Newsletter: July, 2008


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Newsletter: July, 2008

  1. 1. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 5 July 2008 0626 East London Rail Branch New s Email: Secretary: Ed Shine– 07940340128 Chair: Glenn Wallis – 07789791224 National Union of Rail, Maritime, & Transport Workers’ GENERAL SECRETARY: Bob Crow ‘initial’ Liverpool street - all cleaning grade membersSTAND FIGHTING FORYOUR RESPECT AND DIGNITY IN THE WORKPLACEGROUND AND A LIVING WAGE FOR ALL! EAST LONDON RAIL as these members, em- complaints from mem- BRANCH has recently ployed as they are by bers there that new stepped up the campaign privateering low-wage working practices and a to improve working prac- high-turnover sub- more aggressive man- tices and conditions for contractors are among agement culture had all our Cleaning Grade the worst offenders for been introduced to our members. This is along- treating staff in a slov- members’ detriment. side the RMT’s on going enly and disrespectful MEETING campaign for a Living fashion whilst paying a A meeting was then held Wage for all cleaners, bare minimum in wages. b e t w e e n I T S and the Branch is par- LETTER (represented by their Lo- ticularly focussing its’ en- The Branch Secretary re- cal, Area, and HR man- ergies on those members cently put a letter in to agement), and the RMT, employed by Initial Liverpool Street ITS represented by the Transport Services (ITS), management following Branch Continued next page NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 21st AUGUST 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane,1 Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  2. 2. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 5 July 2008Secretary, Ed Shine, and Staffing levels need re-Derrick Marr of the RMT’s assessing as it is clear togoverning body, the the Branch that ITS are ALLCouncil of Executives. maintaining the bareThe RMT delegation minimum required by CLEANERSmade our position clear their contract with Net-from the start: that we work Rail. At the mo- the same time as doingexpect all members of ment, if a female mem- there own jobs. THISstaff to be treated hu- ber staff is on leave, sick, BRANCH SERVES NOTICEmanely, with respect and or displaced, a male THAT THIS ATTITUDEunderstanding for the dif- member of staff is re- AND PRACTICE MUSTficult and often dirty role quired to clean both the CEASE IMMEDIATELY.they perform. Likewise male and female toilets. WE BELIEVE THIS IS HEALTH & SAFETYwe expect the Company BOTH UNETHICAL AND Staff are being encour-to value its’ staff in the POTENTIALLY DANGER- aged, if not forced, toway they claim to; but OUS FOR THE STAFF carry out dangerousthe RMT, not being satis- CONCERNED. practices as a result offied with mere words, OVERTIME local management’s igno-which could be mealy- rance of railway Health &mouthed at best, de- When short-staffing oc- Safety procedures. Formands immediate action curs, there is currently example, being told thatby ITS to demonstrate no will amongst the man- when skips or the rubbishtheir understanding of agement to provide cover compactor is full, thattheir duty of care. by offering overtime, rubbish bags must still beThe Branch has already with the result that those removed even thoughidentified certain issues who want overtime (and there may not be a placewhich need addressing need it to provide a living to remove them to. THISurgently. wage) are being denied BRANCH REMINDS ALL INTERFERENCE this opportunity and STAFF OF THEIR LEGALLocal management have those remaining on shift AND PROCEDURAL RIGHTbeen interfering in the are having to work even TO REFUSE TO WORK ONrole of the Team Leader/ harder to make up the GROUNDS OF HEALTH &Supervisor, for example, shortfa ll. O VER T IME SAFETY IF THEY BELIEVEwhen he has granted NEEDS TO BE OFFERED THEY ARE B EINGbreaks, attempting to WITHIN THE DEPOT AS A FORCED TO CARRY OUToverrule him and stop FIRST RESORT TO MAIN- UNSAFE WORKING PRAC-the breaks. IF PEOPLE TAIN THE ROSTER NOT TICES.ARE TO PERFORM A ROLE JUST WHEN IT SUITS LO- CAL MANAGEMENT. SUCCESSESTHEY NEED TO BE ABLE We are glad to reportTO DO SO WITHOUT RESPECT that some progress al-FEAR OR FAVOUR AND IN Staff have been shouted ready has been made onTHE KNOWLEDGE THEY at and publicly humiliated some of our concerns,DO SO WITH THE BACK- in public, in front of pas- but there is much workING OF THEIR MANAGE- sengers and colleagues, still to be done. The RMTMENT AND NOT BE UN- even while going beyond will continue this cam-DERMINED. the call of duty and pro- paign until ITS bows to STAFFING viding a high level of cus- the will of its’ staff! tomer service at NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 21st AUGUST 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS2
  3. 3. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 5 July 2008 17th July 2008 The Railway Tavern Hotel The chair, Bro. Glenn Wallis (Network Rail Signaller, South Tot- tenham box) welcomed to the meeting LOROL members John Bro Marr (RMT Council of Executives) Clarke (Vice Chair) and Mick Klyen reported that the Driver-Training (Stratford Guards), Ray Tatum, cases of Bros Klyen and Cooper Lloyd Simpson, Somesh Sharma, (LOROL Stratford Guards) are very Darren Melvin (all RO2), and Ar- different, but will still rely at this nold Randall (Auditor), Gospel Oak point on the Individual Grievance RPI; from NXEA were Dave Nubley Procedure as we have no reason to (Liverpool Street CSL3), Ron be able to put our faith in local man- Smythe (Trustee) and Ed Shine agement that their issues will be re- (Branch Secretary), both Liverpool solved at a local or even H.R. level. Street RPI’s. Also welcomed were guests from RMT Head Office Sis- ter Pauline Akrill (Industrial Rela- LOROL Management is disputing tions Officer) and Bro Derrick Marr the Job Description, and the role, from the Unions’ governing body, of Metro Revenue Assistants. the Council of Executives). This position was created by Silver- Apologies were acknowledged link Trains without RMT negotiation, from Dan Rouse (Auditor), Tracey as a ‘cheaper option’ compared to Reeve (Trustee), Janice Gill (all RPI’s; now the Company claim they Liverpool Street RPI’s), and guest have been TUPE’d into LOROL as Brian Whitehead (acting London RPI’s. Their Job Description is still Transport Regional Organiser). that of MRA’s however; the company seem to want to change them at will.The minutes of the last meeting were proposed by Bro. Simpson, seconded byBro. Melvin, carried unanimously, and agreed a true record.Arising from the minutes, it was noted the toilet facilities are not yet satisfac-tory at smaller LOROL stations (Wanstead Park etc.)The Resolution regarding Liverpool Street Gateline Safety and Staff Welfarehas been referred by the General Grades Committee to the Midland Sub forfurther analysis.There is a lack of Team Leaders on the Gospel Oak- Barking (hereafter the‘GOB’) line on Sundays, and as such no apparent chain of command.There was no correspondence available to present to the Branch due to techni-cal problems this month. Bro Sharma raised the question of other methods ofaccessing this information. Bro Wallis reminded the Branch that although spe-cific correspondence is not available, all R.M.T. Industrial Relations and Na-tional Policy circulars are available in the members’ section of the website, andCompany-related Circulars can be subscribed to on email. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 21st AUGUST 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS3
  4. 4. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 5 July 2008 Bro Randall reported that even though the old Risk Assessment on the GOB line is null and void, the new one has not as yet hap- On the on-going issue on Manguard pened. Agency staff, it was reported that LOROL The first joint examination of the are apparently now training them in line will take place on or after the booking-office duties, and since this re- 23rd July 2008 following the Com- neges on all previous promises, the pany Council meeting. As such, company do not appear to be taking our there is at this point in time, no concerns seriously; as such the moment safety case for the staffing of they post one such of those staff in a these stations. booking-office, we will be in dispute. Yet there have been severe as- saults on this line, most recently at Walthamstow Queen’s Road. The Branch noted the FIVE (four fatal) stabbings that occurred in London earlier in the day of the meeting, and condemn LOROL Bro Wallis confirmed he had spoken to the utterly for their arrogant compla- Acting London Transport Regional Organ- cency. izer, Bro. Brian Whitehead, who had said Bro Randall demanded that the he believed the election of Local Rep’s on Branch, and therefore this Union the Gospel Oak- Barking line was already at all levels, put the utmost pres- happening and that the LOROL manager sure on LOROL management over concerned, Richard Garland was setting it the issue of lone working on up. But the advert for this has not gone to these stations in the current cli- all locations, and as such is unusable as mate. The Branch pledged its’ not every member has received one- it support, and it was noted that seems to be organized on a word-of-mouth the safety-wear resolution pre- basis. The Chair also noted that the staff sented at the meeting applied to side meeting this Branch requested be or- all rail companies as well as all ganized some months ago (for relevant Grades. Branch Chairs, Secretaries, and Rep’s) still has not happened. The Secretary suggested merely co-opting the lot of them, and present the management with a fait accompli. The Chair suggested a similar strategy for Health & Safety Rep’s. Bro Randall reminded the Branch that we have encountered problems with this before- and that we should remember that not only should our nominees actu- ally be in the RMT, but also in benefit. Bro Ray Tatum was elected Health & Safety Rep for the GOB line. (Proposed- Bro Simpson, Seconded- Bro Randall) Bro Lloyd Simpson was elected to be co-opted as Local Stage 1 Rep for the GOB line. (Proposed- Bro Sharma, Seconded- Bro Clarke) NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 21st AUGUST 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS4
  5. 5. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 5 July 2008 It was reported General Purpose Re- lief Staff are not being paid their GPR allowances and back payments (since 11th November 2007 when LOROL took over the franchise). Likewise, new starters (post- 22nd November The Key Performance Indicator 2007) who have finished their proba- (KPI- a pre-requisite of the fran- tionary periods have still not received chise agreement) has signed staff their travel facilities, pay rise, or up to something which was never even a formal letter of acknowledg- negotiated or discussed. It was ment. questioned whether this put mem- The Secretary pointed out that a bers in breach of their Job Descrip- Form ET1 can be taken out at any tions; and although some staff are time if no Written Statement of Par- effectively- but unofficially working ticulars of Employment (contract) is to rule- too many are willing to do received. Staff have received their anything asked of them without Duty/ Residential/ Leisure ‘Oyster’ question. RPI KPI checks involve cards but are still awaiting Priv ticket issuing facilities, ‘Oyster’ cards; these, unlike FIP cards for In- readers etc; platform staff’s involve ternational travel (which must be ap- checking CCTV cameras/ tapes. plied for) should be distributed auto- Station staff also experience prob- matically. lems when they are moved to an- other station to work (e.g., on A member of staff at Walthamstow overtime) where they do not have Queen’s Road station was recently acknowledge of the equipment in very badly assaulted. Bro Marr ex- place. plained the procedure for members to Bro Wallis queried how these sta- follow in such an event: At least six tions were unmanned for several weeks off would normally be required years without CCTV being checked for recovery, including at least two and maintained but this has to be doctors’ visits, and possibly even done now. counseling. A minimum payment of £100 could be won from the Criminal Th Injuries Compensation Board. Too of- th an e v aca use nc y sh o ten staff get assaulted and injured w th f ul as lists ar th e e ad e le and return to work too early- even on G v e r t t he y d s s e e m ra de ; is e d o n s light duties, and sometimes don’t bu t p ay- ot e v e r to e x i s no pa only even inform the RMT until it’s too t of m been s (or at l y sc ale e e s late. Members should also be aware H . R . a n y y e e n e v e a s t, h a v that Welfare Visits can tend towards ar e ar s’ n b e see y them resis tin service staff coercion to return to work- attempts S is t g re ), a er A . que nd by the Company to ‘nudge’ you back neg krill s ts otia po to to work should be resisted. There is availab ted pa inted o l y ut t no harm in having a Union Rep in at- of the e in th e sc a ha ph o R MT m em le s a t tendance during a welfare visit, and n in g we b be re th e He l p s ite rs area no requirement at all that the man- line , or b agers are allowed house entry. . y NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 21st AUGUST 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS5
  6. 6. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 5 July 2008Bro Steve Campen was elected LiverpoolStreet Health & Safety Rep (for RetailGrades managed by the London Terminals From: Mark Burgess-LawrenceManager) [mailto:Mark.Burgess-(Proposed- Branch Secretary, Seconded-] Sent: 16 July 2008 16:43Bro Nubley) To: Charlie Cicirello Cc: Mark Burgess-Lawrence; RPITeam Bishops Stortford Station; R PITeam Enfield Town Station; RPITeam Chingford Station; Bro Nubley updated the Branch RPITeam Liverpool Street Station; East London Rail; on the case of Bro. Waller ian.aitken7@ntlworld.comalan.perry (Liverpool Street platforms) Subject: Re: DDMs which the Company is attempting Charlie to stall over the issue of Risk As- sessments and Job Appraisal. 1) I fail to see why this should concern you! 2) What has Peter Dobbin got to do with it?‘This Branch calls upon the Council of Ex- 3) Since when has aecutives to instruct the General Secretary manager been requiredto convene an urgent meeting of the to explain to his staff his actions.LOROL Company Council, Staff-Side Rep’s,and relevant Branch Chairs and Secretaries 4) I would remind youof Branches with LOROL members, to dis- that I am not requiredcuss organization and representation with to explain anything to you.the Company.’(Proposed- Branch Chair, Seconded- Branch Secre- 5) If I as a manager Itary) give a reasonable instruction then I fully expect my staff to‘East London Rail Branch demands imme- comply.diate acquisition of ‘anti-stab’ protective Regardsworking clothing for those Grades that re- Mark Burgess-Lawrencequire it for our LOROL and LER members, Area Revenue Protection Manager (We st)and that the General Secretary informs National Express East Anglia Liverpool Street Stationthis Branch’s employing companies thatfailure to resolve this request to our imme- Telephone/fax 020 7465 9047 A possibly regular 431753 Mobile 07825 column,diate satisfaction will be automatically con- Internal depending on0059047 how many ag-sidered a dispute situation on the grounds gressive and offensiveof Health and Safety and that our mem- emails (such as this one)bers will assert their rights to choose to and diktats are (attempted)refuse to work in these conditions.’ to be imposed on Liverpool(Proposed- Branch Secretary, Seconded- Bro Street RPI’s...Nubley) NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 21st AUGUST 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS6
  7. 7. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 5 July 2008 The Company is not filling vacancies on the ATG Barrier roster but re- employing Agency Staff after prom- ises to the contrary. This reduces overtime opportunities for employed staff. Both platform and ATG staff have to permanently cover vacancies. They are not recruiting and are reverting to the same situation we were fighting against a couple of months ago. Even when annual Leave is being granted, jobs are re- maining uncovered. It has been claimed that this is due to the budget being expended on Agency staff leaving too little left for overtime pay- ments. The Secretary stated he believed it was a principle of both this Union and (in theory) the Company that overtime is offered within the depot first, not treating an Agency as first port of call. Bro Nubley informed the Branch that an LDC would be tasking place in the ‘near future’; and Bro Wallis reminded the Branch that a Rep can call a LDC at any time, and failure to respond on behalf of the Company would result in an automatic Failure to Agree.The Secretary informed the Branch that, as a continuation of thesepoints, there was a sever lack of transparency in promotion in both Re-tail and Revenue Protection departments- within the latter, for exam-ple- the creation of ‘Prosecution Officer’ grades, so-called ‘Senior TeamLeaders” (both East and West Areas), and some sort of managementpost (of unknown title) to oversee the use of Meteor Agency staff cur-rently filled by an RPI. Likewise, the use of Meteor is enabling RevenueProtection management to conceal the current decimation of LiverpoolStreet depot; they are filling minuted posts and performing nearly allRPO duties. None of these positions were advertised; they appear tohave been created to provide jobs for suitable faces, and either waywere never negotiated with this Union. This denies staff the promotionrights they are due, parity of esteem amongst grades, and is discrimi-natory. There is also a member of platform staff, currently temporarilydown-graded to the Gateline who has been promised the opportunity tomove back to platforms when a post is advertised; however the Secre-tary is aware of another member of Gateline staff who has now startedwork on the platforms there without the position being advertised;which is an outrageous situation. The Chairman commented that since these are minuted posts, then the Company is in breach of PTR&R and this should be dealt with at Company Council level. Bro Wallis also recom- mended a Branch Resolution that Revenue and Retail Company Council vigorously pursue this matter, failing which, these staff should be balloted: TO BE CONSIDERED NEXT MEETING. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 21st AUGUST 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS7
  8. 8. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 5 July 20088