security in the wake of thecourt case to save it embarrassment. Derrick Marr“Heavy-handed management dismissed ourmembers to cover their own backs and shift RMT activist; Branchresponsibility away from themselves using Secretary, South Easttheir own workers as scapegoats,” he said. Essex Branch; Local“We cannot let the company get away with Representative; Councilthis vicious and vindictive action. Charlie of Executives member;has been an efficient and effective union Regional recruiter; andrep and therefore a thorn in the side of outspoken defender ofmanagement. That is why they want rid of our interests in thehim. The others are being punished with a work-place and in themeasure that is out of all proportion to any Union.alleged ‘crime’. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 20TH NOVEMBER 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS5
  6. 6. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 8 Late October 2008 ACTING REGIONAL ORGANISER’S REPORTNumber of issues regarding London Overground (LOROL). They are employing peoplewhere there are no facilities, and whilst it is accepted that it is difficult to sort everythingout over night (e.g., having to rely on firms and organisations like Thames Water and LocalCouncils to play their part), the company is now eleven months old and ‘teething problems’is no longer an excuse.But dates have now been received for the refurbishment of the Barking- Gospel Oak line: 24th November: Wanstead Park 12th January: Woodgrange Park Phone lines and Wi-Fi have been installed; th 9 February: Leytonstone High road there are more staff but not enough, with 9th March: Leyton Midland Road too many Agency staff; they have ap- th 6 April: Walthamstow Queens’ Road pointed all their managers. th 4 May: South Tottenham We have agreement over constituencies 4th June: Haringay Green Lanes (18 Industrial Rep.’s, 18 Health & Safety, th 6 July: Crouch Hill and 3 Engineering), and will probably get rd 3 August: Upper Holloway some clerical grades Rep.’s out of TSSA who are unable to fill the vacancies theyStaff levels are to be reviewed- as staffing already have.levels go up as intended then more Rep.’swill be required which is beneficial to all The situation at Shepherds’ Bush, re: themembers. multi-functionalising of new-entrant con-Since LOROL made no effort to run the re- ductor grades is being granted a onecent Rep.’s elections, this Branch and Willes- months’ trial, as long as they are pro-den Rail should divide up the spheres of in- active on the on-going issues of re-fluence; from now on, just inform the Re- structuring and refurbishment of GOB Linegional Council and the South East Regional facilities.Office of the Representatives we elect. TheSecretary will provide me with a list of Rep.’s On the important matter of pay, Silverlink[SECRETARYS NOTE: ACTIONED] and Paid left us in a mess and no mistake. We nowRelease and training for new Rep.’s will be on have a two year deal for retail gradesthe agenda with the company next month. which this year equated to an increase ofIn line with this, all Agreements and Proce- over 10% for our lowest paid members,;dures must be reviewed with the oversight of worth noting that this irritated the ASLE&Fthis Union and along the lines of existing LUL no end, as the financing for this deal cameprocedures which I am currently providing out of their own 4.7%.LOROL with. We intend contractors to be replaced by full time staff, preferably manning stations 24/7-but before that, ay least from first to last train, from opening to closing of the station. Wehave also achieved the London Living Wage of £7.45 per hour for all contractors which is initself a big breakthrough, and a good stepping-stone to bringing them fully in-house. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 20TH NOVEMBER 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS6
  7. 7. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 8 Late October 2008ACTING REGIONAL On the subject of Network Rail cleaning grades, the responsibility as Lead officer for these grades hasORGANISER’S REPORT been transferred from me now; but I can tell you there is an on-going campaign for all cleaners pro- posed to go before all Regional Councils. Until now only London Transport regional Council took it up but they have now achieved the London Living Wage for⇒ Bro Klyen mentioned that their cleaners; there is a lesson to be learnt here for other Regional Councils, including yours!the Drivers’ re-structuring was We are not just gong for better wages for them- butfinished today yet the Guard’shas hardly begun. to actually organise around them- by going to their parent or umbrella company.⇒ The Secretary suggested TfL are providing me with a list of all contractors forthat although we couldn’t re-alistically expect the same ba- me and we are working on a Charter of Employment and Accommodation for them; we will start withsics as LUL staff, Drivers (e.g., LOROL and carry on from there.on the Underground) have seta precedent.⇒ Bro. Whitehead pointed outthat the admittedly majorgains achieved on pay andholidays within LUL weregained through accepting the Agency staff have been seen on barriers wearing LULprinciples of multi- uniform at LOROL workplaces. Bro. Whitehead saidfunctionalism and looser these things should be reported immediately to man-Terms and Conditions; for ex- agement who should remove them from site as thisample, we fight to protect would be a breach of their franchise. Also report tothose who can’t work particu- Regional Office.lar hours at certain stations- Surveyors are ‘measuring up’ Willesden and Westbut to get similar pay-deals as Hampstead stations for Automatic Ticket Gates at thethey have achieved on LUL, moment.people will have to do thatkind of thing, and multi-task. Revenue and Gateline staff will be issued up for the⇒ Bro. Randall requested any issue of Crombie coats, although none are actuallydetail regarding the Com- being measured for them. The Secretary remindedpany’s Insurance coverage the branch of when the same coats were issued toand their responsibilities dur- L.E.R. revenue staff- very smart, but again, not meas-ing staff PNB’s; they claim ured, and subsequently many complaints received asthere isn’t, so could this be to a far too tight a fit around the shoulders, and asclarified. such on a long shift, could be deemed not fit for pur- pose.⇒ The Secretary suggested he There has been another assault on a member of staff,request from the RMT Indus- this time at Gospel Oak station, of both a racial andtrial Relations Dept. a com- physical kind, the Branch was pleased to be informedparison with other TOC’s Duty that this time (like the assault at Walthamstowof Care etc as to responsibili- Queen’s Road station) management appear to haveties for staff on PNB and trav- fully fulfilled their Duty of Care, and hopefully presseling to and from work charges against the perpetrators. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 20TH NOVEMBER 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS7