Newsletter: June, 2008


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Newsletter: June, 2008

  1. 1. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 4 June 2008 0626 East London Rail Branch New s Email: Secretary: Ed Shine– 07940340128 Chair: Glenn Wallis – 07789791224 National Union of Rail, Maritime, & Transport Workers’ GENERAL SECRETARY: Bob Crow EAST LONDON RAIL BRANCH DEMANDS ACTION OVER LIVERPOOL STREET TICKET GATE SAFETY SAFETY FIRST STAFF SECOND PROFIT LAST EAST LONDON RAIL BRANCH notes regarded by management: i.e, that this Union has many members none. Since management obviously working on the Liverpool Street consider it a demeaning job, how Automatic Ticket Gateline (ATG) are our members expected to have and that these members have been, any self-respect for doing it, or any are being, and continue to be de- reliance that they will be supported meaned, their position denigrated, by such a management when it may and put at risk by a hypocritical be required? local management. This Branch notes that this de- Although there are members on the manding job involves long hours, Gateline with years of experience spending 100% of it on the feet and knowledge these professionals without even the benefit of being are insulted and demeaned by the able to move too far from the gate. fact that their link seems to be con- The rostering and staffing of this sidered a ’punishment block’ for link is such that members are regu- other departments. There are mem- larly required to have PNB’s early in bers of staff currently on the Gate- the shift or contrarily, extremely line who are only there because late; and it is extremely common they have been downgraded there for the spare turn to be utilized on a from other positions which demon- permanent post which results in strates precisely the degree of re- Breaks being delayed and curtailed. spect with which the Gateline link is Continued next page NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 17th JUNE 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane,1 Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  2. 2. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 4 June 2008The Branch notes the serious safety Street station has increased by overissue involved in their role, viz– they 80% to approximately 55 million ,perform primarily a Safety role there are serious grounds for con-(observing and managing passenger cern as to whether the ATGs areflow through the gates and resolving either capable of coping with thetechnical faults), but they are also flow (particularly during peak peri-expected to provide a high level of ods) or compliant with modernCustomer Service whilst also deliver- safety regulations and basic ticket examination for the We also note the unwillingness ofRevenue Protection department. London Eastern Railway to provideSince ticket examination is by its na- this branch or Union with a currentture understood to be potentially con- Safety Case for the operation of thefrontational, the branch feels that be- Gateline. We are forced to assumeing expected to perform the latter that their intransigence in doing sotwo duties simultaneously puts staff is based on the fact that withoutsafety and well-being at risk whilst such a document, our members andbeing a distraction from their safety officials hands’ are tied in confront-duties, which could put passengers at ing the company’s casual and po-risk (for example) if they get caught tentially dangerous attitude to staffbetween the gates, which is a regular and passenger safety in the opera-occurrence.) This is particularly the tion of during periods of disruption East London Rail therefore requestswhen staff have to wear high-visibility with immediate effect that thevests and stand concourse-side of the Company is demanded to producegates in the face of a station full of the current or the most recentincreasingly stressed passengers. safety case for the ATG OperationThe danger of this has been demon- between platforms 1-18 at Liver-strated far too regularly by the unfor- pool Street.tunately not infrequent cases of staff This branch requests that if such aabuse and assault Local Staff Repre- document exists, then this Unionsentatives and this branch have had will examine it minutely for infrac-reported to them. tions in operation, maintenanceThis branch has also had reports of procedures and rostering/staffingmanagers attempting to force staff to issues that we believe are occurringclean the bodywork of their gates everyday.with household cleaning materials This branch requests that, if such awith no form of personal protective document does not exist, then anclothing and in complete and disre- immediate and detailed Risk As-gard for their Job Description. Al- sessment should be carried out onthough this was prevented after RMT all the above issues that with theintervention at a local level, it dem- full involvement of this Union’sonstrates the disregard these staff Reps and Officials at all levels, in-are held in. cluding full negotiations and JointThe branch also believes there is an Working Parties as required.immediate necessity to re-examine If the Company does not adhere toand re-work the original safety prem- our demands, then we request thatise of the Automatic Ticket Gateline the full safety and well-being forat Liverpool Street Station. our members (and LER’S passen-In 1998 when the Eastside Gateline gers) of the current ATG Operationwas installed, annual passenger flow are considered at the highest levelsthrough Liverpool Street station was of this Union.approximately 30 million and these The branch also requests that, fail-gates were ‘assumed to provide for a ing the Company’s willingness tomaximum flow of 450 passengers per act on these issues, all membersminute during normal opera- are informed and reminded of theirtion’ (Safety Case for Operation and duty to refuse to work on theMaintenance of GER Automatic Ticket grounds of Health and Safety, thatGate Project (1998) LIV/ATB/001 Is- the Company is reminded of this,sue 2.0, 2.4, 3-5). Also ‘the gates and that all staff are promised andsoftware is designed to run to the given the full support of the RMT inyear 2004’ (Section 2.7.1). this struggle to ensure safe workingThis branch believes that, as annual conditions for ATG operators.passenger flow through Liverpool NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 17th JUNE 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS2
  3. 3. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 4 June 2008Bro. Simpson updated the Branch onthe lack of staffing on the Gospel Oak-Barking line, of which as a resultmembers are being refused Annual It was reported that hygiene isLeave, and that staff may be being severely lacking on the GOB line,bullied into working Sundays too. with the ‘Portaloo’ facilities atBro. Wallis advised keeping a record Woodgrange Park and Wansteadof the refusal in case it is later claimed Park not being cleaned sufficientlythat untaken leave should be lost. or often enough.A report was passed to the Branchfrom Bro. Tatum that a private secu- Bro. Randall made it clear that herity contractor will be covering PNB’s was livid at reports that the Unionon the GOB line. It was agreed that accepted this state of affairs andthe Branch should establish whether these conditions, making it clearthis is one security guard per station that this was untrue and in factor a few to cover the whole line. PNB’s had never even been negotiated.are taken between trains, but this is The RMT is putting pressure onthe members own time. The General LOROL for new facilities as thepurpose Relief shift is meant to phone ones that exist are insufficient andeach station to establish when relief is those that are planned far tooto be required, but this is not happen- small for what LOROL propose toing. So are the GPR’s being used to equip them with.cover other jobs preventing them fromproviding PNB’s? Staff will apparently be requiredAlso it was reported that LOROL are to go up and down from this ac-contracting out home jobs to Man- commodation to platform level;guard Security in breach of estab- the Branch noted that if this waslished PTR&R Agreements. converted to a fully equipped in-Manguard originally promised to pro- formation desk then passengersvide all night 1 to 1 emergency secu- would come to them thus alleviat-rity cover at stations but this has now ing the risk of assault.been reduced to the hours 20:00-00:00. This firm appear also to be It was also reported that Health &sub-contracting. Safety Representatives are findingThe Branch agreed that it was a prior- it difficult to get released fority that permanent LOROL staff be meetings which is both a directtaken on and that private security attack on the functioning of thisshould be removed from covering in- Union and the right of all employ-house work and be left to provide all- ees to a safe working environ-night security. The GPR grades would ment.then be allowed to do their bookedjobs. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 17th JUNE 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS3
  4. 4. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 4 June 2008 BRANCH MEETINGTHURSDAY 19TH JUNE 2008 INCIDENT REPORT RAILWAY TAVERN HOTEL The Branch heard that the lack of a Team Leader on certain shifts can STRATFORD mean that there is no chain of com- 17:00 HOURS mand if an incident was to occur; a recent example being where a re-The Chair, Glenn Wallis port was logged with the BTP and(Network Rail) welcomed the 9 Willesden Control but the latter ig-Branch members and Guests nored it. There was no subsequentpresent. They were, from feedback and the members’ LineLOROL, our Assistant Chair, Manager informed him that he as-John Clarke, Dean Cooper sumed that the Team Leader would(Stratford), S. Sharma, Darren be dealing with it the next workingMelvin (Haringay Green Lanes), day. The Branch agreed that if thisLloyd Simpson (Wanstead had been an emergency, it demon-Park), and Arnold Randall strates a complete lack of under-(Gospel Oak). From NXEA at standing of duty of care on behalf ofLiverpool Street came the Sec- LOROL and a lack of knowledge ofretary, Ed Shine and Danny San- their own procedures. In the abovedall. Also welcomed was guest example, the fact that the BTP hadDerrick Marr from the RMT been called should have shown howCouncil of Executives. serious the issue was.Apologies for absence werenoted and accepted from Ron It was proposed by Bro Sharma that Representatives elected should repre-Smythe, Tracey Reeve, Dave sent different areas of the network orNubley and Danny Rouse Line from which they are based.(Liverpool Street), and Ray Due to there being no Seconder, thisTatum from LOROL. resolution Fell.We urge ALL members who It was proposed by Bro. Melvin thathave not yet attended a meet- no Team Leader should be a Represen-ing to do so. The Branch meet- tative of this Union; that we can repre- sent them but they should not repre-ing is YOUR forum. It is YOU sent us, as there may be a conflict ofwho make the agenda; it is YOU interest.who lead the discussions anddebates; and it is YOU who ulti- Bro. Marr explained that the RMT is an all-Grades Union, and Bro. Wallis notedmately make the decisions! A that actually these ‘Team Leaders’ arevery different process and at- in any case generally RO2’s appointedmosphere to what we are all temporarily to Grade ‘A’ and perform- ing a temporary supervisory role.used to at work in fact.Any and every member should Bro. Marr: until officially appointedattend if possible; and likewise they remain in their own minuted role and all members have a right to standevery member should urge as Representatives. If members areevery other to be there too. To unhappy with the quality of their repre-anyone with anything to say... sentation then they should stand against those not considered capable.SEE YOU ALL ON THE 17TH The Resolution was struck out due to itJULY!!! being against Union Policy. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 17th JUNE 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS4
  5. 5. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 4 June 2008 FETY H & SA HEALT E 1 AND ING! LIN E STAG EX T MEET Organis erGOB NS– N cting R egional illing to ELECTIO the ranch that LT A at people ar.e wREP’S formed n advis ed th inations bee ntil tu ndall in as now have sufficient no m say tha B r o Ra head h il should Rep. hite a nd Counc bers to Brian W ep’s positions ompany ts mem re stand fo rr at the C he union co-op ctions a ested th t rmal ele if their rr sugg e held, ng info Branch Bro. Ma c tions ar nc h Meeti ail uld e as ele ext Bra h Willesden R o stand sho such tim hat at the n wit wis h t e. d t nction s w ho same tim Propose sibly in conju andidate d at the held- p os . C affected to be electe memb ers are Reps Safety attend. Bro. Clarke reported that LOROL’s new uniforms Bro. Randall reported on the have now ‘arrived’ but are LOROL re-structuring meeting currently in Scotland… of the 16th June. Prior to the meeting, the Com- pany was asked for pay scales and job de- scriptions for all roles, and the informa- tion still has not been received two months later, once again demon- strating the lack of re- spect with which the company mistakenly be- lieves they can treat this Union. Bro. Randall compared the aspirations of LOROL with those of this Branch: ASPIRATIONS OF LOROL ASPIRATIONS OF R.M.T. MANAGEMENT • Parity of Terms and Conditions • Flexible working. with London Underground staff. • Increase in working hours- • Removal of Manguard Revenue move from Early/ Late turns to Protection Agency Staff. Early/ Middle/ Late turns. • Parity of RPI and MRA wages and • Increase in Lone Working. Conditions • Increase in Multi-Functional • Strengthen and defend the role and staffing (to include platform/ responsibility of RPI’s (facing a re- cleaning/ booking office work. duced role due to increase in ‘Oyster’ • General Purpose Relief shifts PAYG usage) and Guards (threat of to take on a more senior role. Driver-Only Operation). • Consistency in Annual Leave • Re-assessment of the RPI Incentive arrangements. Scheme giving bonus points for Full • Harmonization of Terms and Paid Penalty Fares rather than Nil- or Conditions of Employment. Part-Paid penalties- with increased risk of complaint/ assault from the travel- ling public. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 17th JUNE 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS5
  6. 6. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 4 June 2008 Received from Portsmouth Branch RMT seeking support for their Emergency Resolution to the AGM. The aim of this Resolution is effectively to bring Union Disciplinary proce- dure in line with Legislation and ACAS Procedures as much has changed and become established legal fact since RMT Procedures were created and Portsmouth feel they are now out of line with current thinking and possibly antiquated. The Secretary urged the Branch to endorse this Resolution as a means of modernising Union Procedures which should have the added benefit of preventing such long-drawn out affairs such as Bro. Law’s case occurring again- and certainly being much quicker and easier to resolve. Proposed: Bro. Randall Seconded: Bro. Clarke Carried Unanimously Liverpool street Gateline resolution The Secretary presented a Resolution to the Branch on the safe operation of the Automatic Ticket Gates and working conditions of GatelineStaff over which there have been many complaints from staff at Liverpool Street for sometime now. They are generally fobbed off by a local management who seem to consider thata) the rules governing the operation of the Gates are for them to know and members toaccept as they are put, without question, and b) that our members, whether on matters oftheir own or passengers’ well-being have no rights at all in that matter.The Secretary wished the thanks of the Branch to the (anonymous, by request) source whofurnished the Secretary with a copy of the original Great Eastern Railway ATG Safety Caseto be placed on record. LER has consistently denied both the existence of this documentand contradictorily, the right of our Gateline members to see it, presumably because theyknow that this would highlight their safety breaches.Bro. Marr stated that the Safety Case for ATG operation no longer exists, but acknowledgedthat somehow it must have been supersede by something else. Normally pressure shouldcome from the shop floor to local management, but he also acknowledged that this was toobig an issue for the local Reps and machinery.If endorsed by the Branch, this resolution would be dealt with as required. Proposed: Bro. Shine Seconded: Bro. Sharma Carried Unanimously R.M.T. RECRUITMENT DAY The Secretary reported a request he had received from Sister Carolyn Siddall from the RMT Organising Unit that the Branch consider a recruitment Day at Liverpool Street and Stratford stations. He, Sis. Sid- dall, and Bros. Wallis and Marr will liaise together to organise this. Bro. Marr suggested that the Branch organ- ise a Recruitment Plan and a Membership Audit encompassing all areas of the Branch’s sphere of influence. Any members wishing to be involved in this, please con- tact the Secretary on 07940340128. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 17th JUNE 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS6
  7. 7. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 4 June 2008 THOUGHT T h e BranchFOR THE MOMENT was updated on the on- going case of ex- London Transport Regional Organ- `Industrialism is iser Bro. Bobby Law. The RMT leadership has always more than a refuted Laws’ allegations of unfair treatment and dis- method of organi- missal, they have never done so in detail; now it ap- sation– it is a sci- pears that they have finally settled with him a few days before his Appeal was due to be heard at this ence of fighting. It years Annual General Meeting in Nottingham. The says to the work- settlement, although subject to a confidentiality ers: fight only at agreement, is believed to be similar to what he origi- the time you select, nally asked for, and as such satisfactory to him. never when the The Secretary congratulated Bro. Law on his resolve, boss wants to but asked rhetorically why the situation was allowed fight… even if the to drag on for so long when all the Union leadership boss insults you eventually did was accept a deal they could have and vilifies your Un- agreed eight months or so ago- so will those respon- ion and refuses to sible for this delay and prevarication also face disci- plinary action? –and, likewise, will the General Secre- recognise it, take it tary personally apologise to Bro. Law for disputing lying down in the the justness of his case and complaints, and at least slack season, but make it publicly clear to the membership that in the mark it up in your face of his continued denials over the last year, that little notebook.’ there was in fact a strong cases for the RMT to an- swer? Whereas Employment Law does not give the right to automatic re-instatement, RMT policy does, and Bro. Law had had a lot of support– although not enough- in the Boardroom. The Secretary also noted for the record: that at least part of the reason that the Union has avoided a pub- lic crucifixion in the media and that the RMT has not been dragged through the Courts is due to the strength of character, honesty, and commit- ment to maintaining unity demonstrated by James Connolly Bro. Law and his sup- porters– even while un- (1868-1916) der attack from ele-Revolutionary leader, anti- ments of his own onceImperialist, military com- proud Union.mander, political theorist, East London Rail BranchTrade Unionist, and workers’ wishes this fine Com-defender. rade all the best in the future! NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 17th JUNE 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS7