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Loners on Wheels by Eve Lurie


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Private Pages and Sidebars for Loners on Wheels Site

Published in: Technology
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Loners on Wheels by Eve Lurie

  1. 1. The WordPress Part Of This Site Is ABlog
  2. 2. Manager’s Area - Brought Membership DBOnline
  3. 3. Moved the Members Only Area into WP
  4. 4. These Two New Sections are Protected
  5. 5. The New Sections Have Separate Logins Membership Management System allows: • Manager to access membership DB online • Manager to add and update members • Manager to contact members to renew... • Members to access Members Only Area • Members to see current membership list • Members to update their own profile I needed a generic login for all club members, and a private link for each, to update their profile.
  6. 6. Private Pages, Page Restrict PU, CustomSidebars  Restricted area 1= Manager pages  These pages are designated as Private  These pages are accessed by custom sidebar  Restricted area 2= Member pages  These pages are hidden with Page Restrict Plug-in  These pages are accessed by custom sidebar
  7. 7. Page Restrict Plugin for Member’s OnlyArea
  8. 8. Custom Sidebar for Manager’s Pages
  9. 9. Custom Sidebar for Members Only Area
  10. 10. Create Custom SidebarsInstall the Content Aware Sidebars Plug-in
  11. 11. Create Two Custom Sidebars Manager pages Members pages
  12. 12. New Widget Created by Plug-in For Each NewSidebar Each new Sidebar makes a new widget with the Sidebar’s name. Custom menu in each Sidebar.
  13. 13. A Custom Menu Goes In Each Sidebar
  14. 14. Content Aware Sidebar Plug-in WithCustom Sidebar Menus Manager’s Sidebar  Member’s Sidebar provides access to provides access to Manager pages Member pages
  15. 15. Custom Sidebar Settings