Newsletter: August, 2008


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Newsletter: August, 2008

  1. 1. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 6 August 2008 0626 East London Rail Branch New s Email: Secretary: Ed Shine– 07940340128 Chair: Glenn Wallis – 07789791224 National Union of Rail, Maritime, & Transport Workers’ GENERAL SECRETARY: Bob CrowThey think they can INTIMIDATE half of us...They think they can IGNORE the other half...THE FOOLSCHARLIE CICIRELLO loway-Wanstead Park). LOROL shows no interestThis branch is deeply in formally agreeing aconcerned at the continu- constituency or arranginging suspension without the election of Local Rep-charge of Brother Charlie resentation for theseCicirello, Revenue Protec- members by amendingtion Company Council the existing SilverlinkRepresentative a nd Collective Bargaining orSafety Representative at rellos immediate rein- agreeing a new one.London Eastern Railway. statement.The continuing suspen- This branch therefore hassion of our loyal brother R E P R E S E N T A T I O N elected Brother Lloydis robbing our Revenue OF MEMBERS, LOROL Simpson and Sister MaryProtection members at Osunde to act as co-LER of effective represen- This branch is concerned opted Local Representa-tation to the benefit of at the continuing lack of tives until such time asthe company and the det- collective bargaining rep- agreement is reachedriment of our members, resentation of mem- with LOROL on a minutedmany of whom are mem- bers, mostly of this constituency for thesebers of this branch. branch and nearly all new staff and a method of to the industry, appointed election which will be car-This branch calls upon to the new posts ried out and asks thethe General Secretary (established 11/11/07) of General Secretary, Coun-and the Council of Execu- Station Assistants (RO2) cil of Executives andtives to take all steps on the Gospel Oak - Company Council Staffnecessary to win Bro Cici- Barking Line (Upper Hol- Side to note the situation. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane,1 Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS
  2. 2. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 6 August 2008 BRANCH MEETING THOUGHT THURSDAY 21st AUGUST 2008 FOR THE MOMENT RAILWAY TAVERN HOTEL First they came for the Com- STRATFORD munists, and I didn’t speak up,The Chair, Glenn Wallis (Network Because I wasn’t a Commu-Rail) welcomed the 9 Branch nist.members and Guests present.They were, from LOROL, Arnold Then they came for the So-Randall (Gospel Oak), Rosa-Lee cialists, and I didn’t speak up,Watson (General Purpose Relief, Because I wasn’t a Socialist.Gospel Oak– Barking), ChristineQuammie (Leytonstone High Then they came for the TradeRd), Lloyd Simpson (Wanstead Unionists, and I didn’t speakPark), Mary Osunde (South Tot- up,tenham). From NXEA at Liver- Because I wasn’t a Trade Un-pool Street came the Secretary,Ed Shine, Dave Nubley and Ron ionistSmythe. Also welcomed wasguest Derrick Marr from the RMT Then they came for the Jews,Council of Executives and and I didn’t speak up,Pauline Akrill from the Industrial Because I wasn’t a Jew.Relations Dept. at RMT Head Of-fice. Then they came for theApologies for absence were Catholics, and I didn’t speaknoted and accepted from John- up,Paul Healy and Danny Rouse Because I was not a Catholic.(Liverpool Street), Ray Tatumand S. Sharma from LOROL, and Then they came for me, andActing London Transport Re- by that time there was no onegional Organiser, Brian White- left to speak up for me.head.With the exception of P. 3. (for Pastor Niemöller (1892-1984)‘ManGuard’ read ‘Magenta’), Bro.Randall proposed and Bro. Simp-son seconded the approval oflast meetings’ Minutes and thiswas Agreed as a true record.We urge ALL members who havenot yet attended a meeting to doso. It is YOU who make theagenda; it is YOU who lead thediscussions and debates; and itis YOU who ultimately make thedecisions! NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS2
  3. 3. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 6 August 2008 ON MON- ing a stand at the Kennington Oval and DAY 25TH Eurostar trades on its ethical reputation, AUGUST but it seems they share a common con- 2008, the tempt for cleaners who are paid a pit- Branch tance. Secretary ‘Cricket is supposed to be about fair attended play, but while OCS bosses are glad- the picket handing it at the Oval, their grubby little Temple Mills (Stratford) lines at secret is that they are happy to pay picket line the Euro- wages their staff cannot live on’. s t a r The secretary told pickets that East Mainte- London Rail branch was fighting a simi-nance depot at Temple Mills in Strat- lar struggle for cleaners at Liverpoolford, and at St Pancras International Street (employed by Initial and con-station, where cleaners employed by tracted fromOCS– contracted by Eurostar– were on N e t w o r ka 24-hour strike for a London Rail) andLiving Wage of £7.45. When presented a St Pancras International balloted the letter of soli- picket line cleaners re- darity to the E RS K turned a %100 Eurostar response and a E AN B A C %100 vote in fa- Branch Sec- retary, Bro. CL HT vour of strike M i c h a e l G action. RMT General FI Secretary Bob Crow said: L y n c h (below). ‘OCS spends a fortune sponsor- SOLIDARITY practices and conditions for railway, as both OCS and all our Cleaning Grade mem- Eurostar will soon realise; GREETINGS bers. You who stand here the impact of your struggleBrothers, Sisters, Friends, today are demonstrating the today is not just one of fulland Comrades. value of what many will in- bins and littered platforms,East London Rail Branch sist are old-fashioned, out of but health, safety, and hy-sends greetings, support, date, and outmoded values. giene. The potential for OCSand thanks to all RMT. mem- It is values such as these- losing their contract and Eu-bers at European Passenger solidarity, unity, and the rostar losing passengers isServices, OCS Cleaning strength of your convictions- today highlighted to all.Grades, and all strikers mak- that will win the day for you The value of standing to-ing a stand today. today and set a shining ex- gether, in unity, in a com-In solidarity we stand along- ample to Railway workers mon cause, for a commonside you in your struggle. everywhere. end, is highlighted to all ofThis struggle is not just to You are employed by a pri- us.achieve the ‘London Living vateering low-wage high- EAST LONDON RAILWage’ and a decent standard turnover sub-contractor, and BRANCH REAFFIRMSof living for cleaners in the are among the worst-treated ONCE AGAIN OUR COM-Railway industry; it is about workers in the industry. RADESHIP WITH ALL OCSmore than that. Your employer is one of the GRADES AT EUROSTARThis struggle is about achiev- worst offenders for treating AND WE STAND UNITEDing dignity, respect, and due staff in a slovenly and disre- WITH YOU IN YOURrecognition for the role you spectful fashion whilst paying STRUGGLE. YOU SET ANplay in the work place. a bare minimum in wages. EXAMPLE TO US ALL!East London Rail Branch as Yet you do one of- if not the- STAND TALL, COMRADES.recently stepped up the cam- most important job on the IN UNITY- IS VICTORY!paign to improve working NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS 3
  4. 4. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 6 August 2008 RESTRUCTURING There has been- to the surprise of ab- solutely no-one present at all- no movement on this whatsoever. EXISTING PROCEDURES A request has been placed for all exist- ing Company procedures and policies (e.g. MFA, IGP, Family-Friendly), none of which have been re-negotiated which means that the agreements made un- SAFETY BOOTHS der Silverlink must still stand. HoweverThese are still awaiting installation at it appears that many LOROL managersWillesden Junction and West Hamp- do not know what these are as mem-stead (already installed at Acton Cen- bers get various replies when makingtral, paid for by TfL) for the safety of simple requests.Gateline staff. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATOR INCENTIVE SCHEME Finally published YESTERDAY after eightThe proposed Revenue Protection in- months. It is at last being consulted;centive scheme has been withdrawn the Company assume it will be ac-by LOROL following RMT. objections. cepted- not necessarily correctly, as this Branch will not stand for existing ‘MANDOWN’ POLICY Contracts or Job Descriptions beingThe Consultation Document on the changed just because of a franchise‘Mandown Solo Protect’ device commitment.(providing visual/ audio informationregarding a member’s security and ASSAULTSposition to a Control room) has been LOROL management claim the viciousreceived. It is a useful tool for front- and damaging assault at Walthamstowline personal protection, it was noted Queen’s Rd last month (reported soonthat the letter sent to the Union (8th after at last months meeting and min-August 2008) from Peter Stan- uted as such) is NOTdring, Head of Revenue Pro- THEIR RESPONSI-tection, stated that ‘It is However, to the surprise of BILITY as thedesigned for lone work- no-one, no date has as yet member of staffers’; Bro Randell rejects been set for the next Com- assaulted was outthis on the grounds that pany Council meeting. of the station buyingthis Union does not, and food during hisnever should, accept the booked PNB at the time. Theprinciple of lone-working a n y - Secretary will provide this member withwhere. Forms L2 () and F21 () regarding his claim. The Branch agreed this was an BANK HOLIDAYS outrageous abrogation of responsibilityLOROL have agreed to pay Time + ½ on behalf of this Company and thefor the Notting Hill carnival weekend, question of Supportive Action on thecompared to normal time which was matter of Staff Safety will be considered at the next meeting. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS4
  5. 5. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 6 August 2008 which will be discussed at the next meeting pending any immediate action from LOROL. This action however is probably unlikely since LOROL are re- sisting regenerating these facilities now as they plan to do them at some STAFF FACILITIES DESIGN (unspecified) point in the future-There have been no drastic changes in which the Branch considers not gooddesign to these booths but they ap- enough.pear to be less transparent andslightly more private for the staff in REPRESENTATIVESthem. The Chair advised Bro Simpson, Stage I Local Rep (GOB Line) to contact Bro FACILITIES Derek Crago (LOROL Retail CompanySome ‘quick-fixes’ have been intro- Councillor) re: arranging an LDCduced, e.g. petty cash for buying tea, meeting involving them, local manag-milk etc; also fans, bins, sanitary ers, and Sister Mary Osunde (also co-equipment. opted into the remaining GOB Line c o ns t itu enc y, Upp er Ho llowa y - WANSTEAD PARK Woodgrange Park).As has been reported for at least thelast three months, the facilities there ADVERTISING OF VACANCIESmust among some of the worst on the As discussed last meeting, vacancyline. There are STILL no lights in the lists are still not making their way alltoilets which are therefore difficult to down the line which is of course a dis-clean and maintain. Staff currently use criminatory practice. It is usual prac-the toilets in a doctor’s surgery across tice for General Purpose Relief staff tothe road which is both ridiculous and deliver internal mail but this unreliablepossibly dangerous (bearing in mind due to the nature of their role, and ex-the Company’s attitude to staff being tremely unsatisfactory. The Secretaryassaulted off railway premises (re: questioned whether G.P.R. staff arestaff assault at Queen’s Road, above). also Postman and if so is it in their JobEven a visiting manager, Richard Gar- Description; an issue considered overland, appeared disgusted by these the page.conditions (although that was aboutthree weeks ago) yet nothing has only crap at Wanstead Park…! And the toilets are not thebeen done since. It was suggestedthat the Branch contacts the HMRI(Her Majesty’s Railway Inspectorate-responsible for Health & Safety on therailways) to carry out an inspectionand force action on the part of theCompany. The Joint Safety Committeeappears not yet to be involved, so thisshould be brought to their notice. TheSecretary suggested a resolution fromthe Branch regarding the health andhygiene implications working there NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS5
  6. 6. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 6 August 2008 G.P.R. JOB DESCRIPTIONSStrictly the General Purpose RISK ASSESSMENTSRelief retail role does not ex- Risk Assessments are currently be-ist as it was not required un- ing done at Liverpool Street stationder the Silverlink franchise without the inclusion or participa-(due to these stations being tion of Bro Dave Nubley, a qualifiedunstaffed) and have not been Risk Assessor, and as such withoutnegotiated since. They have the involvement of RMT. The man-no minuted Job Description. ager concerned, Malcolm Bletcher,This is an outrageous state of is NOT authorised to carry out Riskaffairs since they can be Assessments without involvingasked to do effectively any- anyone else. The Secretary pointedthing and not be in breach of out that Risk Assessments carriedcontract. The branch de- out under these conditions are notmanded Job Descriptions to Assessments, they are negotiated immediately,with fixed ‘home/ base’ sta- It was suggested that these factstions, as at the moment they are taken to Bro Ken Lake, Retailbook on/ off at whichever Company Council, prior to taking itstation they are booked to to the RMT. General Grades Com-work. This means they are mittee via a Resolution from thistravelling in their own time Branch (to be discussed next meet-whereas they should book-on ing in the light of any progress inand then travel to their post, the meantime).and vice versa. At the least,either that or a G.P.R. Travel- In the meantime an urgent meet-ling Allowance should be paid ing should be convened with thedue to the unsettled nature Head of Safety to state plainly theof the work. R.M.T.’s position, viz that the Risk Assessments so far carried out by PERSONAL NEEDS this manager are null, void, and ir- BREAKS relevant, and that whatever he hasA G.P.R. staff-member gives Risk Assessed so far should bebreaks which effectively considered to have NO NEWmean that the further down SAFETY CASE: therefore previousthe line a member is, the ones still stand. Regional Organ-longer it will take to get his iser/ Lead Officer Bro Bob Raynerrequired PNB, putting them will be advised and kept informedbeyond the legal limit of a of any changes due to his positionBreak to be taken within the on the Joint Safety Council.third- and fifth-hour. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS6
  7. 7. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 6 August 2008 INDIVIDUAL GRIEVANCE (STAGE 1) The LDC Rep believes his basic Human Rights have been deliberately violated by the actions of the Company in deny- INFORMATION ing him the right to peaceful assembly DISCLOSURE and right of association with his ownBro Shine, as LDC Rep Liver- Stage II Rep, Company Councillor, andpool Street Revenue Protec- Health & Safety Rep, Bro Charlie Cici-tion has written to Mr Alan rello, currently suspended withoutPerry, Head of Revenue Pro- charge for what this Branch believestection, requesting details of are purely vengeful motives. A Griev-the staffing, performance, and ance under Stage I of the formal IGPestablishment of the Depot. has been lodged.• PAY AND BENEFITS: Structure of the payments UNETHICAL/IMMORAL MANAGE- system and costs as ana- MENT PRACTICES lysed per member of staff. The Branch was informed of the case of• EMPLOYEE NUMBERS: an RPI at Liverpool Street who has Number of staff employed, been marked down as Absent Without by age, gender, turnover, Leave and thus possibly lost a days and absenteeism. Origins of pay: he attended duty at Manage- staff from previous TOC’s ment’s own request and was then sent (WAGN/ GER/ Anglia etc) home. Bro Shine condemned unequivo- and depots. cally this behaviour and informed the• PERFORMANCE: Produc- Branch that whilst a letter has been tivity, Sales, and efficiency written on the members’ behalf in an data. attempt to resolve this informally, little hope is• FINANCIAL: Profit, as- held out (due to the current management pol- sets, liabilities. icy of attempting- Ostrich style- to ignore thisThere can be no grounds of Union), so this case too will doubtless beNational Security to reject this forced to the formal Individual Grievance Pro-request on, and likewise the cedure through managements’ own inactivity.information requested has notcome to the Company in confi- PROMOTION AND FILLINGdence, or relates specifically OF VACANCIESto an individual, or that re- The Advertising of Vacancies policy (LER,vealing this information would December 2004), Equal Opportunities & Di-cause any substantial injury to versity policy (LER, September 2005), andthe Company’s undertaking. PTR&R agreement (NUR, May 1986) have allThe Trade Union and Labour been breached at the Depot by the selectionRelations (Consolidation) Act (NOT appointment) of a Team Leader when in1992 states this information is fact no vacancy exists. A letter stating theuseful in enabling the Local Rep’s position has been entered but appears toRep. to collectively bargain, be being ignored (note Ostrich policy); soand is in accordance with good doubtless will have to be entered through theIndustrial Relations practice. formal channels. NEXT BRANCH MEETING: THURSDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 2008, 1700 HOURS: The Railway Tavern Public House (Conservatory room), Angel Lane, Stratford, London E15… CONTACT THE BRANCH SECRETARY FOR DETAILS7
  8. 8. East London Rail Branch News Vol I, Issue 6 August 20088