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Drag-and-Drop WordPress Themes, Part 2: Make, Ultimatum, and Headway


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Sallie Goetsch provides an overview of the pros, cons, and particularly ease of use of three WordPress themes/frameworks designed to let you create a site "without knowing code"--which is definitely not the same as "without knowing anything." Make from Theme Foundry is simplest (and free); Headway is the most drag-and-drop, since you draw elements on a grid. Ultimatum has the biggest learning curve, though it seems as though you could create nearly anything with it once you were familiar with the way it worked.

Pieter Hartsook's demonstration of Divi from Elegant Themes (not included with these slides) eclipsed all of them due to the number of pre-defined templates and low price of that theme.

From the June 20th, 2014 East Bay WordPress Meetup

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Drag-and-Drop WordPress Themes, Part 2: Make, Ultimatum, and Headway

  1. 1. July 20, 2014
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Our Page
  4. 4. Ongoing Sponsor:
  5. 5. INTRODUCTIONS 1. Name 2. Company (if appropriate) 3. WordPress background 4. What you’re hoping to learn
  6. 6. GENERAL Q & A Ask a question provide a tip about WordPress
  7. 7. Drag-and-Drop Themes Take Two What can you do “without knowing code”?
  9. 9. Builder Page Template
  10. 10. Make “Blank” Section Similar to standard post/page content area.
  11. 11. Make “Text” Section Select the number of columns you want. Plus version allows widgets here.
  12. 12. Make “Banner” Section Options for autoplay, transition speed, navigation arrows, transition effects.
  13. 13. Make “Gallery” Section Includes background image option.
  14. 14. Make: Conclusions • Easy to build a site with • Versatile even in the free version • Make Plus ($99) includes e-commerce, Typekit, on-page widgets, post listings, page duplication, style kits, etc. • Meant for building websites, not themes
  16. 16. You Need This Document
  17. 17. Ultimatum General Settings
  18. 18. Ultimatum Sidebar Settings This is where you create your sidebars/widget areas. Just type in the names; you will decide on the locations later.
  19. 19. Ultimatum Extras Settings
  20. 20. Ultimatum Title Tag Settings
  21. 21. Ultimatum API Settings
  22. 22. Ultimatum Toolset
  23. 23. Ultimatum Plugins
  24. 24. Ultimatum: Creating a Layout
  25. 25. Ultimatum: Add Row to Layout
  26. 26. Ultimatum: Parts of a Layout Add rows and drag elements into position in the rows.
  27. 27. Ultimatum: Default Loop Row
  28. 28. Ultimatum: Default Layouts Create header and footer as partial layouts, then insert into rows in full layout.
  29. 29. Default Layout: Front View Look, Ma! No styling!
  30. 30. Ultimatum CSS Editor Why is it that I find going through a billion selectors slower than writing CSS in an IDE? Oh, yeah: because it is.
  31. 31. Ultimatum: Conclusion • Starter $65; Pro $125 (Pro lets you export templates) • Staggeringly complex. Would drive a newbie to insanity quickly. MUST READ DOCS. • If you can hack the learning curve, you could eventually build any design. • Includes custom post types, sliders, etc. You would never be able to change themes, but could handle any content.
  33. 33. Headway Documentation
  34. 34. Headway: Before You Start
  35. 35. Installing Headway
  36. 36. Headway Options
  37. 37. Headway: Tour of Visual Editor
  38. 38. Headway Grid Wizard
  39. 39. Headway: Grid Wrapper Settings
  40. 40. Headway: Select Block Type
  41. 41. Headway Styling
  42. 42. Headway: Quick Site Results
  43. 43. Headway: Conclusions • Personal $59, Business $99, Developer $199 (50% discount for renewal) • First theme I’ve used where you actually draw your layout. • Arranging blocks vertically can be finicky. • Fairly easy to get a basic site layout going. • Allows template export.
  44. 44. Finally… Make I have used it and would use it again for a quick low-budget job or personal site. Might or might not be interested in Plus. Ultimatum Lots of potential, but not sure I want to take on that learning curve. Headway If I can just figure out how to keep blocks in vertical order, this could be a lot of fun. Wireframe and design in one.
  45. 45. Where to Find Me Sallie Goetsch (510) 969-9947 Twitter: @salliegoetsch